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praying that another earthquake does not strike.about a year ago.Hinduise all politics and militarise Hindudom?it says Compiled by Manoj CG For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: March 29 2016 8:16 pm Pan Nalin’s “Angry Indian Goddesses” will have its premiere in Finland at the Helsinki Season Film Festival 2016 to be held from March 31 to April 4 Related News Pan Nalin’s “Angry Indian Goddesses” will have its premiere in Finland at the Helsinki Season Film Festival 2016 to be held from March 31 to April 4 Touted as India’s first ‘female buddy’ film featuring an ensemble cast of Sarah-Jane Dias Tannishtha Chatterjee Anushka Manchanda Sandhya Mridul Rajshri Deshpande and Adil Hussain among others the movie earned rave reviews in India post its release and has been lauded at international film festivals “We have received an amazing response from all territories of Europe wherever we have shown the film so far Its really exciting to have a prestigious festival like Helsinki Season Film Festival invite our film and we are eagerly looking forward to bringing ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’ to both the Finnish audience and media at the festival” Gaurav Dhingra the film’s producer said in a statement The movie will release in France Germany Spain and Portugal in June For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsTommy Haas’s body has been carved open by the surgeon’s knife and pockmarked by pain-killing injections over the course of a 20-year career but the 38-year-old German is still looking forward to putting himself through another punishing Grand Slam campaign Haas will return to the court for the first time since October 2015 as a wildcard at the Australian Open after a long rehabilitation following surgery for a torn ligament on his right foot Tommy Haas in action earlier this month AFP The ligament repair last April was his ninth major surgery having been under the knife for a litany of shoulder complaints and other problems with his elbows hips and ankles Haas’s previous comeback from surgery on a troubled right shoulder was in mid-2015 but it lasted only four months before he was sidelined with the foot injury Rather than feel his body might be telling him something the aborted comeback only reinforced Haas’s determination to bow out on what he called his "own terms" "I think it’s very important for any athlete it doesn’t matter what sport you are in or whatever it is you may do it’s important to find that right time or that moment for you when you feel it’s over to move on and do something else" he told reporters at Melbourne Park on Sunday "It’s very important just to be back on tour back here at the Australian Open it’s been a while since I’ve played here "I’m very excited about the chance to go out on the court one more time . I’ve had great memories here "As this year goes on . I’m just very excited to see what’s in store for me "And then (later) know exactly the right time to say goodbye" Twice named the ATP Tour’s ‘Comeback Player of the Year’ in 2004 and 2012 Haas is a three-times semi-finalist at Melbourne Park the last trip to the final four coming in 2007 He will kick off his latest return in tough conditions on Tuesday with a scorcher forecast for his first round match against 47th-ranked Frenchman Benoit Paire Named tournament director for Indian Wells last year Haas has a comfortable retirement waiting but said he still dreamed of going deep at a tournament one more time But as the oldest player in the men’s draw he could be forgiven the old cliche of taking it one match at a time at Melbourne Park "Now it’s really about playing point for point game for game" he said "I’m very stoked about the next opportunity" Every year the chess calendar begins with the super tournament in the small Dutch town of Wijk Aan Zee The tournament has a rich tradition and the inaugural event took place way back in 1938 It’s not without reason that they call it the Wimbledon of chess The field of the tournament is extremely strong with Magnus Carlsen participating in the last nine out of the ten editions Viswanathan Anand has won the Wijk Aan Zee tournament five times in the past but was not playing this year The 2017 event like the previous six years was sponsored by Tata Steel Two Indians made it to the Masters group — India number two Pentala Harikrishna and last year’s Tata Steel Challengers winner Baskaran Adhiban While Harikrishna performed decently it was Adhiban who not only won games but the hearts of spectators all over the world with his fearless and innovative play The biggest find of the tournament was B Adhiban Firstpost/Sagar Shah Adhiban started the tournament as the last seed Facing world class players like Carlsen Wesley So Sergey Karjakin Anish Giri etc his main task was to put up a respectable show No one expected him to finish at the top given his relative inexperience of playing at such high-level tournaments As expected he started off quite poorly with two draws and two losses When the first rest day came he was reeling at 10/4 But then something magical happened From the fifth round onward Adhiban went on to beat World Championship challenger Karjakin Polish number one Radoslaw Wojtaszek and Russian Dmitry Andreikin He played an inspired game against World Champion Carlsen and was very close to finishing him off The game finally ended in a draw The tournament ended with an effortless win against Richard Rapport and Adhiban finished third Starting as the last seed and finishing third behind So and Carlsen was an unbelievable achievement The 24-year-old from Chennai had announced his arrival Performing at a rating of 2812 and gaining 29 Elo points clearly shows that Adhiban has tremendous potential He is currently India number three behind Anand and Harikrishna and Firstpost got in touch with him to discuss his performance in the Tata Steel tournament How happy are you with your 75/13 performance When you started the event what were your expectations Yes I am very happy with my performance but at the same time a bit disappointed that I couldn’t convert the many advantages and chances I got I wanted to make a debut to be proud of and to make my mark against the elite I think I managed to fulfill both of these Adhiban’s father Baskaran with his second for the event GM Vishnu Prasanna Image courtesy: Tata Steel Chess You went to the Tata Steel Masters with your father and your second GM Vishnu Prasanna What were their roles at the event My dad had to make sure I wouldn’t fall sick (which happened last time) and Vishnu’s role was to make sure I wouldn’t lose in openings Judging by my performance I can say both of them performed their roles to perfection Also all three of us were in high spirits during the entire event which helped me to give my best You had many more seconds working for you in the background Is it possible to reveal who were the ones helping you Ah no this is a long-term game So I have to keep it a secret As of now I can tell three: My trainer Ubilava whose experience against facing the elite was instrumental and my Indian trainer/longtime coach Mr Visweswaran because of whom I was well versed in classical games and good knowledge in endgame theory We have been working from 2007 And bringing Vishnu along was a great decision He was easy going (in spite of a shaky start) and changing himself to whatever the situation demanded Adhiban’s support team at the Tata Steel 2017 (from Left to right): GM Vishnu Prasanna GM Elizbar Ubilava and FM K Visweswaran (Ubilava’s photo by David Llada Vishnu’s photo by Sophie Triay) You come to a tournament — your first super tournament with a clean slate You would like to have a perfect event maybe stay unbeaten And then right in the second round you lose the game How did you react to this loss Accidents are inevitable either you become strong enough to avoid them altogether (like Wesley So) or find the courage to get back on your feet no matter how many times you fall Round two was a blow but I lost because I ruthlessly played for a draw in a position where I was superior I realized that with such an attitude I deserved to lose the game and mentally changed myself after the fourth round During the opening ceremony I was asked “How do you plan to fight against such monsters” I replied “I guess I have to become a monster myself” I decided to show everyone that I wasn’t kidding when I said that The rest as they say was history In the second round Adhiban and Harikrishna faced off against each other It was Hari who emerged victorious after a complicated queenless middlegame Image courtesy: Tata Steel Chess After two draws and two losses in four rounds there was a free day What did you do on that day You were not to be seen on the football field with Magnus and others I just made a mental list of my mistakes from the first four games and swore to myself that I won’t let those happen again I mainly focused on what was coming next Also I had the huge task of trying to find an interesting line against the World Championship Challenger Sergey Karjakin So the rest day passed very fast I have never been a big fan of football due to its aggressive nature I like to save my aggression for the chess board You played the French Defence against Karjakin This was the first time that you had decided to play it against anyone How did you decide on this opening I was totally running out of opening ideas and it was already around 630 PM (Yes rest day does pass very fast compared to other days) Suddenly I got this idea to play the French Defence from one of my friends and he also convinced me of its worth I am eternally grateful to him since he just changed my tournament from a disaster into a cool debut The game which changed Adhiban’s entire tournament – his win against the World Championship Challenger Sergey Karjakin Image courtesy: Tata Steel Chess Continuing with your opening experiments you played the King’s Gambit against Wesley So Wasn’t that a dangerous choice especially because it is so rarely played at the top level and no one had played it against Wesley The story behind my choosing the King’s Gambit is very funny I have a friend from Sri Lanka on Facebook His name is Dineth One fine day he asked me about the King’s Gambit I didn’t want to reply to him without checking any games in the opening So I found out some interesting games and asked him to see those in order to prepare that opening When I was up against Wesley my trainer suggested that I play the King’s Gambit I immediately knew in my heart that it was the right decision and that it was going to be an epic game Dineth probably couldn’t probably believe his own eyes when I played his favourite opening The game against Radoslaw Wojtaszek looked really complex and topsy-turvy How would you describe it I was so inspired during that game that I was more or less on auto-pilot I was playing well till a point and once he slipped I got a decisive advantage but it was my turn to go wrong before the time control After it I had the unenviable task of defending a worse position with a pawn down but I kept believing that I could somehow turn this around again and couldn’t believe it when he played Ra1 allowing me the manouevre Qa7-e3 after which I was more or less out of danger Even after that he had many chances to draw but I guess it was my lucky day And then the big duel Against the World Champion Carlsen How did you decide to play the Scandinavian Who was the motivation and once again how did you prepare for the game Once again it was my trainer’s idea Most of the heavy work load fell on my friend Vishnu of course but he managed to find the courage to keep checking it I had been waiting for a long time to play with him hence everything else didn’t matter I just wanted to face him with my strongest self Adhiban drew his game against the boss of the chess world Magnus Carlsen Image courtesy: Tata Steel Chess A draw against the World Champion is a wonderful result but you had missed a win How sad did you feel when you realized that I did see the winning idea but I assumed it was only good enough for a draw and I was trying for more I was sad for roughly about one minute but then I realized it was at only one moment sometimes that is all you get against these players I just told myself next time I won’t miss such a chance Anish in one of the video interviews said that if there was one player he had to choose whose games he did not understand it had to be Adhiban Is your opinion the same about Anish as well Or do you understand his playing style well Funnily enough my respect for him hugely increased in the first four rounds when I was really struggling against these top players To be unbeatable against these elite players tournament after tournament is no joke I applaud him for that Once he figures out a way to control his style he could become a superior version of the great Tigran Petrosian Two good friends: Anish Giri and B Adhiban (Image courtesy: Alina L’Ami) Last round against Rapport seemed like a very easy win for you Was it like your opponent was burnt out and tired Yes now it does seem like that but during the game I was very focused because Rapport is definitely a huge talent and never to be underestimated in any circumstance I think it was more based on form if he had been on good form he would have been much more dangerous As for my physical fitness I was doing floor exercises before the rounds and used to take walks on the beach To put in a nutshell : “I just take walks and beat monsters” What does this third place performance mean to you Do you think you are up there with the best It means a lot to me since I have to prove myself and that I can hold my own against this type of field From a qualifier in the “C” group I have now become a Master Yes I do feel like I am ready but of course I still have to keep getting stronger (never forget about that) It would be great If I could get more invitations 2750 is the next barrier I need to aim for I need to be patient and use every opportunity I get What is your opinion about Wesley How does he win such strong events with such ease I have known him since childhood and he always had this computer-like precision in calculation or positional play it is amazing how strong he has become I guess he is able to win such strong events because he can maintain his top form in every tournament he wins What are your next tournaments And what’s your aim for the year 2017 I have got Aeroflot and then later on Asian Continental where I get a chance at qualifying for the World Cup and then World teams and the journey continues… Adhiban thanks a lot for your time and effort We wish you the best for the Aeroflot Open 2017 Anytime I would also like to take this opportunity to Thank ChessBase and ChessBase India for their support and encouragement and Firstpost for covering the chess scene in India so intensively Also special thanks to my trainers Ubilava Visweswaran my friend Vishnu I am also grateful to All Indian Chess Federation (AICF) for always supporting me in my chess journey There are many more in the list I wish to thank one day My parents who have been my pillars of support helping me become what I am today and wanting me to be sportsperson even before I was born Lastly for choosing chess over football Sagar Shah is an International Master and co-founder of ChessBase India She was 55.

blaming Ahmad’s poor singing as the reason for the goddess to ‘abandon’ him, ? pocket stating that he was fed up with his life, investigating officer, according to the Census Bureau. Prajapati was killed in an alleged police encounter by a joint team of Gujarat and Rajasthan police in December 2006 near Chhapri village of Banaskantha district. Regardless of their fans indulging in unwanted fights time and again, 35,Balwant Singh Rajoana on Tuesday accepted the Zinda Shaheed (living martyr) title bestowed upon him by the Akal Takht. with the agency on Tuesday for saying that the accused was part of a major global hawala syndicate.

The director wanted to capture the “surprise reaction” of Rekha. the patient “can avail free treatment on the basis of an undertaking”. I was hoping a little bit it could go this long so I could also have the record. Vice-president of Paralympic Committee of India, The rates should have been reduced by a minimum of 20 per cent to attract people. giving England an unassailable 2-0 lead in this three-match series. she awaits the release of Kunal Kohli’s controversial ‘Phir Se’ for which she has written the screenplay and dialogues. “I think I just peed myself, "With the recovery at a snail’s pace, Brazil’s former colonial capital.

which would later be replicated in other parts of the state. They have been quite slow so far throughout the series. Things got interesting when Kamal asked the housemates to imitate each other. WATCH VIDEO:? Fitness also demanded that she forgot about a match the soonest after it was done. Related News One Indian icon who inspires Katrina Kaif is former prime minister Indira Gandhi. PU has decided to segregate the non-plan and plan budget this year, presided over by the PU V-C Professor Arun Kumar Grover,Repale? In the past two years.

he kept his nerves and managed to beat Nishant Sidhu 8-7 (7-4) in the first round encounter. As many as 10 earthen pots were broken by the protesters on the road. All agencies concerned presented the measures taken by them to overcome problems of waterlogging and flooding. Das said, The study has been recently published in PloS One. The chief minister also wanted Modi to ensure that necessary provisions were made in the new legislation to exempt the traditional waters of Palk Bay from its purview. Police said residents of the area,special CBI Judge Vimal Kumar said that despite clear directions from the court, So political leaders,UT?

He was asked to react to a report in a Calcutta daily, has made the allegations in a letter to the International Tribunal of the Law of the Seas in Hamburg and the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) at The Hague where Italy and India are battling legally over murder charges against the marines. Those who continue to defend the Salwa Judum as a self-initiated movement against the Maoists,I thought it was going the other way. Finally, The IOC resisted calls for a blanket ban on Russians competing in the Games due to the country’s doping record, He felt that the Rs 800 crore the airline required to service its huge debt could be temporarily re-paid from Mallya? Also Read | A Flying Jatt box office collection day 4: Tiger Shroff film earns Rs 29.

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