Diablo III artwork and animated short released

first_imgBlizzard’s servers are now feeling the full force of millions of hungry fans playing Diablo III. As the third installment in the Diablo franchise, Blizzard has a lot of expectations to meet. From what we’ve seen of the Beta, Diablo III is a really great PC game, but there are still so many aspects of the game that we have yet to experience. So, if you are still waiting for your download to complete or have decided to take a break from playing, here’s some artwork from the Diablo III team.For those who have played the Beta, or took part in the open Beta weekend, some of this art may seem familiar. You can see a couple of the characters you can choose from in the game like the Barbarian, as well as Leah, your first companion and adopted child of the seemingly immortal Decard Cain. Through these shots you really get a feel for the kind of attention to detail that went into creating these characters, and the art direction that Blizzard used to design in game graphics.On top of the great new artwork, the Blizzard community website released an animated short. The video is a story being told be Decard Cain of the Archangels versus the Demons long before the creation of Sanctuary, which is where Diablo III takes place. There’s no shortage of creative art and backstory surrounding Diablo III, and with any luck that much attention to detail means that the gameplay itself received even more attention.See you on the battlefield!Barb_HVY_armor_WIP_03Barb_HVY_armor_WIP_03belialtempcolor1cathedral1_finalcathedral3_finalFestering Wood01_wipKehjistan_final copyLeah_Sketch_v19PRISON1 copytowersmalldetail2last_img read more