New Area Football Coaches

first_imgYesterday I reported that Purdue has found their new football coach.  IU was forced to promote one of their assistants to the head position because their current head coach was relieved of his duties due to allegations that he mistreated football players.  Some injured football players reported that they were forced to lift weights before they were cleared by the doctors to resume any physical activity.  When their starting quarterback said he would quit football before playing for Coach Wilson, the University acted swiftly in relieving Wilson of his job.The University of Cincinnati is also looking for a new coach because Tommy Tubberville apparently lost control of the program some time last year.  Even though Tubberville had a winning record over his tenure, the inability to win this year cost him his job.  Like most college situations, he resigned before he was fired.It will be interesting to see how these 3 programs respond next year.  Stay tuned.last_img

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