A Better Life Basketball results for June 15 games

first_imgCeltics vs. OKCUnfortunately, Celtics had only four players so OKC wins by default. Warriors vs. BucksFinally, a breakout game for Kevin Walker of the Warriors, who scored 41 points (league high this season). He was so contagious that JP Ancreon and Ricky Hoffman played with great intensity on both ends. This team was working on all cylinders like a Porshe 911 on Route 66. The Bucks’ Chinwe Wosu had a great all around game, scoring 20 points, and getting 12 rebounds. Too bad they met a team that just hit every basket. To be a cohesive team by the playoffs, the Bucks will need to adjust defensively. The Warriors won, 82-58.Warriors: K. Walker – 41, JP Anacreon – 15, Ricky Hoffman – 13, K. King – 7, Doctor – 4, Mike L. – 2,Bucks: Chinwe Wosu – 20, Jevon Smooth – 16, K. Johnson – 8, Eris – 4, Trae – 5, Mo Stacks – 4, Leion N. – 1Cavs vs. SpursThis was the game of the night – Spurs had the lead most of the game. Jeff Fortune and Brian P. kept the 10 point lead protected with timely baskets. But the Cavs are never out; with this group you can never count them out. Jack Flynn and Zach Liu hit some key three point baskets and their defense tightened up on the last two minutes to steal the game. The Cavs won, 60-55.Cavs: Jack Flynn – 21, Zach Liu – 19, G. Bucoy – 9, Joe S. – 7, Ryean L. – 4Spurs: J Fortune – 15, B. Pipher – 14, JJ Hladik – 10, R. King – 6, Matt F. – 4, R. Gonzales – 3, Frank – 3 Remember, all teams will make the playoffs. The key is adjusting and knowing how to play well together.Standings: Cavs (5-1), OKC (5-1), Warriors (3-3), Bucks (2-3), Spurs (1-4), Celtics (1-5)last_img

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