Cassini Plasma Spectrometer electron spectrometer measurements during the Earth swing-by on August 18, 1999

first_imgOn August 18, 1999, Cassini flew by the Earth on its way to Saturn. The Cassini Earth swing-by was the fastest traversal of the Earth’s magnetosphere to date. The spacecraft was traveling at 9.1 R-E hr(-1) (16.1 km s(-1)) and made rapid traversals of several regions of the terrestrial magnetosphere. During the Cassini Earth swing-by the Electron Spectrometer (ELS) collected almost 9 hours of data in the Earth’s magnetosphere and almost 10 hours of solar wind data upstream of the Earth. During the pass, Cassini ELS sampled electrons in the solar wind, bow shock, magnetosheath, magnetopause, radiation belts, plasmasphere, plasma sheet, lobes, and crossings of the tail magnetopause. The purpose of this paper is (1) to give a summary of electron observations including the locations of magnetosphere boundary crossings and (2) to assess how the ELS is functioning as it takes measurements in the greatly differing plasma regimes encountered. Results are shown to be mainly consistent with previous observations with a few exceptions. In addition to anticipated results we present evidence of a low-energy field-aligned beam in the plasma sheet and evidence of asymmetry on the dayside and nightside plasmapause position. Preliminary calculations of density and temperature for the solar wind, magnetosheath, and plasma sheet are also presented.last_img read more

Utah State’s Jordan Love Named America First Credit Union Student-Athlete of the Week

first_img Written by September 4, 2018 /Sports News – Local Utah State’s Jordan Love Named America First Credit Union Student-Athlete of the Week Brad James Tags: America First Credit Union USU Student Athlete of the Week/Izzie Hinton-Belnap/Jordan Love/Marli Niederhauser/Michigan State/Shannon Maloney FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailLOGAN, Utah-Monday, Utah State quarterback Jordan Love was named the America First Credit Union USU Student-Athlete of the week. This award is voted on by a statewide media panel.This is the second time the 6-4 225-pound star sophomore out of Bakersfield, Calif. has received this award in his collegiate career for the Aggies.Love was stellar in the Aggies’ 38-31 loss at #11 Michigan State at East Lansing, Mich. August 31 as he went 29-44 for a career-high 319 yards. His 29 completions are also a career high for the rising star.Other nominees among Aggie athletes include women’s soccer freshman forward Marli Niederhauser of Mendon, Utah, women’s volleyball junior right side Izzie Hinton-Belnap of Fort Worth, Texas and women’s cross country senior Shannon Maloney of Durango, Colo.last_img read more

Utah Football’s Chase Hansen Earns All-American Honor From Sporting News

first_imgDecember 11, 2018 /Sports News – Local Utah Football’s Chase Hansen Earns All-American Honor From Sporting News Tags: Chase Hansen/Fiesta Bowl/Ken Niumatalolo/Kyle Whittingham/New York Jets/Sione Po’uha/Sporting News All-American/The Athletic Written by FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailSALT LAKE CITY-Utah senior linebacker Chase Hansen was named as a second-team All-American by The Sporting News, per a report released Tuesday.Hansen, a product of Lone Peak High School, was also named as a second-team All-American by the Football Writers Association of America and The Athletic.He is the first linebacker in program history to earn All-American honors.Hansen leads the Utes in tackles this season with 114 stops and leads the Pac-12 in tackles for a loss and ranks fifth nationally with 22.He is also fourth nationally with 1.7 tackles for a loss per game.He is a two-time Pac-12 player of the week and was named the Chuck Bednarik Award National Player of the Week and a Rose Bowl Pac-12 player of the week after the Utes’ 17-6 win at Northern Illinois September 8.Hansen has 164 career solo tackles, tying him for seventh all-time in program history and 272 career tackles. Hansen is the 16th player in program history to be named as a Sporting News All-American.Additionally, Monday, the Utes announced an addition to Kyle Whittingham’s coaching staff in new defensive line coach Sione Po’uha.Pou’ha had the same position at Navy under head coach Ken Niumatalolo.Pou’ha has an important role in Utah football history as he played on the defensive line for a Utes squad that went undefeated and busted the Bowl Championship Series in 2004, downing Pittsburgh in the Fiesta Bowl.Pou’ha was selected in the third round of the 2005 NFL Draft by the New York Jets.He played for the Jets through 2012 and started 55 games out of 106 he played. In his career, he amassed 4.5 sacks, 192 tackles and 11 passes defensed. Brad Jameslast_img read more

A Better Life Basketball results for June 15 games

first_imgCeltics vs. OKCUnfortunately, Celtics had only four players so OKC wins by default. Warriors vs. BucksFinally, a breakout game for Kevin Walker of the Warriors, who scored 41 points (league high this season). He was so contagious that JP Ancreon and Ricky Hoffman played with great intensity on both ends. This team was working on all cylinders like a Porshe 911 on Route 66. The Bucks’ Chinwe Wosu had a great all around game, scoring 20 points, and getting 12 rebounds. Too bad they met a team that just hit every basket. To be a cohesive team by the playoffs, the Bucks will need to adjust defensively. The Warriors won, 82-58.Warriors: K. Walker – 41, JP Anacreon – 15, Ricky Hoffman – 13, K. King – 7, Doctor – 4, Mike L. – 2,Bucks: Chinwe Wosu – 20, Jevon Smooth – 16, K. Johnson – 8, Eris – 4, Trae – 5, Mo Stacks – 4, Leion N. – 1Cavs vs. SpursThis was the game of the night – Spurs had the lead most of the game. Jeff Fortune and Brian P. kept the 10 point lead protected with timely baskets. But the Cavs are never out; with this group you can never count them out. Jack Flynn and Zach Liu hit some key three point baskets and their defense tightened up on the last two minutes to steal the game. The Cavs won, 60-55.Cavs: Jack Flynn – 21, Zach Liu – 19, G. Bucoy – 9, Joe S. – 7, Ryean L. – 4Spurs: J Fortune – 15, B. Pipher – 14, JJ Hladik – 10, R. King – 6, Matt F. – 4, R. Gonzales – 3, Frank – 3 Remember, all teams will make the playoffs. The key is adjusting and knowing how to play well together.Standings: Cavs (5-1), OKC (5-1), Warriors (3-3), Bucks (2-3), Spurs (1-4), Celtics (1-5)last_img read more

Elkhart County testing new voting machines on Thursday

first_img (“Voting” by Call4Beach, C.C. by 2.0) It’s no joke: A public test of new electronic voting machines is happening Thursday, April 1 in Elkhart County.The test is open to everyone and is happening at the County Administration Building on North 2nd Street in Goshen at 8:30 a.m.This equipment will be used for the Elkhart Community Schools referendum that’s scheduled for May 4. Facebook Google+ Twitter Google+ Pinterest IndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Market By Tommie Lee – March 31, 2021 0 233 Elkhart County testing new voting machines on Thursday Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Pinterest WhatsApp Previous articlePet food recall issued over salmonella concernsNext articleCOVID on the rise again in St. Joseph County Tommie Leelast_img read more

Press release: Foreign Office Minister Mark Field visits South Korea

first_img I am proud to say that this is my third visit to South Korea since 2017 which shows mine and the UK government’s commitment to the UK-South Korea relationship. It is a long and enduring relationship and as we leave the EU, we are determined to build on our ties with regional powers like South Korea. UK-Korea trade is worth almost £14 billion a year and has huge potential to grow still further, in particular in renewable energy sectors such as offshore wind. The UK and Korea have also long stood shoulder-to-shoulder to defend our shared values – including during the Korean War – and our cooperation will be important for the continued security and stability of the region and the world. For journalists The Minister will also meet representatives from British businesses operating in South Korea and members of the British community in Busan.Further information Media enquiries FCO Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific, Mark Field, arrived in South Korea today (4 January) to further strengthen UK-Korea relations. The visit will focus on advancing trade links and discussing regional and international global interests.Minister Field will start his visit in the capital, Seoul, before taking in Korea’s second city, Busan, and the city of Ulsan, a leading industrial hub.While in South Korea, Mark Field will meet key Korean figures including Vice Foreign Minister, Cho Hyun, and the Mayor of Ulsan and Vice Mayor of Busan.Minister for Asia and the Pacific, Mark Field, said: Follow the Foreign Office on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn Follow Foreign Office Minister Mark Field @MarkFieldUK Follow the Foreign Office on Twitter @foreignoffice and Facebook Email [email protected]last_img read more

Speech: Audience of the Future launch

first_imgI am delighted to be here at Unit 6, a showcase of the UK’s world leading contemporary art. Contemporary art is at the cutting edge. Its practitioners are always innovating and engaging people in new ways. So it is fitting that we’re here today to launch the ‘Audience of the Future’ demonstrators, which will be doing the same.Imagine being inside the world of a Shakespeare play, or in a video game as professional players battle it out for millions of dollars, or immersed in a national museum, solving a detective narrative involving dinosaurs and robots with fellow virtual museum-goers.These are only some of the experiences that will be afforded to everyone by immersive technology. The number of possibilities is only set to grow with the rate of technological change and our creative expertise.It is estimated that by 2023 the global immersive technology market will be worth between $95 billion and $105 billion. In the UK, we have around 1,000 companies specialising in immersive, generating £660 million in sales. I have a feeling these predictions will turn out to be underestimates.With our world-class creative businesses, researchers and technologists, and our expertise in arts, design, and computer science, Government has seen the opportunity for the UK to establish itself as the world’s most innovative economy.The Industrial Strategy includes a range of measures to improve our ability to turn new ideas into commercial products – including investing £725m in new Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund programmes.The Creative Industries Sector Deal was announced in March 2018 and leverages £72 million of this funding to support creative innovation – with a further £50 million being committed by industry.The Audience of the Future Demonstrators programme is a key part of this Deal, backed by £16 million of Government Industrial Strategy Challenge Funding and £6 million from industry.The programme will bring together globally renowned intellectual property, storytellers and technology companies to explore and pioneer cutting-edge immersive experiences.Today, I’m delighted announce the winning Demonstrators for three areas which UKRI have identified as having major opportunities to grow new audiences through immersive technology:In Performance, the Demonstrator will be led by the Royal Shakespeare Company and involve 15 specialist immersive organisations from theatre, music, video production, gaming and research.They will explore what it means to perform live, and use emerging technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.Using devices such as mobile phones, extended reality headsets and streams into live performance environments, or even in the home, audiences will experience live performance like never before.In the field of Visitor Experience, the demonstrator will be a pioneering collaboration led by Factory 42 and involving the National History Museum and the Science Museum that will bring dinosaurs and robots to life by placing audiences in new worlds and giving them the ability to interact with them.Two multi-sensory and interactive worlds will be created in the iconic rooms of the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum, combining mixed reality technology and immersive theatre.Finally, the Sports Entertainment Demonstrator will focus on esports – which has the fastest growing global live sports audience. The consortium will include ESL, the largest esports content producer in the world, as well as leading academics and innovators across immersive technologies, data-driven content production and broadcast.This demonstrator will produce a new platform called Weavr to leverage the data-rich environment of esports and transform how the hundreds of millions of remote esports viewers can use virtual to reality to experience esports. Further down the line, Weavr could even change how we play physical sports.So I would like to offer my congratulations to the winning Demonstrators. I have every confidence that you will build incredible experiences that will change the way we engage with art, theatre, sports and more.One of the greatest privileges of the job I do is getting to experience the cutting edge. The experiences are truly transformative, and the more people we can bring them to, the faster we will build the market and the faster we will build more world-leading businesses.I am thrilled that we here in the UK are able to lead the world on immersive experiences. I’m excited to see what you all do.last_img read more

UN chief: World faces ‘existential threats,’ fragilities

first_imgNEW YORK (AP) — U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is warning global leaders that the world not only faces a COVID-19 emergency and the worst economic crisis in nearly a century. Guterres said Monday the globe will also have to confront “existential threats” to the climate and biodiversity. He said it also faces the possibility of the largest economies, the United States and China, splitting the world in two. He told the World Economic Forum’s virtual meeting Monday there are many fragilities in today’s world which must be addressed in 2021 to “put the world back on track” including lack of consensus on using cyberspace and the growing risks of nuclear and chemical proliferation.last_img

Professor explores mystery of dark matter

first_imgIn the most recent installment of the “Our Universe Revealed” lecture series, associate professor of physics Antonio Delgado discussed dark matter.Michael Yu | The Observer “Normal matter — which is you, me, Jupiter, Mars, whatever — is only 4 percent of what we see in the universe,” Delgado said. “Only 4 percent of what we say [is] the energy budget of the universe is what you and me are made of.“The other 96 percent is something we have never been able to detect. … Out of the other 96 percent, 21 percent is dark matter.”Delgado said the rotation of the galaxies has helped scientists prove the existence of dark matter. The further galaxies were away from each other, the slower they were predicted to rotate around each other. However, Delgado said scientists found that the speed of rotation did not decrease with distance.“The farther away they are, the slower they have to rotate,” Delgado said. “This is what you expect. This is also why your dryer works, or your washing machine. If you’re on a merry-go-round, the closer you are to the rotating axis, the faster you go.“We saw that the rotation of the limits of the galaxies were more or less constant. It didn’t go down as expected.”Delgado said this unexpected discovery could be explained in two plausible ways: Either our understanding of gravity is incorrect or we don’t see all the matter that is affecting the orbital speeds. The invisible matter potentially affecting these speeds is known as dark matter, he said.Delgado said one gravitational explanation for the constant rate of orbital speeds is Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND). However, he said, MOND cannot explain certain phenomena in the bullet cluster — which consists of a collision of two galaxies.In particular, Delgado said, MOND cannot explain why the gas and the center of gravity of the collision are not in the same spot. Dark matter, however, could explain this discrepancy, Delgado said.“The center of gravity — where all the mass of this collision is — is not where you see the gas,” Delgado said. “So there has to be something else there to make sure that the mass is where you have seen it. You will never be able to explain ever that you’re modifying gravity. … There has to be more matter there.”Delgado said the process of lensing occurs when matter between a source of light and an observer bends the light traveling towards the observer. According to Delgado, the lensing of light between other galaxies and the earth could be caused by dark matter.“This is how we know that between the galaxy and the earth, the light is parted and you can get images where you see, from the earth, two different points,” Delgado said. “That’s because the light is parted by something between that you don’t see.”According to Delgado, dark matter is able to explain a variety of different occurrences throughout the universe, but at the moment, methods for detecting dark matter is limited.“Dark matter is a very possible explanation of different phenomena,” Delgado said. “We can explain different phenomena … but we have only detected [dark matter] right now through gravity. We haven’t been able to see dark matter in any other way.”Tags: dark matter, energy, matter, Physicslast_img read more

Fantasia Returns to the Cotton Club Stage in After Midnight

first_img Conceived by Jack Viertel, After Midnight is an evocative new musical that tackles the sexy, smoky glamour of the Jazz Age, set in the heyday of Duke Ellington’s years at Harlem’s Cotton Club. In addition to Barrino, the show currently stars Tony winner Adriane Lenox and Dule Hill. The tuner received seven Tony nods, including Best Musical, Best Featured Actress for Lenox and Best Director and Best Choreography for Warren Carlyle. After Midnight View Comments Related Shows Star Files Barrino catapulted to fame in 2004 as the winner of American Idol. Her debut album, Free Yourself, received four Grammy nominations and was followed by a second self-titled release. She made her Broadway debut in April 2007 when she took over the role of Celie in The Color Purple, receiving a Audience Choice Award for her performance. She won a 2011 Grammy Award for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance for “Bittersweet,” the lead single from her third solo album, Back to Me. Barrino also headlined her own VH1 reality series, Fantasia for Real. She released her fourth studio album Side Effects of You last year. Grab your coat and get your hat, because Fantasia Barrino is back on the sunny side of the street! The Grammy winner and American Idol victor steps into the Cotton Club spotlight once more in the Tony-nominated musical After Midnight, beginning May 13. Barrino was the first guest star vocalist to heat up the Brooks Atkinson Theatre in the show, followed by a rotating roster of performers (most recently, Tony and Emmy nominee Vanessa Williams). Show Closed This production ended its run on June 29, 2014 Fantasia Barrinolast_img read more