Resident Evil 6 has zombies using weapons new control system

first_imgCapcom officially announced the existence of Resident Evil 6 last month, with the game heading to Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on November 20 this year. That’s a long time to wait, but also a great opportunity for Capcom to drip feed us new information about the game every month.We already knew that RE6 is set 10 years after the Raccoon City incident, and that it will see Leon and Chris team up for the first time. New characters were also promised, but not detailed at the launch announcement. However, today Capcom has revealed more about the game.We can now confirm that the main setting of the game will be a fictitious town called Lanshiang in China, with the action taking place in the year 2013. Alongside the main, known characters of Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield, the game includes, Helena Harper (secret service agent and president’s bodyguard), Ingrid Hunnigan (Field Operations Support for Leon), and the US president Adam Benford. But there’s also a mystery character who has yet to get a name. All we know is he’s a mercenary who likes to be paid for his work and that he’s been told, “he is the man to save the world.”While knowing who the characters are is welcomed, it’s the gameplay we’re most interested in, and Capcom looks to be taking things up a notch. As you’d expect, this is a game full of zombies, but in RE6 they will have three new abilities: running, jumping and weapon use. That’s right, no longer will the zombies slowly lumber towards you or do a quick shuffle, they’ll leap in a surprise attack or sprint after you. Weapon use hasn’t been fully explained, but based on the trailer above, it does include the ability to fire gune. However, RE6 is going to have zombies swinging baseball bats and other such close-quarters weaponry too.In terms of intelligent enemies, Capcom is serving up demons known as J’avo. They are creatures described as highly aggressive, capable of working in teams, and that can understand human speech. In other words, you’re going to die regularly when fighting them.Depending on your experience of previous games, you may be glad or concerned to hear Capcom is changing the control system. It is being classed as an evolution, and introduces the ability to shoot while moving as well as being able to slide and roll in any direction to cover points. Capcom is also promising “an enhanced melee attack.”Weapon-wielding zombies, a super aggressive demon enemy, and what sounds like a more fluid control system all look to be positive additions to the series. Now we just have to wait 9 months to get our hands on the game.last_img read more