Did MySpace Friend Facebook

first_imgThe Hatfield and the McCoys. Coke and Pepsi. Maggie Simpsonand that baby with one eyebrow. Some rivalries are just timeless. It seemsthat, no matter what happens, they’ll never be resolved. I’d have put Facebookand MySpace on that list, as well–until today, that is.It seems like the two sites that have been so long at eachother’s throats in the race for social networking dominance may finally beresolving their differences–well, some of them, at least…Word has it that the two sites are teaming up for a jointannouncement later today (at 12:00 PM PT).Facebook and MySpace sent out e-mails last night to members of the techcommunity announcing the event involving MySpace CEO Mike Jones and Dan Rose, Facebook’sVP of partnerships and platform marketing.No word on the specifics, but rumor has it that thepartnership involves the implementation of Facebook Connect on MySpace, in anattempt for the once-dominant social network to recapture some users.MySpace has been struggling in recent years to compete withFacebook, having launched a much-needed site redesign late last month.[Top: The newly redesigned MySpace.]last_img read more