Fort Nelson looking to join NPHL for upcoming season

first_imgRyan Carter is the President for the Fort Nelson Yeti Senior Hockey Club. He says the organization has sent out details of the proposal to the member teams already, and the motion will be voted on at the league meeting.“We’ve sent out an information package to each team so that they know most of the information,” he says. “They’ll vote on it at that meeting, then we’ll know.”Carter recognizes that full membership in the league for the upcoming season may be difficult, but that isn’t deterring the group, as they have support from the Fort St. John Senior Flyers.- Advertisement -“We know we’re in a real uphill battle for this upcoming year. I’ve talked to a lot of the teams, and obviously playing off and on for the Fort St. John Flyers, I know that I have their support, and we really appreciate that up here,” he explains. “For the upcoming season, it could go either way. I know that there’s not a lot of support from the Eastern teams, being a smaller town, so we’re planning for both case scenarios at this point.”The team feels it has a strong proposal to present to the league. The proposal involves a number of points, including covering the travel costs for visiting teams for the first season as they travel to Fort Nelson.“Obviously our first plan is we’d like to be a part of the league. We’ve put together a really, really strong incentive for a one year trial,” Carter argues. “We think it seems really fair on paper, and there’s zero risk for the league. We’ve put in a package where we would cover the other teams travel costs in the first year, so they have zero financial risk.”Advertisement Aside from having a great facility for hockey, Carter says that fans have always come out to support hockey in Fort Nelson whenever there has been a team. “There was a senior team in Fort Nelson, it was very successful up here. When we did have here, the arena was packed every night for two years,” he states. “There’s a lot of hockey fans here. With my experience playing in the North Peace Hockey League, and the Chinook Hockey League, I just wanted to bring that to our town. We have a brand new arena here, and they’re putting on a 38 million dollar leisure pool attached to it. With an arena like that to host games, it’s a shame that there isn’t one here already. We’re looking at this long term to have some entertainment for our town.”If the team isn’t accepted as a member for the upcoming season, the organization is open to a number of alternatives, including a system similar to what the Fort St. John Flyers, where the team was not eligible for the post-season. The group also intends to join the league for the following season if the application for the current season is rejected.last_img

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