ATG becomes first to join IBIA following rebrand

first_img Following the rebranding of the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) last week, Swedish betting operator AB Trav och Galopp (ATG) has been named as the first operator to join the association.ATG has joined the integrity association as it moves to bolster its global monitoring and alert platform to cover approximately 50 international online and retail betting brands. Magnus Lunner, ATG Chief Security & Quality Officer, said: “Protecting our product, consumers and sporting events from betting-related corruption is a foremost business consideration for ATG.“Joining the International Betting Integrity Association, a globally recognised body and leader in its field, is a natural extension of that core aim. ATG is committed to upholding the highest values of integrity and to working with our partners in the association to ensure the safest possible betting environment.”The operator, which recently added sports betting to its horse race betting product range following the regulation of Sweden’s market, has committed itself to protecting its customers from corruption by joining the IBIA. Khalid Ali, Secretary General of the International Betting Integrity Association, added: “I am delighted to welcome one of the leading brands from the newly opened Swedish market to the association. ATG joins other responsible and committed sports betting operators intent on working collectively to protect their businesses from corruption.”The integrity association currently acts as a figurehead in the promotion of integrity across the regulated sports betting industry. It utilises collective action through its Monitoring & Alert Platform as a means to allow operators and industry stakeholders to report suspicious activity on its members’ betting markets.Working alongside sports bodies such as FIFA, UEFA, the TIU and the IOC, the IBIA monitors transactional activity linked to individual accounts and uses this data to collaborate with regulators in preventing corruption. BetInvest: The benefits of separating esports betting markets August 7, 2020 Submit SBC Magazine Issue 10: Kaizen Gaming rebrand and focus for William Hill CEO August 25, 2020 ESI Digital – No Drama Please… Esports growth should be treated as business as usual  August 20, 2020 Related Articles StumbleUpon Share Sharelast_img read more

EFL Championship fixtures 2017-18 in full: Every team, every match

first_img1 We can all dream, can’t we? Here are the fixtures for the 2017-18 EFL Championship season. (All fixtures subject to change)04/08/2017    19:45    Sunderland v Derby County05/08/2017    17:30    Aston Villa v Hull City05/08/2017    15:00    Bristol City v Barnsley05/08/2017    15:00    Burton Albion v Cardiff City05/08/2017    15:00    Fulham v Norwich City05/08/2017    15:00    Ipswich Town v Birmingham City05/08/2017    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Millwall05/08/2017    15:00    Preston North End v Sheffield Wednesday05/08/2017    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Reading05/08/2017    15:00    Sheffield United v Brentford05/08/2017    15:00    Wolverhampton v Middlesbrough06/08/2017    16:30    Bolton Wanderers v Leeds United12/08/2017    15:00    Barnsley v Ipswich Town12/08/2017    15:00    Birmingham City v Bristol City12/08/2017    15:00    Brentford v Nottingham Forest12/08/2017    15:00    Cardiff City v Aston Villa12/08/2017    15:00    Derby County v Wolverhampton12/08/2017    15:00    Hull City v Burton Albion12/08/2017    15:00    Leeds United v Preston North End12/08/2017    15:00    Middlesbrough v Sheffield United12/08/2017    15:00    Millwall v Bolton Wanderers12/08/2017    15:00    Norwich City v Sunderland12/08/2017    15:00    Reading v Fulham12/08/2017    15:00    Sheffield Wednesday v Queens Park Rangers15/08/2017    19:45    Barnsley v Nottingham Forest15/08/2017    19:45    Birmingham City v Bolton Wanderers15/08/2017    19:45    Brentford v Bristol City15/08/2017    19:45    Cardiff City v Sheffield United15/08/2017    19:45    Derby County v Preston North End15/08/2017    19:45    Hull City v Wolverhampton15/08/2017    19:45    Leeds United v Fulham15/08/2017    19:45    Middlesbrough v Burton Albion15/08/2017    19:45    Millwall v Ipswich Town15/08/2017    19:45    Norwich City v Queens Park Rangers15/08/2017    20:00    Reading v Aston Villa15/08/2017    19:45    Sheffield Wednesday v Sunderland19/08/2017    15:00    Aston Villa v Norwich City19/08/2017    15:00    Bolton Wanderers v Derby County19/08/2017    15:00    Bristol City v Millwall19/08/2017    15:00    Burton Albion v Birmingham City19/08/2017    15:00    Fulham v Sheffield Wednesday19/08/2017    15:00    Ipswich Town v Brentford19/08/2017    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Middlesbrough19/08/2017    15:00    Preston North End v Reading19/08/2017    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Hull City19/08/2017    15:00    Sheffield United v Barnsley19/08/2017    15:00    Sunderland v Leeds United19/08/2017    15:00    Wolverhampton v Cardiff City26/08/2017    15:00    Barnsley v Sunderland26/08/2017    15:00    Birmingham City v Reading26/08/2017    15:00    Brentford v Wolverhampton26/08/2017    15:00    Bristol City v Aston Villa26/08/2017    15:00    Burton Albion v Sheffield Wednesday26/08/2017    15:00    Cardiff City v Queens Park Rangers26/08/2017    15:00    Hull City v Bolton Wanderers26/08/2017    15:00    Ipswich Town v Fulham26/08/2017    15:00    Middlesbrough v Preston North End26/08/2017    15:00    Millwall v Norwich City26/08/2017    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Leeds United26/08/2017    15:00    Sheffield United v Derby County09/09/2017    15:00    Aston Villa v Brentford09/09/2017    15:00    Bolton Wanderers v Middlesbrough09/09/2017    15:00    Derby County v Hull City09/09/2017    15:00    Fulham v Cardiff City09/09/2017    15:00    Leeds United v Burton Albion09/09/2017    15:00    Norwich City v Birmingham City09/09/2017    15:00    Preston North End v Barnsley09/09/2017    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Ipswich Town09/09/2017    15:00    Reading v Bristol City09/09/2017    15:00    Sheffield Wednesday v Nottingham Forest09/09/2017    15:00    Sunderland v Sheffield United09/09/2017    15:00    Wolverhampton v Millwall12/09/2017    19:45    Aston Villa v Middlesbrough12/09/2017    20:00    Bolton Wanderers v Sheffield United12/09/2017    19:45    Derby County v Ipswich Town12/09/2017    19:45    Fulham v Hull City12/09/2017    19:45    Leeds United v Birmingham City12/09/2017    19:45    Norwich City v Burton Albion12/09/2017    19:45    Preston North End v Cardiff City12/09/2017    19:45    Queens Park Rangers v Millwall12/09/2017    20:00    Reading v Barnsley12/09/2017    19:45    Sheffield Wednesday v Brentford12/09/2017    19:45    Sunderland v Nottingham Forest12/09/2017    19:45    Wolverhampton v Bristol City16/09/2017    15:00    Barnsley v Aston Villa16/09/2017    15:00    Birmingham City v Preston North End16/09/2017    15:00    Brentford v Reading16/09/2017    15:00    Bristol City v Derby County16/09/2017    15:00    Burton Albion v Fulham16/09/2017    15:00    Cardiff City v Sheffield Wednesday16/09/2017    15:00    Hull City v Sunderland16/09/2017    15:00    Ipswich Town v Bolton Wanderers16/09/2017    15:00    Middlesbrough v Queens Park Rangers16/09/2017    15:00    Millwall v Leeds United16/09/2017    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Wolverhampton16/09/2017    15:00    Sheffield United v Norwich City23/09/2017    15:00    Aston Villa v Nottingham Forest23/09/2017    15:00    Bolton Wanderers v Brentford23/09/2017    15:00    Derby County v Birmingham City23/09/2017    15:00    Fulham v Middlesbrough23/09/2017    15:00    Leeds United v Ipswich Town23/09/2017    15:00    Norwich City v Bristol City23/09/2017    15:00    Preston North End v Millwall23/09/2017    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Burton Albion23/09/2017    15:00    Reading v Hull City23/09/2017    15:00    Sheffield Wednesday v Sheffield United23/09/2017    15:00    Sunderland v Cardiff City23/09/2017    15:00    Wolverhampton v Barnsley26/09/2017    19:45    Barnsley v Queens Park Rangers26/09/2017    19:45    Birmingham City v Sheffield Wednesday26/09/2017    19:45    Brentford v Derby County26/09/2017    19:45    Bristol City v Bolton Wanderers26/09/2017    19:45    Burton Albion v Aston Villa26/09/2017    19:45    Cardiff City v Leeds United26/09/2017    19:45    Hull City v Preston North End26/09/2017    19:45    Ipswich Town v Sunderland26/09/2017    19:45    Middlesbrough v Norwich City26/09/2017    19:45    Millwall v Reading26/09/2017    19:45    Nottingham Forest v Fulham26/09/2017    19:45    Sheffield United v Wolverhampton30/09/2017    15:00    Aston Villa v Bolton Wanderers30/09/2017    15:00    Burton Albion v Wolverhampton30/09/2017    15:00    Cardiff City v Derby County30/09/2017    15:00    Hull City v Birmingham City30/09/2017    15:00    Ipswich Town v Bristol City30/09/2017    15:00    Middlesbrough v Brentford30/09/2017    15:00    Millwall v Barnsley30/09/2017    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Sheffield United30/09/2017    15:00    Preston North End v Sunderland30/09/2017    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Fulham30/09/2017    15:00    Reading v Norwich City30/09/2017    15:00    Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds United14/10/2017    15:00    Barnsley v Middlesbrough14/10/2017    15:00    Birmingham City v Cardiff City14/10/2017    15:00    Bolton Wanderers v Sheffield Wednesday14/10/2017    15:00    Brentford v Millwall14/10/2017    15:00    Bristol City v Burton Albion14/10/2017    15:00    Derby County v Nottingham Forest14/10/2017    15:00    Fulham v Preston North End14/10/2017    15:00    Leeds United v Reading14/10/2017    15:00    Norwich City v Hull City14/10/2017    15:00    Sheffield United v Ipswich Town14/10/2017    15:00    Sunderland v Queens Park Rangers14/10/2017    15:00    Wolverhampton v Aston Villa21/10/2017    15:00    Aston Villa v Fulham21/10/2017    15:00    Barnsley v Hull City21/10/2017    15:00    Bolton Wanderers v Queens Park Rangers21/10/2017    15:00    Brentford v Sunderland21/10/2017    15:00    Bristol City v Leeds United21/10/2017    15:00    Derby County v Sheffield Wednesday21/10/2017    15:00    Ipswich Town v Norwich City21/10/2017    15:00    Middlesbrough v Cardiff City21/10/2017    15:00    Millwall v Birmingham City21/10/2017    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Burton Albion21/10/2017    15:00    Sheffield United v Reading21/10/2017    15:00    Wolverhampton v Preston North End28/10/2017    15:00    Birmingham City v Aston Villa28/10/2017    15:00    Burton Albion v Ipswich Town28/10/2017    15:00    Cardiff City v Millwall28/10/2017    15:00    Fulham v Bolton Wanderers28/10/2017    15:00    Hull City v Nottingham Forest28/10/2017    15:00    Leeds United v Sheffield United28/10/2017    15:00    Norwich City v Derby County28/10/2017    15:00    Preston North End v Brentford28/10/2017    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Wolverhampton28/10/2017    15:00    Reading v Middlesbrough28/10/2017    15:00    Sheffield Wednesday v Barnsley28/10/2017    15:00    Sunderland v Bristol City31/10/2017    19:45    Birmingham City v Brentford31/10/2017    19:45    Burton Albion v Barnsley31/10/2017    19:45    Cardiff City v Ipswich Town31/10/2017    19:45    Fulham v Bristol City31/10/2017    19:45    Hull City v Middlesbrough31/10/2017    19:45    Leeds United v Derby County31/10/2017    19:45    Norwich City v Wolverhampton31/10/2017    19:45    Preston North End v Aston Villa31/10/2017    19:45    Queens Park Rangers v Sheffield United31/10/2017    20:00    Reading v Nottingham Forest31/10/2017    19:45    Sheffield Wednesday v Millwall31/10/2017    19:45    Sunderland v Bolton Wanderers04/11/2017    15:00    Aston Villa v Sheffield Wednesday04/11/2017    15:00    Barnsley v Birmingham City04/11/2017    15:00    Bolton Wanderers v Norwich City04/11/2017    15:00    Brentford v Leeds United04/11/2017    15:00    Bristol City v Cardiff City04/11/2017    15:00    Derby County v Reading04/11/2017    15:00    Ipswich Town v Preston North End04/11/2017    15:00    Middlesbrough v Sunderland04/11/2017    15:00    Millwall v Burton Albion04/11/2017    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Queens Park Rangers04/11/2017    15:00    Sheffield United v Hull City04/11/2017    15:00    Wolverhampton v Fulham18/11/2017    15:00    Birmingham City v Nottingham Forest18/11/2017    15:00    Burton Albion v Sheffield United18/11/2017    15:00    Cardiff City v Brentford18/11/2017    15:00    Fulham v Derby County18/11/2017    15:00    Hull City v Ipswich Town18/11/2017    15:00    Leeds United v Middlesbrough18/11/2017    15:00    Norwich City v Barnsley18/11/2017    15:00    Preston North End v Bolton Wanderers18/11/2017    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Aston Villa18/11/2017    15:00    Reading v Wolverhampton18/11/2017    15:00    Sheffield Wednesday v Bristol City18/11/2017    15:00    Sunderland v Millwall21/11/2017    19:45    Aston Villa v Sunderland21/11/2017    19:45    Barnsley v Cardiff City21/11/2017    20:00    Bolton Wanderers v Reading21/11/2017    19:45    Brentford v Burton Albion21/11/2017    19:45    Bristol City v Preston North End21/11/2017    19:45    Derby County v Queens Park Rangers21/11/2017    19:45    Ipswich Town v Sheffield Wednesday21/11/2017    19:45    Middlesbrough v Birmingham City21/11/2017    19:45    Millwall v Hull City21/11/2017    19:45    Nottingham Forest v Norwich City21/11/2017    19:45    Sheffield United v Fulham21/11/2017    19:45    Wolverhampton v Leeds United25/11/2017    15:00    Aston Villa v Ipswich Town25/11/2017    15:00    Barnsley v Leeds United25/11/2017    15:00    Burton Albion v Sunderland25/11/2017    15:00    Fulham v Millwall25/11/2017    15:00    Hull City v Bristol City25/11/2017    15:00    Middlesbrough v Derby County25/11/2017    15:00    Norwich City v Preston North End25/11/2017    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Cardiff City25/11/2017    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Brentford25/11/2017    15:00    Reading v Sheffield Wednesday25/11/2017    15:00    Sheffield United v Birmingham City25/11/2017    15:00    Wolverhampton v Bolton Wanderers02/12/2017    15:00    Birmingham City v Wolverhampton02/12/2017    15:00    Bolton Wanderers v Barnsley02/12/2017    15:00    Brentford v Fulham02/12/2017    15:00    Bristol City v Middlesbrough02/12/2017    15:00    Cardiff City v Norwich City02/12/2017    15:00    Derby County v Burton Albion02/12/2017    15:00    Ipswich Town v Nottingham Forest02/12/2017    15:00    Leeds United v Aston Villa02/12/2017    15:00    Millwall v Sheffield United02/12/2017    15:00    Preston North End v Queens Park Rangers02/12/2017    15:00    Sheffield Wednesday v Hull City02/12/2017    15:00    Sunderland v Reading09/12/2017    15:00    Aston Villa v Millwall09/12/2017    15:00    Barnsley v Derby County09/12/2017    15:00    Burton Albion v Preston North End09/12/2017    15:00    Fulham v Birmingham City09/12/2017    15:00    Hull City v Brentford09/12/2017    15:00    Middlesbrough v Ipswich Town09/12/2017    15:00    Norwich City v Sheffield Wednesday09/12/2017    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Bolton Wanderers09/12/2017    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Leeds United09/12/2017    15:00    Reading v Cardiff City09/12/2017    15:00    Sheffield United v Bristol City09/12/2017    15:00    Wolverhampton v Sunderland16/12/2017    15:00    Birmingham City v Queens Park Rangers16/12/2017    15:00    Bolton Wanderers v Burton Albion16/12/2017    15:00    Brentford v Barnsley16/12/2017    15:00    Bristol City v Nottingham Forest16/12/2017    15:00    Cardiff City v Hull City16/12/2017    15:00    Derby County v Aston Villa16/12/2017    15:00    Ipswich Town v Reading16/12/2017    15:00    Leeds United v Norwich City16/12/2017    15:00    Millwall v Middlesbrough16/12/2017    15:00    Preston North End v Sheffield United16/12/2017    15:00    Sheffield Wednesday v Wolverhampton16/12/2017    15:00    Sunderland v Fulham23/12/2017    15:00    Aston Villa v Sheffield United23/12/2017    15:00    Bolton Wanderers v Cardiff City23/12/2017    15:00    Derby County v Millwall23/12/2017    15:00    Fulham v Barnsley23/12/2017    15:00    Leeds United v Hull City23/12/2017    15:00    Norwich City v Brentford23/12/2017    15:00    Preston North End v Nottingham Forest23/12/2017    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Bristol City23/12/2017    15:00    Reading v Burton Albion23/12/2017    15:00    Sheffield Wednesday v Middlesbrough23/12/2017    15:00    Sunderland v Birmingham City23/12/2017    15:00    Wolverhampton v Ipswich Town26/12/2017    15:00    Barnsley v Preston North End26/12/2017    15:00    Birmingham City v Norwich City26/12/2017    15:00    Brentford v Aston Villa26/12/2017    15:00    Bristol City v Reading26/12/2017    15:00    Burton Albion v Leeds United26/12/2017    15:00    Cardiff City v Fulham26/12/2017    15:00    Hull City v Derby County26/12/2017    15:00    Ipswich Town v Queens Park Rangers26/12/2017    15:00    Middlesbrough v Bolton Wanderers26/12/2017    15:00    Millwall v Wolverhampton26/12/2017    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Sheffield Wednesday26/12/2017    15:00    Sheffield United v Sunderland30/12/2017    15:00    Barnsley v Reading30/12/2017    15:00    Birmingham City v Leeds United30/12/2017    15:00    Brentford v Sheffield Wednesday30/12/2017    15:00    Bristol City v Wolverhampton30/12/2017    15:00    Burton Albion v Norwich City30/12/2017    15:00    Cardiff City v Preston North End30/12/2017    15:00    Hull City v Fulham30/12/2017    15:00    Ipswich Town v Derby County30/12/2017    15:00    Middlesbrough v Aston Villa30/12/2017    15:00    Millwall v Queens Park Rangers30/12/2017    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Sunderland30/12/2017    15:00    Sheffield United v Bolton Wanderers01/01/2018    15:00    Aston Villa v Bristol City01/01/2018    15:00    Bolton Wanderers v Hull City01/01/2018    15:00    Derby County v Sheffield United01/01/2018    15:00    Fulham v Ipswich Town01/01/2018    15:00    Leeds United v Nottingham Forest01/01/2018    15:00    Norwich City v Millwall01/01/2018    15:00    Preston North End v Middlesbrough01/01/2018    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Cardiff City01/01/2018    15:00    Reading v Birmingham City01/01/2018    15:00    Sheffield Wednesday v Burton Albion01/01/2018    15:00    Sunderland v Barnsley01/01/2018    15:00    Wolverhampton v Brentford13/01/2018    15:00    Barnsley v Wolverhampton13/01/2018    15:00    Birmingham City v Derby County13/01/2018    15:00    Brentford v Bolton Wanderers13/01/2018    15:00    Bristol City v Norwich City13/01/2018    15:00    Burton Albion v Queens Park Rangers13/01/2018    15:00    Cardiff City v Sunderland13/01/2018    15:00    Hull City v Reading13/01/2018    15:00    Ipswich Town v Leeds United13/01/2018    15:00    Middlesbrough v Fulham13/01/2018    15:00    Millwall v Preston North End13/01/2018    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Aston Villa13/01/2018    15:00    Sheffield United v Sheffield Wednesday20/01/2018    15:00    Aston Villa v Barnsley20/01/2018    15:00    Bolton Wanderers v Ipswich Town20/01/2018    15:00    Derby County v Bristol City20/01/2018    15:00    Fulham v Burton Albion20/01/2018    15:00    Leeds United v Millwall20/01/2018    15:00    Norwich City v Sheffield United20/01/2018    15:00    Preston North End v Birmingham City20/01/2018    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Middlesbrough20/01/2018    15:00    Reading v Brentford20/01/2018    15:00    Sheffield Wednesday v Cardiff City20/01/2018    15:00    Sunderland v Hull City20/01/2018    15:00    Wolverhampton v Nottingham Forest27/01/2018    15:00    Barnsley v Fulham27/01/2018    15:00    Birmingham City v Sunderland27/01/2018    15:00    Brentford v Norwich City27/01/2018    15:00    Bristol City v Queens Park Rangers27/01/2018    15:00    Burton Albion v Reading27/01/2018    15:00    Cardiff City v Bolton Wanderers27/01/2018    15:00    Hull City v Leeds United27/01/2018    15:00    Ipswich Town v Wolverhampton27/01/2018    15:00    Middlesbrough v Sheffield Wednesday27/01/2018    15:00    Millwall v Derby County27/01/2018    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Preston North End27/01/2018    15:00    Sheffield United v Aston Villa03/02/2018    15:00    Aston Villa v Burton Albion03/02/2018    15:00    Bolton Wanderers v Bristol City03/02/2018    15:00    Derby County v Brentford03/02/2018    15:00    Fulham v Nottingham Forest03/02/2018    15:00    Leeds United v Cardiff City03/02/2018    15:00    Norwich City v Middlesbrough03/02/2018    15:00    Preston North End v Hull City03/02/2018    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Barnsley03/02/2018    15:00    Reading v Millwall03/02/2018    15:00    Sheffield Wednesday v Birmingham City03/02/2018    15:00    Sunderland v Ipswich Town03/02/2018    15:00    Wolverhampton v Sheffield United10/02/2018    15:00    Aston Villa v Birmingham City10/02/2018    15:00    Barnsley v Sheffield Wednesday10/02/2018    15:00    Bolton Wanderers v Fulham10/02/2018    15:00    Brentford v Preston North End10/02/2018    15:00    Bristol City v Sunderland10/02/2018    15:00    Derby County v Norwich City10/02/2018    15:00    Ipswich Town v Burton Albion10/02/2018    15:00    Middlesbrough v Reading10/02/2018    15:00    Millwall v Cardiff City10/02/2018    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Hull City10/02/2018    15:00    Sheffield United v Leeds United10/02/2018    15:00    Wolverhampton v Queens Park Rangers17/02/2018    15:00    Birmingham City v Millwall17/02/2018    15:00    Burton Albion v Nottingham Forest17/02/2018    15:00    Cardiff City v Middlesbrough17/02/2018    15:00    Fulham v Aston Villa17/02/2018    15:00    Hull City v Barnsley17/02/2018    15:00    Leeds United v Bristol City17/02/2018    15:00    Norwich City v Ipswich Town17/02/2018    15:00    Preston North End v Wolverhampton17/02/2018    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Bolton Wanderers17/02/2018    15:00    Reading v Sheffield United17/02/2018    15:00    Sheffield Wednesday v Derby County17/02/2018    15:00    Sunderland v Brentford20/02/2018    19:45    Aston Villa v Preston North End20/02/2018    19:45    Barnsley v Burton Albion20/02/2018    20:00    Bolton Wanderers v Sunderland20/02/2018    19:45    Brentford v Birmingham City20/02/2018    19:45    Bristol City v Fulham20/02/2018    19:45    Derby County v Leeds United20/02/2018    19:45    Ipswich Town v Cardiff City20/02/2018    19:45    Middlesbrough v Hull City20/02/2018    19:45    Millwall v Sheffield Wednesday20/02/2018    19:45    Nottingham Forest v Reading20/02/2018    19:45    Sheffield United v Queens Park Rangers20/02/2018    19:45    Wolverhampton v Norwich City24/02/2018    15:00    Birmingham City v Barnsley24/02/2018    15:00    Burton Albion v Millwall24/02/2018    15:00    Cardiff City v Bristol City24/02/2018    15:00    Fulham v Wolverhampton24/02/2018    15:00    Hull City v Sheffield United24/02/2018    15:00    Leeds United v Brentford24/02/2018    15:00    Norwich City v Bolton Wanderers24/02/2018    15:00    Preston North End v Ipswich Town24/02/2018    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Nottingham Forest24/02/2018    15:00    Reading v Derby County24/02/2018    15:00    Sheffield Wednesday v Aston Villa24/02/2018    15:00    Sunderland v Middlesbrough03/03/2018    15:00    Aston Villa v Queens Park Rangers03/03/2018    15:00    Barnsley v Norwich City03/03/2018    15:00    Bolton Wanderers v Preston North End03/03/2018    15:00    Brentford v Cardiff City03/03/2018    15:00    Bristol City v Sheffield Wednesday03/03/2018    15:00    Derby County v Fulham03/03/2018    15:00    Ipswich Town v Hull City03/03/2018    15:00    Middlesbrough v Leeds United03/03/2018    15:00    Millwall v Sunderland03/03/2018    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Birmingham City03/03/2018    15:00    Sheffield United v Burton Albion03/03/2018    15:00    Wolverhampton v Reading06/03/2018    19:45    Birmingham City v Middlesbrough06/03/2018    19:45    Burton Albion v Brentford06/03/2018    19:45    Cardiff City v Barnsley06/03/2018    19:45    Fulham v Sheffield United06/03/2018    19:45    Hull City v Millwall06/03/2018    19:45    Leeds United v Wolverhampton06/03/2018    19:45    Norwich City v Nottingham Forest06/03/2018    19:45    Preston North End v Bristol City06/03/2018    19:45    Queens Park Rangers v Derby County06/03/2018    20:00    Reading v Bolton Wanderers06/03/2018    19:45    Sheffield Wednesday v Ipswich Town06/03/2018    19:45    Sunderland v Aston Villa10/03/2018    15:00    Aston Villa v Wolverhampton10/03/2018    15:00    Burton Albion v Bristol City10/03/2018    15:00    Cardiff City v Birmingham City10/03/2018    15:00    Hull City v Norwich City10/03/2018    15:00    Ipswich Town v Sheffield United10/03/2018    15:00    Middlesbrough v Barnsley10/03/2018    15:00    Millwall v Brentford10/03/2018    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Derby County10/03/2018    15:00    Preston North End v Fulham10/03/2018    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Sunderland10/03/2018    15:00    Reading v Leeds United10/03/2018    15:00    Sheffield Wednesday v Bolton Wanderers17/03/2018    15:00    Barnsley v Millwall17/03/2018    15:00    Birmingham City v Hull City17/03/2018    15:00    Bolton Wanderers v Aston Villa17/03/2018    15:00    Brentford v Middlesbrough17/03/2018    15:00    Bristol City v Ipswich Town17/03/2018    15:00    Derby County v Cardiff City17/03/2018    15:00    Fulham v Queens Park Rangers17/03/2018    15:00    Leeds United v Sheffield Wednesday17/03/2018    15:00    Norwich City v Reading17/03/2018    15:00    Sheffield United v Nottingham Forest17/03/2018    15:00    Sunderland v Preston North End17/03/2018    15:00    Wolverhampton v Burton Albion31/03/2018    15:00    Barnsley v Bristol City31/03/2018    15:00    Birmingham City v Ipswich Town31/03/2018    15:00    Brentford v Sheffield United31/03/2018    15:00    Cardiff City v Burton Albion31/03/2018    15:00    Derby County v Sunderland31/03/2018    15:00    Hull City v Aston Villa31/03/2018    15:00    Leeds United v Bolton Wanderers31/03/2018    15:00    Middlesbrough v Wolverhampton31/03/2018    15:00    Millwall v Nottingham Forest31/03/2018    15:00    Norwich City v Fulham31/03/2018    15:00    Reading v Queens Park Rangers31/03/2018    15:00    Sheffield Wednesday v Preston North End02/04/2018    15:00    Aston Villa v Reading02/04/2018    15:00    Bolton Wanderers v Birmingham City02/04/2018    15:00    Bristol City v Brentford02/04/2018    15:00    Burton Albion v Middlesbrough02/04/2018    15:00    Fulham v Leeds United02/04/2018    15:00    Ipswich Town v Millwall02/04/2018    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Barnsley02/04/2018    15:00    Preston North End v Derby County02/04/2018    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Norwich City02/04/2018    15:00    Sheffield United v Cardiff City02/04/2018    15:00    Sunderland v Sheffield Wednesday02/04/2018    15:00    Wolverhampton v Hull City07/04/2018    15:00    Barnsley v Sheffield United07/04/2018    15:00    Birmingham City v Burton Albion07/04/2018    15:00    Brentford v Ipswich Town07/04/2018    15:00    Cardiff City v Wolverhampton07/04/2018    15:00    Derby County v Bolton Wanderers07/04/2018    15:00    Hull City v Queens Park Rangers07/04/2018    15:00    Leeds United v Sunderland07/04/2018    15:00    Middlesbrough v Nottingham Forest07/04/2018    15:00    Millwall v Bristol City07/04/2018    15:00    Norwich City v Aston Villa07/04/2018    15:00    Reading v Preston North End07/04/2018    15:00    Sheffield Wednesday v Fulham10/04/2018    19:45    Aston Villa v Cardiff City10/04/2018    20:00    Bolton Wanderers v Millwall10/04/2018    19:45    Bristol City v Birmingham City10/04/2018    19:45    Burton Albion v Hull City10/04/2018    19:45    Fulham v Reading10/04/2018    19:45    Ipswich Town v Barnsley10/04/2018    19:45    Nottingham Forest v Brentford10/04/2018    19:45    Preston North End v Leeds United10/04/2018    19:45    Queens Park Rangers v Sheffield Wednesday10/04/2018    19:45    Sheffield United v Middlesbrough10/04/2018    19:45    Sunderland v Norwich City10/04/2018    19:45    Wolverhampton v Derby County14/04/2018    15:00    Aston Villa v Leeds United14/04/2018    15:00    Barnsley v Bolton Wanderers14/04/2018    15:00    Burton Albion v Derby County14/04/2018    15:00    Fulham v Brentford14/04/2018    15:00    Hull City v Sheffield Wednesday14/04/2018    15:00    Middlesbrough v Bristol City14/04/2018    15:00    Norwich City v Cardiff City14/04/2018    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Ipswich Town14/04/2018    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Preston North End14/04/2018    15:00    Reading v Sunderland14/04/2018    15:00    Sheffield United v Millwall14/04/2018    15:00    Wolverhampton v Birmingham City21/04/2018    15:00    Birmingham City v Sheffield United21/04/2018    15:00    Bolton Wanderers v Wolverhampton21/04/2018    15:00    Brentford v Queens Park Rangers21/04/2018    15:00    Bristol City v Hull City21/04/2018    15:00    Cardiff City v Nottingham Forest21/04/2018    15:00    Derby County v Middlesbrough21/04/2018    15:00    Ipswich Town v Aston Villa21/04/2018    15:00    Leeds United v Barnsley21/04/2018    15:00    Millwall v Fulham21/04/2018    15:00    Preston North End v Norwich City21/04/2018    15:00    Sheffield Wednesday v Reading21/04/2018    15:00    Sunderland v Burton Albion28/04/2018    15:00    Aston Villa v Derby County28/04/2018    15:00    Barnsley v Brentford28/04/2018    15:00    Burton Albion v Bolton Wanderers28/04/2018    15:00    Fulham v Sunderland28/04/2018    15:00    Hull City v Cardiff City28/04/2018    15:00    Middlesbrough v Millwall28/04/2018    15:00    Norwich City v Leeds United28/04/2018    15:00    Nottingham Forest v Bristol City28/04/2018    15:00    Queens Park Rangers v Birmingham City28/04/2018    15:00    Reading v Ipswich Town28/04/2018    15:00    Sheffield United v Preston North End28/04/2018    15:00    Wolverhampton v Sheffield Wednesday06/05/2018    12:30    Birmingham City v Fulham06/05/2018    12:30    Bolton Wanderers v Nottingham Forest06/05/2018    12:30    Brentford v Hull City06/05/2018    12:30    Bristol City v Sheffield United06/05/2018    12:30    Cardiff City v Reading06/05/2018    12:30    Derby County v Barnsley06/05/2018    12:30    Ipswich Town v Middlesbrough06/05/2018    12:30    Leeds United v Queens Park Rangers06/05/2018    12:30    Millwall v Aston Villa06/05/2018    12:30    Preston North End v Burton Albion06/05/2018    12:30    Sheffield Wednesday v Norwich City06/05/2018    12:30    Sunderland v Wolverhamptonlast_img read more