Spanish OPV Atalaya deploys to West Africa

first_img Authorities Spanish OPV Atalaya deploys to West Africa Back to overview,Home naval-today Spanish OPV Atalaya deploys to West Africa View post tag: OPV Atalaya Spanish Navy offshore patrol vessel (OPV) Atalaya (P-74) set sail from Ferrol, Spain for West Africa and the Gulf of Guinea in support of the Spanish Defense Diplomacy Plan.These deployments, organized by the Ministry of Defense, the Chief of the Defense Staff (JEMAD) and the Spanish Navy, are intended to enhance maritime security and cooperative security operations.The Atalaya will relieve sister-ship Centinela which was deployed in the area during the second half of 2015.The Navy said the deployment will be divided into three stages: the first one, until mid-March, includes the transit to the Gulf of Guinea and cooperative security activities with the Mauritanian and Cape Verdean Navies.The second stage includes military support to Cameroon and Ghana in aspects related to counter-terrorism, illegal trafficking, counter-piracy, etc. The joint operations are intended to enhance the maritime situational awareness and to contribute to counter those threats.The third and final stage will be conducted in Cape Verde, Senegal and Mauritania participating in several cooperation activities with their navies including joint surveillance of sovereign maritime areas.Defense Diplomacy PlanThe Serviola-class patrol boat Atalaya will support the Defense Diplomacy Plan intended to cooperate with regional west-African nations to help them enhance their capabilities and to foster mutual understanding and confidence, thus contributing to maritime security.This Defense initiative is designed to enhance stability and maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea, strengthening the operational capabilities of west-African nations with joint training exercises.The OPV Atalaya, under command of Lt-Cdr. Jesús González-Cela, was built by Navantia in Ferrol. Her main missions include maritime security, fight against marine pollution, SAR, tracking possible illegal activities, and collaboration with other State departments with responsibilities in the maritime domain. View post tag: West Africa View post tag: Spanish Navy February 23, 2016 Share this articlelast_img read more

Lecturer – Sociology – (ADJ000074)

first_imgThe Sociology department seeks applications for a rolling pool fortemporary, part-time Lecturer positions to teach undergraduateSociology courses on an as-needed basis. Courses can be offered asface-to-face instruction, online, or as a hybrid. This is anon-tenure track, part-time appointment and is not benefitseligible. Lecturer appointments are made on a semester-to-semesterbasis.Our undergraduate program offers our nearly 300 majors a foundationin sociological theory, research methods, and both qualitative andquantitative methods. Our unique internship program also providesstudents with invaluable experience and skills that will preparethem for the workforce upon graduation. With one of the mostdiverse student bodies in the nation, we seeks to recruit andretain a diverse community of scholars.To apply, candidates must submit a Letter of Application/CoverLetter, Curriculum Vitae, 3 professional references, and unofficialtranscripts. Candidates with a doctoral degree in Sociology will begiven a priority. Applicants with a Master’s degree in Sociologywill also be considered. Preference will be given to candidates whohold current relevant professional credentials, have college oruniversity teaching experience, or prior relevant industryexperience.The University of Houston is an Equal Opportunity/AffirmativeAction Institution. Minorities, women, veterans, and persons withdisabilities are encouraged to apply.Qualifications :Candidates with a doctoral degree in Sociology will be given apriority. Applicants with a Master’s degree in Sociology will alsobe considered. Preference will be given to candidates who holdcurrent relevant professional credentials, have college oruniversity teaching experience, or prior relevant industryexperience.Notes to Applicant: Official transcripts are required for afaculty appointment and will be requested upon selection of finalcandidate. All positions at the University of Houston are securitysensitive and will require a criminal history check.last_img read more

Oxford Iranian society holds vigil for plane crash victims

first_imgMrs Mather noted that, from her impression, there was “nothing dramatic that was said” by most world leaders, with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the fore. This shows a possible counter to the aspects of instability that may be at play. In a political tussle that changes “every hour”, Mrs Mather speaks of it with a wariness of individual motivators driving national action. Joining Toronto, London, Cam-bridge and many more, OxfordUniversity lit a candle for thosethat lost their lives in a “misplacedwar”, as SCR member of St Antony’sCollege, Yassamine Mather deemedit. Having attended a vigil in Cam-bridge, mirroring that of Oxford, MrsMather mentioned her own personalloss in the tragedy, “a school mateolder than me.” Image credit: Hamideh Rimaz Mrs Mather marked how “both sides (those against and for the Iranian government)…used natural human sorrow for their own interest”. The distance between those connected by the loss diminishes in her eyes, as she commented that “I couldn’t tell”, whether those tweeting and retweeting certain messages in the initial days after the crash were inside or outside Iran. The messages, no matter their location, came from the same motivations. Pointing towards the many “bots” (robots) found in social media to push forward propaganda, Mrs Mather touched upon internet platforms encouraging one-dimensional impressions of a nuanced situation. The “islands of strongly opinionated people” living within their own “echo-chamber” of views becomes all the more dangerous in such circumstances. The deep emotional trauma of such loss, as Iranians have recently felt, along with the deliberate pushing of agendas, have created a highly charged atmosphere in an already very emotionally volatile situation. Shedding light on the geopolitical aspect, Mrs Mather, who conducts research in the Middle East Centre at Oxford University, said it was “the attempt to hide the truth” that sparked people’s anger, in the initial days after the crash. This follows from the Iranian government shutting down the internet in response to uprisings caused by increasing petrol prices in November. Though they are not the same situation, Mrs Mather did factor this shut-down as a contributor to “even more exaggerated news”, as individuals could not rely on technology to inform themselves, and were faced with a blank gap in their knowledge. A gap that could not reliably be filled by state media. Looking forward, Mrs Matherconveys the instability of neutrality,flagging Trump’s impeachment as akey factor in the progress or declineof Iranian-American relations. The Oxford University Iranian Society held a vigil for the victims of the Tehran plane crash, which occurred earlier this month. On the 19th January, a week after the “shocking and beyond devastating” incident, students and habitants of Oxford alike gathered at Tirah Memorial, Bonn Square in commemoration of the 176 passengers who lost their lives. last_img read more

Imprisoned CEO says COVID-19 justifies release from prison

first_img Google+ WhatsApp Pinterest Facebook Twitter Imprisoned CEO says COVID-19 justifies release from prison Pinterest By Associated Press – April 22, 2020 1 349 (“Jail cells at the Southborough Police Station” by my_southborough, CC BY-ND 2.0) TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (Indianapolis Business Journal) — The former CEO of a central Indiana compounding pharmacy is trying to win release from federal prison, saying he fears he’ll die behind bars from COVID-19 while serving time on charges stemming from drug-potency problems.Paul Elmer, the 69-year-old former CEO of Pharmakon Pharmaceuticals, has conditions that according to his attorney create “a very serious, and very real, risk of dying in federal prison if infected.”His initial request on April 8 was denied because he had not exhausted all administrative remedies.Bureau of Prisons spokesperson Emery Nelson told the Indianapolis Business Journal that officials could not comment on any inmate’s eligibility for compassionate release. WhatsApp Twitter Google+ Facebook IndianaNews Previous articleStarke County courthouse renovations delayed by coronavirusNext articleSouth Bend Cubs offering Curbside Concessions Associated PressNews from the Associated Press and its network of reporters and publications.last_img read more

News story: Reviewing inter-subject comparability

first_imgSubject experts have a shared concern that A level entries in French, German and Spanish and physics, chemistry and biology could be suppressed if students and teachers believe it is harder to achieve top grades in these subjects compared to others. Ofqual has examined these concerns, as well as a wide-range of other evidence, as part of a comprehensive programme of research it has undertaken into inter-subject comparability spanning the past 3 years. This has involved engaging the broadest possible range of interested parties, including Ofqual’s Board and Standards Advisory Group, higher education, subject experts, teachers and students.We are today (Wednesday 21 November) publishing our decision not to adjust grading standards in these A level subjects, based on all the evidence. However, we recognise that perceived grading severity undermines confidence. Therefore, we have committed to working with the exam boards to ensure that these subjects do not become statistically more severely graded in the future.After analysing an extensive base of statistical evidence and contextual data, and having considered a wide range of other evidence, including detailed representations from the subject communities, we have concluded that there is not a uniformly compelling case to adjust grading standards in these subjects.However, we recognise stakeholders have concerns about the impact that the perception of grading severity may be having on take-up of these subjects; and in particular, acknowledge their concerns over the falling numbers studying modern foreign languages. Although we did not conclude that changing grading standards for the qualifications is justified, we will consider with exam boards how we should act to avoid the potential for these subjects to become statistically more difficult in the future. We will implement and review this as part of our normal approach to awarding.Commenting on the decision, Dr Michelle Meadows, Executive Director Strategy, Risk and Research, said: Ofqual have thoroughly investigated this question from a range of angles, recognising that statistical evidence about the difficulty of different subjects is rarely conclusive and can contradict other legitimate sources of evidence.  Much of the concern about subject difficulty appears to be about the declining take-up of certain subjects. In my view lowering the grade boundaries is not the right way to make subjects more attractive to potential students. Work undertakenFollowing considerable discussion with the teaching community, higher education and subject associations about the perceived difficulty and potential grading severity of certain subjects, we considered the relative difficulty of 3 science (physics, chemistry and biology) and 3 modern foreign language (French, German and Spanish) subjects.In looking at these A level subjects, we were building on a significant body of research first begun in 2015 to consider this complex issue. This included looking internationally at how other educational jurisdictions seek to achieve inter-subject comparability, and studies which examined some of the statistical models which attempt to measure the relative difficulty of different subjects. This work also took place in the context of a small adjustment we made to grading standards in French, German and Spanish A levels in 2017 to reflect research into the impact of native speakers taking these qualifications.We considered an extensive evidence base including statistical measures of subject difficulty and stakeholder concerns (including responses from subject associations, exam boards and their senior examiners for these subjects, and representatives from HE institutions, including those directly responsible for teaching first year undergraduates). We also looked at contextual data (such as data on teacher supply, trends in A level entry and research into the motivations behind students’ subject choices).We judged the evidence against 4 criteria, which we applied to determine whether there was a ‘compelling case’ to adjust the established grade standards in a subject. The criteria were: Public perceptions of the difficulty of these subjects is longstanding. However, adjusting grading standards is something we would only consider if there were a uniformly compelling case to do so. We have carefully considered the arguments of stakeholders and closely examined a broad range of evidence against our criteria. We have concluded there is no such uniformly compelling case to adjust grading standards in these subjects. Barnaby Lenon, chair of the Independent Schools Council, said: It is to their credit that Ofqual has committed so much time to researching the thorny question of ‘are some subjects harder than others and if so what can be done about it?’ They conclude that adjusting grades is not the best option. Dumbing-down A level science grades, for example, could lead to students being taken onto degree courses for which they are not equipped. Tom Bramley, Director, Research Division, Cambridge Assessment, said: statistical measures of subject difficulty show evidence of persistent grading severity over several years persuasive evidence of the potential detrimental impact caused by severe grading on those who use the qualification, and on society at large, over several years evidence which shows that those who use the qualification and those responsible for maintaining the grading standard judge an adjustment to be acceptable likely benefit to users of the qualification and society as a whole from a change to grading standards must outweigh any potential negative effects Our research included asking students about the things that influence their decisions about what to study. The evidence shows that perceptions of difficulty were not the most important factor for students, who considered enjoyment and perceived usefulness of the subject to be more so.Our decisions document and reports provide further detail on the 6 A level subjects against these 4 criteria. We did not find sufficiently strong evidence under these criteria to support an adjustment to grading standards.We will now look at the evidence for a potential adjustment to grading standards in GCSE French, German and Spanish. We committed to expand our work on inter-subject comparability to include GCSE languages earlier this year, in light of concerns from some stakeholders that the legacy qualifications were more severely graded than other subjects.last_img read more

Justice Unveils New Industrial-Inspired Track “Randy” [Listen]

first_imgJustice duo Gaspard Michel Andre Augé and Xavier de Rosnay have released the first official single off their forthcoming album Woman. The industrial-inspired disco track “Randy” featuring vocals from Morgan Phalen, is the second new track released by the group this year. Back in June, “Safe and Sound” debuted at an Ed Banger House Party during a Busy P DJ set.Justice Releases ‘Safe and Sound’, First New Track In Five Years“‘Randy’ started as an almost industrial techno track, but we were in such a good mood that day that we ended up making the song as it is, that is real like joyful,” Justice’s Xavier de Rosnay told BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, who debuted the track. “Like if you’re in the car with your best friends or your lover or your kids. And that’s the feeling of the whole record I guess.”Woman is due out mid-November. Listen to “Randy” below:[via Rolling Stone]last_img read more

Widespread Panic Announces Halloween Weekend Webcast

first_imgFollowing a sold-out weekend in Milwaukee, Widespread Panic are heading to Las Vegas for a three-night Halloween celebration at the Park Theater in the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino. The Friday, Saturday, and Sunday performances will also be broadcasted live via for those unable to make the trek to Sin City. This pay-per-view webcast will cover all three shows including the band’s (observed) Halloween performances on the 29th. As per tradition, Widespread Panic is expected to deliver a jam-filled weekend of bust outs cover debuts, and more during their Halloween themed weekend.Widespread Panic Covers Pink Floyd In Milwaukee Finale [Audio/Videos]Last year, the Georgia rockers released a 2016 Halloween Compilation, featuring choice covers from previous years. The 25-track playlist includes stand-out performances from the band’s Halloween shows from 2006 up until 2015, and includes a “Morning Dew” that clocks in over ten minutes!Dedicated fans know never to miss their favorite band’s Halloween performance. There’s almost always going to be moments that aren’t standard to the night-to-night show. So in case you’ve missed Panic over the years, or if you’re looking to get your fix ahead of this year’s spooky holiday, you can head over here for more information on the 2016 Halloween Compilation. Fingers crossed for a 2017 edition! We can’t wait to see what Widespread Panic have in store this year.[photo by Daniel Ojeda]last_img read more

Reward Offered After Crews Find Bald Eagle Shot Dead In Cattaraugus County

first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Cutout Photo: Carl Chapman / CC BY 2.0SALAMANCA – An up to $5,000 reward is offered for information that helps investigators looking into a fatal bald eagle shooting in Cattaraugus County.Seneca Nation Fish and Wildlife officials say on November 20 they received a complaint about a large dead bird in a tree along the Allegheny River off Old Route 17.A drone confirmed that the animal was a bald eagle. Days later, with help from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the body of the banded, sub-adult female bird was recovered.An examination determined that the bird had been shot. Bald eagles, although no longer listed under the Endangered Species Act, are federally protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.Shooting a bald eagle can result in prison time up to one year, as well as up to $100,000 in fines.Anyone with information that could help investigators solve the case is asked to call Manager Lawrence Becelia with Seneca Nation Fish and Wildlife at (716) 945-2779.last_img read more

Argentine-Uruguayan Joint Air Force Exercise Begins

first_imgBy Dialogo June 04, 2010 The Argentine-Uruguayan joint exercise “Río III” began, with the participation of air and ground components from both countries’ air forces in order to increase cooperation in the area of airspace defense, the Defense Ministry announced. The Argentine Air Force (FAA) and the Uruguayan Air Force (FAU) will establish during the exercise a coordinated system that will enable the timely transfer of information for monitoring irregular traffic entering both countries’ airspace, according to a statement. Three Cessna 206 planes, one Baron, three Cessna A-37s, three Pucarás, and three Pilatus PC-7s, as well as one search-and-rescue helicopter, are expected to participate in the exercise on the Uruguayan side, the press release indicates. On the Argentine side, a Twin Otter, a Seneca, a Dakota, and a Bell-212 search-and-rescue helicopter will participate, the statement adds.last_img read more

Showcase your value to members

first_img 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Public relations (PR), when executed effectively as part of a credit union’s marketing program, creates an unmatched competitive advantage.But some credit unions struggle to take full advantage of their position in local markets. They struggle to tell their stories in the media, demonstrate their value for members, and set themselves apart from competition.To be effective, understand some PR best practices, current trends—and mistakes to avoid.Best practicesBuilding relationships with financial services industry and personal finance writers and reporters at local media outlets is critical.Credit union executives who provide valuable and timely information to reporters become trusted sources. Relationships are built by demonstrating an understanding of trends and the industry, not by being self-promotional. continue reading »last_img read more