GECOM’s reckless use of taxpayers’ money

first_imgDear Editor,GECOM has recently announced that it plans to halt the House-to-House (H-t-H) registration, effective August 31, 2019, and then merge the data collected from this exercise with an existing database.In other words, GECOM is telling us that it will move ahead with the next phase of the H-t-H Registration process which is data processing. Editor, data processing takes a lot of time.And this means that GECOM will continue to ignore the constitutional requirements triggered by the No-Confidence Motion (NCM) and that the elections will be further pushed way past 2020. This is unreasonable and unacceptable in a democracy.Also, the data collected under the current H-t-H exercise is obviously compromised, contaminated and biased because they have not been collected under the right conditions. Editor, Guyanese can clearly remember how GECOM recklessly omitted the PPP/C scrutineers from the H-t-H Registration exercise and how this exercise was given the green light from the unconstitutionally and unilaterally appointed GECOM Chairman, Mr Patterson. Mr James Patterson should have never been given a chance to function at GECOM, much less to be the one to activate the H-t-H Registration exercise. Editor, remember this man came to GECOM via a corrupt appointment by Mr Granger. These issues are fundamental considerations in avoiding an uncontaminated and unbiased database. Editor, there is no way that this database can be used for fair elections. Only a fraudster or a mad man will use it. The database needs to be trashed and GECOM needs to be sued by our taxpayers for such recklessness.Sincerely,Annie Baliram (PhD)last_img

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