Couple sues an IVF clinic after the clinic inserts wrong embryos

first_imgA couple from New York is suing an IVF clinic after they say the clinic accidentally mixed up their embryos with another couple’s embryos and attempted to conceal the mix up.The incident occurred at the CHA Fertility Clinic earlier this year.The couple who was only identified as Asian-Americans became concerned when in March, they gave birth to twin boys who were not of Asian decent.They then contacted the clinic which later confirmed the couple’s concerns about the twin boys and the couple was then forced to give up the children to their biological parents.In addition to that, the clinic reportedly told the couple that they do not know what happened to their embryos.The couple is now suing the co-owners of CHA Fertility Center, Dr. Joshua Berger and Simon Hong for fertility clinic of medical malpractice, negligence, and emotional distress among several other counts.A lawyer for the couple says that after their clients were unsuccessful with having a child on their own, they spent more than $100,000 on in vitro fertilization, had a successful pregnancy, and then had their dreams stripped from them due to the negligence of the clinic.While experts on IVF facilities say the incident suffered by this couple is not uncommon in IVF due to all of the moving parts, the lawyer for the couple says their clients are not only suing for”traumatic emotional injuries and financial losses” but to also make sure that other couples who opt for IVF do not have their experience.last_img

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