A midfielder battalion advances against the Oblak headdress

first_imgIt is the extreme uncertainty, the taste for the blow of effect, the eternal sleight of hand, what has football on the altars for a century and a half. Today the Super Cup, Madrid and Atlético are played, which a year ago would not have deserved to be here by regulationí and three months ago, sportingly either. Two intruders, who would say Valverde, who knows if venturing the one that was going to fall, disputing a title at 4,500 kilometers from Cibeles and Neptune. Today Atlético puts itself in the hands of Correa, now his most decisive footballer, in summer convertible into currencies. Today is a favorite Madrid that the neighbor put seven in July in New Jersey. Today Zidane is sanctified, which almost crushes a crisis of collective faith not so long ago. Today Benzema is missing and Madrid does not perceive it as a drama but as an opportunity to change records. The forecasts in this expire before the yogurts.It could be said that Madrid has moved to the territory of Atlético, for good and for bad. Now they share both the high cost of goal and defensive firmness, which in LaLiga places them in the head of impermeability (Oblak and Courtois are in superhero mode). But they reach the same summit from radically different routes. Atlético is here after surviving Barcelona with 27% possession and half of the shots on goal. With that economic football, the pizza of the metaphor of Simeone, Atlético has been hooked to everything in the last month: it still has four titles on fire. Madrid is in the final stretch of a conversion. The march of Cristiano felt like an amputation, but he is very close to normal life without him. Even without Benzema, his great offensive asset. All thanks to a radical change of format. Back offers an unknown strength. He has only conceded a goal in the last four games. And his midfielders, very shy on arrival, are now sharp: Modric has five goals, his biggest record since he arrived; and Kroos, with four, is close. Casemiro, top LaLiga recuperator and leader in defensive disputes won, has lowered the center of gravity of the team.Author derby on the benchesWith five midfielders of all conditions crushed Valencia and today you can repeat, who knows if with another tip, given Jovic’s lack of heartbeat.In Atlético, Correa has risen to essential, with three goals and three assists in the last four games, while the fear spreads over Oblak, who only completed a part of yesterday’s training, played even after Thursday’s clash with Luis Suarez. If it is missing today, Atlético loses the miracle factor. Joao Felix could return to the band, as in the afternoon of 7-3, with Correa de punta punta.Zidane has won the final eight he has played as a coach, but Simeone has already taken a Cup, a national Super Cup and a European Cup from Madrid. Of course, none to French. Madrid, by brand awareness, will have the public on its side. Barça did not help.last_img

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