In Zagreb, due to the development of tourism, the demand for real estate is higher than the supply

first_imgAccording to the data Classifieds average asking prices of Zagreb apartments in July recorded an increase in value compared to the same month in 2015 and 2016.The biggest annual change was recorded in Novi Zagreb, where the advertised July prices were 6,4 percent higher than in the same month last year, and for one square meter, according to, an average of 1349 euros was demanded.In the western part of Zagreb, apartment prices recorded the smallest changes, and in July they were 2,9 percent higher than in the same month last year. The average asking price of apartments there was 1513 euros per “square”. In the eastern part of the city, prices rose by 4 percent annually, averaging 1576 euros per square meter during July. In addition to the increase in apartment prices, a significant increase in demand was recorded in that part of Zagreb. Ivana Čikić, owner of the real estate agency Dom ekspert doo from Sesvete, said that the situation on the market there was extremely good and that sales had increased significantly: “New construction for sale, but also older real estate. Demand is quite high, so those properties that have been on the market for some time are also for sale. ”Points out Čikić and adds that in that part of the city the demand is currently higher than the supply, and there is a lack of exactly the kind of real estate that is currently most in demand, namely two-bedroom, three-bedroom and larger apartments with a good layout.The most sought after apartments in the city centerData from showed that in the center of Zagreb, the average advertised price of apartments was 1991 euros per “square meter”, which is 5,8 percent higher than in the same month last year, and 4,5 percent higher than in 2015. When it comes to demand, the center remained the part of the city in July where the offer of apartments for sale was most searched through the advertisement. It is not news that apartments in Zagreb are more in demand than in other cities, and in addition to housing, they have recently been bought to be converted into accommodation units for daily rent – for which there is great interest from foreign and domestic tourists.Passing through the center of Zagreb, it sometimes seems that the number of tourists and the number of accommodation units offered to them is growing at the same rate. Bruno Babić, head of the network “Apartments in the center of Zagreb” for says that the Zagreb market is already oversaturated in the offer: “In 2013, there were 250 units. Today there are 3000 of them and the number is growing rapidly. The center is attractive to visitors without a car, while the surrounding neighborhoods are interesting if they offer free parking. Apart from foreign tourists, there are local people eager for Zagreb Christmas, concerts, festivals, etc., there are also businessmen who are not a negligible share and a large part of Croatia and surrounding countries who come to Zagreb for health reasons, both aesthetic and much more important.. ”Babić concludedlast_img

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