Modelling Circumpolar Deep Water intrusions on the Amundsen Sea continental shelf, Antarctica

first_imgResults are presented from an isopycnic coordinate model of ocean circulation in the Amundsen Sea, focusing on the delivery of Circumpolar Deep Water (CDW) to the inner continental shelf around Pine Island Bay. The warmest waters to reach this region are channeled through a submarine trough, accessed via bathymetric irregularities along the shelf break. Temporal variability in the influx of CDW is related to regional wind forcing. Easterly winds over the shelf edge change to westerlies when the Amundsen Sea Low migrates west and south in winter/spring. This drives seasonal on-shelf flow, while inter-annual changes in the wind forcing lead to inflow variability on a decadal timescale. A modelled period of warming following low CDW influx in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s coincides with a period of observed thinning and acceleration of Pine Island Glacier.last_img read more

Ventilation of the abyss in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean

first_imgThe Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean is the world’s main production site of Antarctic Bottom Water, a water-mass that is ventilated at the ocean surface before sinking and entraining older water-masses—ultimately replenishing the abyssal global ocean. In recent decades, numerous attempts at estimating the rates of ventilation and overturning of Antarctic Bottom Water in this region have led to a strikingly broad range of results, with water transport-based calculations (8.4–9.7 Sv) yielding larger rates than tracer-based estimates (3.7–4.9 Sv). Here, we reconcile these conflicting views by integrating transport- and tracer-based estimates within a common analytical framework, in which bottom water formation processes are explicitly quantified. We show that the layer of Antarctic Bottom Water denser than 28.36 kg m−3 γn is exported northward at a rate of 8.4 ± 0.7 Sv, composed of 4.5 ± 0.3 Sv of well-ventilated Dense Shelf Water, and 3.9 ± 0.5 Sv of old Circumpolar Deep Water entrained into cascading plumes. The majority, but not all, of the Dense Shelf Water (3.4 ± 0.6 Sv) is generated on the continental shelves of the Weddell Sea. Only 55% of AABW exported from the region is well ventilated and thus draws down heat and carbon into the deep ocean. Our findings unify traditionally contrasting views of Antarctic Bottom Water production in the Atlantic sector, and define a baseline, process-discerning target for its realistic representation in climate models.last_img read more

BRP Ramon Alcaraz Docks in Indonesia

first_img View post tag: Naval September 18, 2014 Authorities View post tag: Indonesia View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Navy View post tag: docks The ship left Darwin, Australia at the conclusion of the above-mentioned exercise on September 12.In this regard, Fleet-Marine Ready Force chief Commodore Jorge F. Amba, Sealift and Amphibious Force head Capt. Narciso Vingson, Naval Task Force 80 chief Capt. Albert A. Mogol, and BRP Ramon Alcaraz commanding officer Capt. Ernesto O. Baldovino rendered courtesy calls on Indonesian military heads, Surabaya City mayor and the head of the Filipino community in the locality.Likewise, the group will pay a visit to PT PAL Shipyard where one of the Philippine Navy’s strategic sealift vessels is being built.The PN will also be hosting a dinner reception for the Indonesian counterparts and Filipino community on board BRP Ramon Alcaraz.The ship will be open for tour during its stay in Indonesia.Earlier this year, Alcaraz’s sister ship BRP Gregorio Del Pilar (PF-15) was also sent to Batam, Indonesia to participate in the Multilateral Naval Exercise codenamed “Komodo.”Three months after that, an Indonesian warship KRI Banjarmasin arrived in Manila for a port visit which included activities such as goodwill games, ship tour and subject matter expertise exchanges.These frequent interactions between the navies of the two countries manifest their commitment in enhancing ties and friendship in order to promote peace, security and partnership to advance their common interests.Just recently, the Philippines and Indonesia forged an agreement concerning the delimitation of their exclusive economic zone boundary which provides for enhanced cooperation between the two navies, especially in the conduct of border patrol operations and information sharing to address common maritime concerns.[mappress]Press Release, September 18, 2014; Image: Philippine Governmentcenter_img After its participation in the “Kakadu 2014” in Australia, BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PF-16), most modern warship of the Philippines, is now at the Surabaya Naval Base in Indonesia for a three-day port visit which is designed to promote naval diplomacy, camaraderie and foster goodwill with the Indonesian Navy. View post tag: BRP Ramon Alcaraz Back to overview,Home naval-today BRP Ramon Alcaraz Docks in Indonesia View post tag: asia Share this article BRP Ramon Alcaraz Docks in Indonesialast_img read more

Merton top 2013/14 Norrington Table

first_imgThe University has released its yearly list of degree classifications revealing the performances of each college, with Merton topping the list for the first time since 2011.34 Merton students received first class degrees, while 43 students were awarded a 2.1 as the college jumped three places from fourth.St John’s climbed a place into second, Worcester jumped from eleventh to third, while last year’s top achievers New slipped to fourth place.Wadham were the high climbers this year, jumping from 19th to fifth place, while Exeter jumped 13 places from 28th to 15th. Out of the PPHs, St Benet’s have taken top spot from Ripon College, Cuddesdon.The Norrington score has caused controversy ever since it was developed by Sir Arthur Norrington, a former University Vice-Chancellor, in the 1960s to provide a way of measuring the performance of students at each college in finals.As the University website stipulates, “The Norrington score is calculated by attaching a score of 5 to a 1st class degree, 3 to a 2:1 degree, 2 to a 2:2 degree, 1 to a 3rd class degree and 0 to a pass, Honours Pass and Unclassified Honours. The percentage expressed is calculated by dividing the total college score by the total possible score the college could attain.”Delighted with the year’s academic performance, Merton’s Senior Tutor Dr Catherine Paxton told Cherwell, “it is always wonderful to top the Norrington Table but this achievement is particularly special in our 750th anniversary year. “This outcome reflects both the dedication of the tutors and undergraduates and the College’s commitment to providing an environment in which our students can fulfil their academic potential.”Somewhat surprised by his college’s high performance, Merton’s Jeremy Ogunleye admitted, “I will say that I noticed work load and expectations went up drastically. I’d assume college staff will be extremely delighted with the news and probably relieved.”However, he also told Cherwell, “No, I’m not particularly proud of it as it reinforces a reputation that members of the college aren’t proud of. It’s all mad.”[mm-hide-text]%%IMG%%10119%%[/mm-hide-text]Also not particularly proud of their position were bottom place college Pembroke, who recorded only 17 first class degrees from 102 students.A college representative told Cherwell that, “While Norrington scores are subject to substantial fluctuation, we do find our result this year disappointing.  However, some of our students obtained excellent individual results, including the top first in the University in History and English. “Pembroke has an ambitious and active community, and has invested heavily in recent years in teaching provision and facilities, as well as developing an outstanding access scheme.  We expect improvement in academic performance will follow – these are long-term initiatives which will take several years to have a demonstrable impact on admissions and progression.”Pembroke can also find consolation in the fact that even the University itself has been quick to stress that, “since the numbers of degrees awarded per college are small, the rankings should be treated with caution.”last_img read more

Ocean City Could See Relief on Soaring Flood Insurance Premiums

first_imgArlene’s on Asbury during Superstorm Sandy in October 2012.The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday, 306-91, that would cut back on the dramatic increases to the cost of flood insurance mandated by a 2012 reform act.The measure would permit sellers to give subsidized insurance rates to new buyers, and it would cap premium increases at 15 to 18 percent annually.The Senate — which had passed a similar bill last month — still must approve the new measure before it can become effective.For Ocean City — where $11.2 billion worth of real estate is crammed onto the 11 square miles of a small barrier island — the flood-insurance reforms have widespread impact on the local economy. Property owners face potentially crippling premiums on flood insurance — particularly for homes built below new recommended elevations.The increases stem from the 2012 Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Law, designed to end taxpayer subsidies of the National Flood Insurance Program, which is now $24 billion in debt. The existing law enacts premium hikes of as much as 25 percent per year until full-risk coverage is achieved. Under the existing law, buyers are required to assume full-risk rates when they purchase a home.The House bill moderates many of the Biggert-Waters reforms.“Any positive news regarding flood insurance is always welcome,” said Ken Sedberry, president of the Ocean City Board of Realtors. “We hope politicians continue to take a common-sense approach.”But Sedberry said he’s reluctant to speculate too much until a final bill is voted on.The Senate bill passed last month had called for delaying many of the Biggert-Waters reforms by four years or more. Tom Heist, president of Thomas H. Heist Insurance Agency of Ocean City, said the immediacy of the House bill is a benefit.“It provides certainty for individuals, which is good for our real estate market,” Heist said. “Instead of pushing it off down the road four or five years.”Bill McMahon, president of Ocean City’s McMahon Insurance Agency, noted two key elements in the new bill, including:Premium increases between 5 percent and 18 percent until full-risk coverage is reached.A new assessment of $25 per year on primary residence policies and $250 per year on business and non-primary residence policies. (A measure that could represent a significant increase to some second homeowners.)A news release from Republican U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo outlined the following provisions. The House bill:Permanently removes the home sale/new policy rate increase trigger for primary residences, ensuring the person buying the home is treated the same as the person selling it. Removal of these provisions would restore certainty to the real estate markets in communities across the country;Reinstates grandfathered rates by decoupling rate increases with FEMA remapping. Removal of this provision ensures that policyholders are not penalized who built to code and built to standards of existing Flood Insurance Rate Maps;Provides a refund for the people who purchased a Pre-FIRM subsidized home without the full transparency from FEMA on the new BW-12 rate structure, which wasn’t made public for a year after BW-12 was signed into law;Provides home improvement protection by returning the “substantial improvement threshold” (i.e. renovations and remodeling) to the historic 50% of a structure’s fair market value level and ensures that necessary renovations can continue without penalizing homeowners with excessive flood insurance rate hikes and costly mitigation; and,Includes generally accepted affordability measures such as: high deductible options, flood-proofed basement exemptions, map certification, flood protection funding recognition, optional monthly installment plans, exceptions on escrow requirements, removing the funding cap on the affordability study, etc.“The House acted tonight to remove a major financial hurdle to the tens of thousands of homeowners still rebuilding 18 months after Sandy came ashore,” LoBiondo said. “By no means is this legislation all that I have advocated for, however it does represent a fair and workable compromise to assist many South Jersey residents while ensuring the long-term solvency of the NFIP.”last_img read more

Full Ban on Drones in Ocean City Faces Final Vote on Thursday

first_imgIn Los Angeles, a 57-year old man was charged with obstructing a police officer after officials said he flew a drone near a police helicopter. The helicopter “had to make some movements to avoid” the drone, a police officer said. (LAPD detains man they say was flying drone too close to police helicopter, Los Angeles Times, August 28, 2015, by Joseph Serna). In Clinton, Connecticut, the FAA and local police began an investigation when an 18-year old was reported to have posted a video online of shots being fired from a four-propeller drone rigged with a semi-automatic handgun. The father reportedly told a local television station that his son created the drone with a professor as part of a project. Conversely, the professor reportedly says he discouraged the student from the project. Hartford Courant, July 24, 2015, by Nicholas Rondinone and Christine Dempsey. In Geraldton, Australia, a drone injured a competitor in a triathlon and the drone pilot claimed the drone was ‘hacked’. (‘River of blood’ after drone ‘hits’ Australian athlete, The Sydney Morning Herald, April 7, 2014, by Ben Grubb; and A drone flies in front of a property listed for sale at the south end of Ocean City.City Council on Thursday will hold a public hearing and cast final votes on an ordinance that would ban the use of drones in any airspace at any height over Ocean City, NJ.Council will consider the measure at a public meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. Nov. 12 at City Hall. If passed, the measure would become law 20 days later.The ordinance bans drones “from airspace within five miles of the Ocean City Airport.” That radius includes all of Ocean City (and would be enforceable only within the boundaries of Ocean City).Violations would be punishable by a fine not more than $500 for a first offense and a fine up to $1,000 and/or imprisonment up to 30 days for each subsequent offense.The devices have useful applications in emergency searches, photography, construction, marketing, recreation and other areas.But Ocean City, like other towns, has experienced a number of incidents that demonstrate the potential for drones to be a nuisance, invasion of privacy or threat to safety. (See at end of story: list of reported incidents compiled by supporters of a drone ban in California towns.)_________Get the Daily: Sign up for our free Ocean City news service_________In other business at Thursday’s City Council meeting:Half-Stories: City Council will consider amending the ordinance that governs half-stories of houses in residential zones.Sheds: City Council will consider eliminating the ordinance governing sheds.Rental Unit Fees: City Council will consider eliminating mercantile license fees on units rented for more than 175 days.Building Heights: City Council will consider the second reading of an ordinance that change the method of measuring building heights.Bulkhead and Road Improvements at 11th Street and W. 17th Street: City Council will vote to award a $839,300 contract to R.A. Walters and Son of Cape May Court House to replace bulkheads at the ends of 11th Street and W. 17th Street, where tidal water often runs through to flood streets.For a complete list of agenda items and supporting documentation, see the Agenda Packet._________________Summary of Reported Drone Crashes and Dangerous Drone IncidentsIn Pasadena, a baby was reported to suffer a quarter-inch cut on her head when a camera-equipped drone crashed on a sidewalk after the communications link was lost. (Falling drone injures 11-month old near Pasadena City Hall, Pasadena Star-News, September 15, 2015, by Jason Henry). In Imperial County, a drone was used to smuggle 28 pounds of heroin across the U.S.-Mexico border. Drone smuggles heroin into U.S., San Diego Union-Tribune, August 12, 2015, by Kristina Davis). In Maryland, an inmate and two others were indicted for allegedly devising a plot to smuggle drugs, cellphones and other contraband into a prison using a drone after the drone was reportedly intercepted along with pornography, tobacco and the synthetic drug K-2. (Inmate indicted in alleged drone prison smuggling plot, Baltimore Sun, September 22, 2014, by Ian Duncan). In Seattle, a drone knocked a woman unconscious at a parade. (Woman knocked unconscious by falling drone during Seattle’s Pride parade, The Seattle Times, June 29, 2015). In Valdosta, Georgia, authorities said a 9-year veteran police officer was charged with felony eavesdropping and fired after being accused of using a drone to spy on a neighbor. Valdosta police officer charged with felony eavesdropping, Valdosta Today, September 15, 2015).center_img In Albuquerque, a drone buzzed a crowd at an outdoor festival and injured a bystander. (Drone falls from sky, hits person at Albuquerque festival, Albuquerque Journal, June 15, 2015). In Tijuana, a drone mutilated the hand of pop star Enrique Iglesias when a drone stunt went wrong. (Enrique Iglesias recovering after cutting hand, USA Today, May 31, 2015, by Cindy Clark). In Dinwiddie County, Virginia, a drone injured spectators at a re-enactment of the Running of the Bulls. (Drone crashes into Virginia bull run crowd, The Washington Post, Aug. 26, 2013, by Martin Weil). During the United States Open tennis tournament in New York City, a high school teacher was charged with reckless endangerment after he was accused of crashing a drone into a section of empty seats at Louis Armstrong Stadium. (Drone Crashes Into Seats at Armstrong, New York Times, September 5, 2015, by David Waldstein). His lawyer said he was trying to take video images of a globe sculpture at nearby Flushing Meadows Park at sunset, when “the drone went haywire”. Lawyer: Drone-crasher … AP, September 17, 2015). At the University of Kentucky, police charged a law student with endangerment for allegedly flying a drone that crashed inside Commonwealth Stadium just before kickoff of the Wildcats’ home opener football game. (University of Kentucky student not charged in drone crash, but investigation continues, Lexington Herald-Leader, September 8, 2015, by Beth Musgrave). A military sky diver parachuting into the stadium during pregame festivities told the police that “he had to take emergency evasive maneuvers to avoid contact with the drone”, which reportedly came within 20 feet of his parachute. (Kentucky law student charged with flying drone at college football game, Reuters, September 11, 2015, by Brendan O’Brien) In Constitucion, Buenos Aires, two women were injured after they were hit by a drone that fell from the sky while reportedly being used to film a TV commercial. (Falling drone hits two in downtown BA, The Buenos Aires Herald, Aug. 19, 2015).last_img read more

Sugar replacer goes prebiotic

first_imgDanisco Sweeteners’ (Redhill, Surrey) Litesse polydextrose can be used to replace sugars and some fats in baked goods. In addition, Danisco says Litesse can be used to produce a high-fibre white bread, which acts as a prebiotic for good digestive health.Product formulations with a reduced glycaemic load are also possible, making baked goods that are suitable for consumers on a low-GI diet or for those who need to control their blood sugar levels.last_img

Business start-ups: Ms Cupcake

first_imgEveryone keeps asking me, “How’s it all going? How are you feeling?” All I can say is, “Amazing, but I’m exhausted!” It’s hard to believe that it has only been a few short weeks since we opened the doors to Ms Cupcake London’s first vegan bakery. Unbelievably, it was only a year ago that I started my little home-baking business, and now we have our own shop and six members of staff.The kind of exhaustion I feel right now is the kind you don’t mind, because with every waking hour you are doing something you love, something you feel passionate about something that you created with your own hands. I have been approached by a lot of people who want to know the ’secret’. They want to start their own cake business and want any tips I’m willing to give. My first tip is don’t do it unless you are willing to give up a lot of your life for it.To give you an idea, I…l work 16 hours a day every day of the week.l am always thinking and talking about my business.l can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve done something ’social’ in the last six months that didn’t pertain to my business.l am forever scouting the internet for new trends in baking to anticipate.l send Twitter and Facebook updates at all hours of the night.l answer around 100 emails every single day.l am forever looking for new products to bring in and new directions to take the business in.l manage the finances, the menu, the recipes, the stock, the payroll, the sales, the events etc.l spend hours each week checking in with my staff for ways I can continue to make Ms Cupcake the best place on earth to work.This is just the tip of the iceberg I haven’t even mentioned the hours and hours my team spends actually baking. Still want to open a cake business? Okay then, here are my top tips for running it successfully:1. Listen to your customers always.2. Take on board criticism and trust yourself enough to know when to disregard it.3. Accept that you personally cannot do everything and learn to delegate.4. Go out of your way to find people who are as passionate about your cakes as you are and then convince them that they need to work for you. Don’t wait for the best staff to come and find you.5. Don’t sell bad cake. This might seem like a no-brainer, but ensuring that your customers always get top-quality means that they’ll keep coming back.So yes, I am exhausted but I’m also living my dream. For me, that’s worth it.last_img read more

Indiana unemployment figures hold steady from October

first_imgIndianaLocalNews Twitter Facebook Google+ Facebook Google+ Pinterest WhatsApp By Jon Zimney – December 20, 2020 0 201 Previous articleGallup Poll: Nearly 40% of Americans won’t take COVID-19 vaccineNext articleBodies of man, 47, and two teenagers found in home on Spring River Drive in Elkhart Jon ZimneyJon Zimney is the News and Programming Director for News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and host of the Fries With That podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jzimney. Indiana unemployment figures hold steady from October Pinterest “3D Employment Graph” by Chris Potter, CC BY-SA 2.0 Indiana’s unemployment rate is unchanged from October to November.According to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, the state’s jobless rate stands at 5.0 percent for November. That is below the national rate of 6.7 percent. The state’s jobless rate is up 1.8 percent from this time last year, which is mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.The monthly unemployment rate is a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicator that reflects the number of unemployed people seeking employment within the prior four weeks as a percentage of the labor force.Indiana’s labor force had a net decrease of 40,274 over the previous month. This was a result of a decrease of 17,345 unemployed residents and a decrease of 22,929 employed residents. Indiana’s total labor force, which includes both Hoosiers employed and those seeking employment, stands at 3.33 million, and the state’s 62.9 percent labor force participation rate remains above the national rate of 61.5 percent.Learn more about how unemployment rates are calculated here: WhatsApp Twitterlast_img read more

Tenacious D Adds New Stops To First Tour In 5 Years

first_imgLast month, Tenacious D announced that they’d be hitting the road for their first full-length tour in five years, much to the delight of fans eager to see the comedic rock duo. The tour’s announcement came on the heels of Jack Black and Kyle Gass’s performance at Atlanta’s Shaky Knees Music Festival, where Black announced that the pair would be making a sequel to 2006’s Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny, due out in October.At the time of Tenacious D’s initial tour announcement, the band had scheduled festival appearances at Montebello, Canada’s Montebello Rockfest and San Bernadino, California’s Cal Jam in addition to a November run of shows. Starting in early November in Brooklyn, the pair has plans to wind through the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, eventually closing their upcoming fall run on in Chicago in mid-November. Late last week, they added extra shows in Brooklyn (11/4) and Chicago (11/14) due to popular demand.Now, Tenacious D has added a handful of West Coast shows to their tour, with stops in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, and Oakland in mid-December added.You can check out a full listing of Tenacious D’s upcoming 2018 tour dates below the hilarious tour artwork. Tickets for the new December shows go on sale on Friday, June 8th, at 10 a.m. (PT). For more information, head to Tenacious D’s website. Tenacious D Upcoming 2018 Tour Dates:06/16 – Montebello, Quebec – Montebello Rockfest10/06 – San Bernardino, CA – Cal Jam 1811/03 – Brooklyn, NY – Kings Theatre11/04 – Brooklyn, NY – Kings Theatre11/05 – Boston, MA – House of Blues11/07 – Washington, DC – The Anthem11/08 – Philadelphia, PA – The Fillmore11/09 – Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AE11/10 – Columbus, OH – Express Live! Indoor Pavilion11/12 – Detroit, MI – The Fillmore11/13 – Chicago, IL – Riviera Theatre11/14 – Chicago, IL – Riviera Theatre12/13 – Vancouver, BC – Queen Elizabeth Theatre12/14 – Seattle, WA – Moore Theatre12/15 – Portland, OR – Crystal Ballroom12/17 – Oakland, CA – Fox TheatreView All Tour Dateslast_img read more