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first_img– Susan Cashman West Hills From the top down? Re “LAPD demotes a top cop” (May 8): I’m glad to see that both Mayor Villaraigosa and Chief Bratton are waiting to pass judgment on the May 1 incident. I guess the investigation is complete and we should have all the results by now since Bratton has already instituted disciplinary action by demoting officers and the mayor has already promised that “heads will roll.” Glad the investigation is over and we haven’t rushed to judgment. It’s too bad the mayor was out of town, rather than being on the front lines, where he and the police chief should have been. So much for the accountability starting at the top down. – Dave Swanson Granada Hills In spite of him Re “LAPD demotes a top cop” (May 8): The demotion of a no-nonsense police officer like Deputy Chief Lee Carter and the involuntary transfer of his equally capable aide, Cmdr. Louis Gray, confirm what I have always suspected about our carpetbagging “top cop” from the Big Apple. New York City was able to rise from an urban garbage dump to a world-class city not because of William Bratton, but rather in spite of him. – Tom McKenzie Chatsworth Protecting us Re “LAPD demotes a top cop” (May 8): Since our police officers are consistently being criticized by the media, elected officials and special-interest groups, perhaps we should consider disbanding the Los Angeles Police Department and appointing the “undocumented” immigrants and gangbangers to protect us. – Audrey Robb Valley Village Lockout doesn’t pay Re “Grocery strike closer?” (Business, May 9): The three major grocery chains might not be making as much money now because people like me never forgave them for locking out their employees four years ago. I have never visited any of their stores since. There are plenty of alternatives. If they can’t treat their employees right, we don’t have to spend our money there. – Karen Jackson Valley Village One’s own death Re “Pols’ suicide rhetoric is an indignity” (Viewpoint, May 6): Chris Weinkopf’s column is typical from those who are uninformed about the proposed aid-in-dying law, and it is simply silly to try to draw a comparison between the voluntary choice of a rational, competent, dying adult human and a requirement that pet owners spay or neuter their animals. While I can respect his belief that it is nobler to fight one’s illness to the end, no matter how intolerably one suffers, his is not the only choice. And that is what the proposed law is about: the right to make personal decisions about control over one’s own death. – Roy T. Kobayashi Fullerton Not another dime Re “Taxpayers face $48 billion in extra expenses” (May 8): Let’s see: $9 billion for the county, $10 billion for the Los Angeles Unified School District, $48 billion for the state, and we haven’t heard from the city. A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon we’re talking about serious money. It never ceases to amaze me. Whenever government officials talk, they say, “This project will cost X billion, and the other project will cost Y billion.” They throw these numbers around as if they were talking about $1 bills. Where do all of these billions come from? Hang on to your wallets, Californians. I ain’t paying another dime more than I’m paying today. Keep the telephone number of the moving company handy. – Bill Merriman Tujunga Cheney in Iraq Why do Vice President Cheney and President Bush continue to slip in and out of Iraq unannounced, denying the Iraqi people the opportunity to throw flowers at their feet? Wasn’t it Cheney who said they would be greeted as liberators? Maybe he should walk the streets with troops to prove the insurgency is on its last legs. – Boris Menart Sunland Crime against Paris Re “Jail time likely to boost Paris’ star power even more” (May 8): Paris, you are making a very bad error in judgment if you are looking for a pardon from the governor. Here is what you should do: Since you and your parents believe your last name entitles you to do whatever, whenever, I would bypass the governor and, for that matter, the U.S. Supreme Court. I suggest you hire 20 or 30 more lawyers and petition the World Court. After all, the World Court handles crimes against humanity, which I am sure is what you consider your jail sentence to be. If your traffic convictions don’t rank up there with 2 million to 3 million lives lost to slaughter, I don’t know what does. Nothing would please me more than to see you screw up before June 5 and have that sentence increased to at least one year. – George Timko West Hills Fonda not a traitor Re “No more Fonda” (Your Opinions, May 8): Jane Fonda a traitor? A tiny minority thinks that. A slightly larger group regards her as a courageous patriot who dared to stand up to the true traitors: the people who murdered President Kennedy and those people’s beneficiaries, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. Jane Fonda was not aware that her photographs would be used to demoralize our prisoners of war, and she has publicly apologized for that. The Vietnamese more than earned their freedom by driving out the Japanese occupiers during World War II. The French tried to re-enslave them and failed. Our creation and furtherance of the Vietnamese civil war served to keep our baby-boom generation out of the labor market and to enrich the fat cats who manufactured our bombs. – William West Reseda Missed opportunity Re “Griffith Park in flames” (May 8): Wow. It sure was a good thing Christine Aguilar and her fellow brutalized “victims” from the MacArthur Park show were not at Griffith Park when police requested that everyone evacuate from the fire. No doubt they would have fought being asked to leave and would then have had to file another lawsuit. – Jeanne Torok Burbank160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Re “More DWP contract bungling” (May 9) and “LAPD demotes a top cop” (May 8): Mayor Villaraigosa states that “true leadership shows itself in tough times.” When can the people of Los Angeles expect the mayor to show true leadership? The Department of Water and Power continues to waste money on projects, and the director continues to ask for more money to run his department. Other departments that deal with potholes, tree trimming and additional services continue to cut back these services but ask for higher salaries. Someone in the Mayor’s Office might want to tell him that people in the middle and lower classes are dealing with tough times. Is there a possibility that the mayor can start doing his job in Los Angeles – before he runs for governor? – Jeff Trovatten Encino What they deserved Re “Accountability matters” (Our Opinions, May 9): Another scathing editorial against our police officers’ actions on the “immigrants’ rights” parade. You titled this “Accountability matters.” Yes it does. And it goes to the first person who threw that rock or bottle at the police. People were told to move and leave. Instead, the mob started trouble. Those people got exactly what they deserved. For you to praise Chief Bratton is disgusting. He is only another politician trying to cover himself. You rush to judge before all the facts are in. last_img

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