Meet the Twitter sensation combining football and music to raise money for charity

first_imgWhaaaaaaaat??????? Sony have been in touch saying Daft Punk would like a print of their Bands F.C. design.Life. Made.— Bands FC (@_Bands_FC) July 17, 2018Obviously, as Bands FC became more and more famous on Twitter, they found themselves being asked again and again as to whether they plan to create merchandise featuring their designs.While there are no huge plans moving forward right now, with Fraser and his team ‘just having loads of fun’, there are a few projects in the works.One confirmed project will sees Bands FC produce enamel badges of their Frightened Rabbit/Hearts crossover, with all the money going towards a charity in the memory of Scott Hutchison, the band’s singer who was found dead earlier this year after battling mental illness. Bands F.C.How it works Bands as football teamsFootball teams as bands— Bands FC (@_Bands_FC) July 7, 2018It started as nothing more than a conversation with Tim Burgess, The Charlatans singer, and Mark Liptrott after a gig in May, but now Nick Fraser has a Twitter account that’s already passed the 15,000-follower mark – a total that’s increasing at a rate of knots.The idea is simple: combine football team badges with band logos. Or, in the words of Bands FC: ‘Bands as football teams/Football teams as bands’.Sometimes there is logic to the designs – Manchester City’s badge has been mixed with famed City fans Oasis – while on occasions it is because the designs just fit – replacing one DCFC (Derby County) with another (Death Cab for Cutie). Bands F.C. The @libertines— Bands FC (@_Bands_FC) July 4, 2018 3 3 For nearly a century, football and music have been intertwined with a bond almost unbreakable.From ‘Abide With Me’ being first sung at the 1927 FA Cup final and Liverpool fans chanting ‘She Loves You’ on the Kop in 1964, to the inescapable return of the brilliant ‘Three Lions’ this summer, music elevates football from just another sport to a cultural centrepiece.This link between music and football means both take cues from one another, and the connection has been made almost unmistakeable thanks to a small group of lovers of both, who have called themselves Bands FC. Bands F.C. [email protected]— Bands FC (@_Bands_FC) July 19, 2018 Camera Obscura lost keyboard player Carey Lander (left) to osteosarcoma in 2015 “It was the guys from The Twilight Sad who got in touch and they had spoken to Grant [Hutchison, Scott’s brother and Frightened Rabbit drummer]. He said Scott would have loved the idea so we made them a badge.“The response has been overwhelming.”Frightened Rabbit’s fellow Scottish indie titans, Camera Obscura, have also suffered through the death of a band member, with keyboard player and vocalist Carey Lander passing in 2015 due to osteosarcoma. “We’re making T-shirts and prints with Camera Obscura,” Fraser continued, “and donating all the money to Sarcoma UK, a charity close to their hearts as it was the illness to which Lander succumbed. Bands F.C.Duran [email protected]— Bands FC (@_Bands_FC) July 16, 2018 Bands F.C. A Flock of Seagulls— Bands FC (@_Bands_FC) July 17, 2018 Bands F.C. Orange Juice— Bands FC (@_Bands_FC) July 19, 2018 “We were laughing that with the World Cup approaching bands would have to make themselves more footbally [sic] in order to get a look in.“Within an hour we had three rough designs, a week later it was 50, and now it’s around 175.” Bands F.C. The Chemical [email protected] @eddychemical— Bands FC (@_Bands_FC) July 19, 2018 Lots of folks asking if they can buy prints and T shirts of the beautiful @Camera_Obscura_ @ThistleTweet Bands F.C. crest. We are working with the band to make this happen. All the money wil go to @Sarcoma_UK in memory of Carey Lander. More info soon— Bands FC (@_Bands_FC) July 10, 2018“We’ll also be doing enamel badges with The Charlatans and Public Service Broadcasting, with everything going to charities of their choice.“We have already agreed a Bands FC shirt sponsorship for a junior boys and a junior girls team, so we best make some wall charts to fund that.”Furthermore, an exhibition, which will be free to attend, has already been announced for November 25 at Salford Lads’ Club, while Fraser and co have also heeded the public view that their designs would look great as cards or in a Panini sticker album, and he admitted that is something being considered – but only with a digital approach.“We’re also looking into the crackers world of Crypto collectible cards – like a sci-fi version of a Panini sticker album.”It is an idea that seems so simple it’s amazing no one had come up with it before, but we have to thank Fraser and his team for getting Bands FC off the ground to not just please the public, but to use their position to help those in need as well.Check out some of’s favourite Bands FC designs below, but to see the entire collection make sure to follow @_Bands_FC on Twitter Bands F.C.St [email protected]— Bands FC (@_Bands_FC) July 2, 2018 We have been talking to the @FRabbits fam and we’ll be making a limited run of beautiful enamel badges that will be available soon. All the money will be donated to a charity, chosen by the band, in Scott’s memory.So much love for the band in all your tweets x x— Bands FC (@_Bands_FC) July 15, 2018This decision was widely praised on social media, and I asked Fraser how he and his team approached Frightened Rabbit to come up with the idea.He said: “Lots of people were asking for a design for them but we were aware of what they were going through. 3 Our very first Bands F.C. card was Echo & The @bunnymen. It’s been a crazy two weeks /100 cards since then— Bands FC (@_Bands_FC) July 14, 2018It has been a rapid rise to stardom for Fraser and co, and after their designs started to catch the eye, people wanted to get involved.“I send the designs to Mark [Liptrott], who brings them to life.“It’s a real team effort now – people loved them so much, they asked to join in.“Rich Bayley did exactly that; after a couple of great designs working together, he sent a version of the Daft Punk one. It was quite a moment when we all stood staring at that.“The Gorillaz one was done by Rob Warner, who designed Italy’s 2006 World Cup winning kit while he was at Umbro.“We all pitch in to get the final versions as amazing as possible. We also got to work with Stan Chow, a design hero of ours.”Bayley’s Daft Punk design caused quite a storm; Sony got in touch with Fraser and his team and asked for a print of the logo, which combines the French electronic duo’s famous helmets with Paris Saint-Germain’s iconic badge. Hello @dcfcofficial! 👋— Death Cab for Cutie (@dcfc) July 10, 2018Fraser, who along with Burgess and Liptrott came up with the idea, spoke to about how a thing such as Bands FC could come about.“We started work after a Charlatans gig in May” Fraser said. “It was a conversation with Tim and Mark who really helped get everything off the ground. Bands F.C. Sigur Rò[email protected]— Bands FC (@_Bands_FC) July 19, 2018 Molineux Tang Clan— Bands FC (@_Bands_FC) July 10, 2018 Bands F.C.Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young— Bands FC (@_Bands_FC) July 18, 2018 Tim Burgess (above) and Mark Liptrott helped Fraser come up with the idea Frightened Rabbit singer Scott Hutchison was found dead after going missing in May Bands F.C. The Smiths— Bands FC (@_Bands_FC) July 2, 2018Bands FC also have a Spotify playlist, which you can listen to herelast_img read more