After Effects Quick Tip: How to Change the Render Sound

first_imgCustomize the render alert in Adobe After Effects with this simple hack.Here on the PremiumBeat blog we have hundreds of helpful tutorials that are specifically designed to make you a better filmmaker, editor, or motion graphics designer. This is not one of those tutorials!If you’ve used After Effects for any extended period of time than you know there is no sound more satisfying than the render sound. Each time the high-pitch ring sounds off you know your render has completed, leaving you with an exported video and a smile. But what if you could change that render sound to whatever sound you want?In the Quick Tip tutorial we will show you how to change the default After Effects render alert to any other sound. This tutorial will only cover changing the sound on a Mac but if you use a PC you can find out how to change by navigating to the Creative Cow forums.1. Find the After Effects CC 2014 (or CC) App IconYou can find the app under Applications>Adobe After Effects CC 2014>Adobe After Effects CC 2014.2. Select “Show Package Contents”Right click on the app icon and select show package contents.3. Locate the “sounds” folderThis folder can be found by clicking Contents > Resources > Sounds.4. Replace rnd_okay with WAV fileEach sound located in the sounds menu is an alert for an After Effects function. If you are looking to change the render sound simply replace the rnd_okay file with a similarly named WAV file. The new sound must be a WAV file and it must be called rnd_okay in order to work.There you go! Now you can change the render alert in After Effects and make it all your own.Leave your vote for an interesting or funny sound in the comments below!last_img read more

A List of Intangibles

first_imgWe tend to think of sales being won and lost on things that are tangible, the things you can see and count and measure. Certainly, the tangible things are important, but the intangibles are even so.Likability and Rapport: If you have a choice of doing business with someone who is likable and with whom you have rapport, all other things being equal, you choose the person you want to work with, especially if it is over a longer term. Rapport matters because relationships matter.Attitude: A good, positive, optimistic, empowered attitude is an intangible that provides a competitive advantage. Who you are matters more than what you do, and your attitude is a big part of that equation.Business Acumen: This intangible will make or break you if you sell B2B. You either know things that can help your prospective client produce better results, or you do not. You either have the advice that makes you a trusted advisor, or you lack it. The weight given this intangible is great now, and you can expect it to grow in importance.Caring: This is the “trust” part of “trusted advisor.” Are you other-oriented? Do you care about me, my outcomes, my company, my customers? If you are self-oriented, your motives prove that my results are secondary to yours. This intangible is one that most of us don’t think enough about, nor do we make sure that our clients can feel it.Presence: In an age where everyone lives behind a screen, a physical presence is going to create an advantage. I know, you are thinking that showing up is tangible, and you’re mostly right. But it doesn’t show up on any purchasing agent’s spreadsheet, and the result it produces isn’t easily measured, even when the impact is felt.Your Process: Knowing how to help your client move from their current state to the better future state they are capable of is an intangible. The sales process is perceived as being linear, but that isn’t a very accurate depiction of how we help people change. Your process can differentiate you in ways that are hard to measure, but that massively tilt things in your favor.Ability to Lead: The ability to help other people take action, people on your team, and people on your client’s team, is an intangible. It creates a preference for you and your company.Resourcefulness: If there is one thing that we do in sales, it is help solve problems. A lot of the time, we are solving problems that others have been unable to address. This makes your creativity and imagination an intangible that provides an immeasurable difference in a decision as to who to buy from.Initiative: The idea that you should take action without needing to be nudged to do so is something that will make you look very different to your clients and prospective clients. It shows that you are thinking about acting on their needs as if you are part of their team—and you are.Thoughtfulness: Little things are the big things. Cards. Notes. Following up. Asking to help outside of where it might be expected. Want to create an impenetrable preference? Start here.Intelligence: Being smart is an intangible. Knowing things is beneficial, even when those things seem to be outside of business acumen.A sense of humor: Having a good sense of humor, especially humor of the self-deprecating kind, can help you create greater engagement, and it can help you handle difficult situations with a sense of levity. This can sometimes make you the most valuable person in the room.I know sales is supposed to be science, but it isn’t. Much of what matters is invisible, is felt and not easily seen or easily subjected to measurement. Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Dalits denied permission to hold rally in Saharanpur

first_imgA police outpost was burnt and over 20 vehicles torched while several instances of stone pelting and clashes were reported on Tuesday from across Saharanpur, which has been witnessing caste-based violence since last Friday.According to the Uttar Pradesh police, permission had been denied to Dalits to hold a ‘mahapanchayat’ on Tuesday in the Gandhi Park, demanding compensation and relief for those affected by an inter-caste clash last week.Senior Superintendent of Police Subhash Chand Dubey said as the district administration had not permitted any such gathering, police acted against people who had gathered for the ’mahapanchayat’. This led to tension and a stampede-like situation, it is learnt.As the news of the police action spread, there were several incidents of violence in the district, including some targeting policemen.Several commuters were manhandled and their vehicles set on fire on the Malhipur road, it is learnt. Mediapersons covering the incidents were also beaten up and their vehicles damaged.Police reinforcements, including the PAC, who rushed to the spot were also attacked and pelted with stones. A police ‘chowki’ was set ablaze while several police vehicles were damaged.A garbage heap was set on fire on Chilkana road near Halalpur. On the Behat road, a bus was set on fire. Protesters also blocked Chakrota road near Nazirpura while a building was burnt down on the Malhipur road.The situation in the district continued to be tense and there was heavy police deployment. Top police and State administration were monitoring the developments with fire tenders rushing across town to tackle the fires.last_img read more

Analysis: BJP didn’t want to face 2019 polls as PDP’s ally

first_imgThe end of the BJP-People’s Democratic Party (PDP) government in Jammu and Kashmir has two dates attached to it. For detractors of the alliance within the BJP, it began with the inception of the alliance (many preferred the BJP’s former ally, the National Conference, over the PDP), for others, it was when Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed passed away in early 2016, taking away the political heft that anchored the alliance, a teflon coating that deflected the criticism from such politically contradictory and inorganic alliance.There are, of course, more manifest and immediate reasons, the biggest being the looming general election of 2019, an election that the former allies just could not afford to face together.’Constituencies getting alienated’“The situation in the State has become such that both our core constituencies have become alienated from us. There was no way the alliance would hold till 2019. We were facing a huge backlash from Jammu and Ladakh, the areas that vote for us, and the Valley was hitting out against the PDP. We had an idea that the PDP would pull out of the government by September-October, well before the February announcement of general election. By pulling out first, we can still hope to retrieve some ground,” said a senior office-bearer of the BJP.Before pulling away support, the BJP says, it also made gestures indicating that it was still willing to work with the PDP. “The decision to pardon first-time pelters of stones, the appointment of an interlocutor, offer of talks, and the Ramzan suspension of operations were all aimed at demonstrating that,” said the source.“Our constituency, however, was upset with us. When the discussions over whether or not to extend the Ramzan suspension of operations were on, the decision to withdraw support was also taken by the top leadership of the BJP and government,” said the source.The alliance, which was put together with much careful crafting, could not, in the end, carry the weight of the hugely contradictory ideological positions.“Till Mufti sahab was there, it was still ok, he had the position, in the minds of the people to reconcile some of the contradictions,” said another senior BJP leader.Leaders’ complaintOver the last couple of years, however, the BJP’s hold in Jammu and Ladakh was seen to be slipping and local leaders complained that chances of re-election in 2019 were slim indeed.On Monday afternoon, the BJP’s Ministers in the Jammu and Kashmir government, along with the State unit leaders, were summoned to Delhi, with party general secretary in charge of the State Ram Madhav cutting short his trip to Andhra Pradesh.With BJP president Amit Shah scheduled to visit Jammu on June 23 to commemorate the death anniversary of Jan Sangh founder and principle opponent of separate status for Jammu and Kashmir, Syama Prasad Mookerjee, alarm bells rang.The evening before that, along with the decision not to extend the suspension of operations in Kashmir, the decision to pull the plug on the alliance had been made. This afternoon, the curtains came down on the alliance. In the years that the BJP was in government in the Valley, the Syama Prasad Mookerjee death anniversary ceremonies were muted, out of respect for its ally, the scale of the memorial meeting this time round is yet to be seen.In one of his last speeches, at the India Ideas Conclave in Goa in 2015, late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed said this of the alliance: “I saw a historic opportunity to break a new path in resolving issues of chronic friction between regions and ethnic groups in the state by forging an alliance with the BJP.”An opportunity which, on Tuesday morning, seemed to have well passed its sell by date.last_img read more

Match moments in Pakistan vs Canada World Cup match

first_imgWhen Pakistan scored just 184 runs in their allotted 50 overs against Canada everyone began to wonder if there would be a repeat of what had happened during the Ireland versus England World Cup Group A match – a minnow team staging an upset.But, thanks to Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi , who spun a web around the young Canadian team and lead his boys to a scintillating 46-run victory.  The Pakistan skipper didn’t do too well with the bat but changed the shape of the game by grabbing 5 for 23 in his 10 overs. Man-of-the-MatchNo wonder, Afridi won the Man-of-the-Match award for his impressive performance. With 14 wickets in three matches, he is also the leading wicket taker in the World Cup so far.last_img

Ind vs Eng: Seniors’ guidance missing, says Kapil

first_imgFormer captain Kapil Dev has lashed out at the Indian players for lacking team spirit in the ongoing Test series against England and also criticised senior cricketers, including captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar, for not motivating the youngsters in the team.The former all-rounder, who led India to their maiden World Cup title in 1983, slammed Dhoni’s men for going through the motions during the ongoing four-Test series which England have already pocketed 3- 0 with one match left.”Indian players did not play as a team. I am not trying to blame anybody but I think they played too much cricket. Within four days of winning the World Cup you play the IPL. They then travel to West Indies for a tour and then from there (go) to England. I think our players were going through the motions more than their love for the game,” Kapil said.Asked whether there were any other reason for the humiliating defeat against England that has dislodged India from the number one position, Kapil said the seniors have not played a role in guiding the youngsters during the tour.”No cricketer walked up to young bowlers to advise them on what line to bowl. Dhoni could go up to Ishant (Sharma) and tell this. Media termed him as ‘Captain Cool’. He says everybody should know their job,” he said.”In Indian sports, we have not reached that level where all the players know what they should do. We still look up to captain and senior players. We need somebody with aggression. All the senior players have become so senior that they do not want to be aggressive.” Asked for his take on Dhoni and the team spirit, Kapil said seniors players like Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag and VVS Laxman are not sharing their experience with bowlers.advertisement”If you ask Sehwag who is your guru, he will say Sachin. If you ask Yuvraj, he will say Sachin.But I’ve never seen Sehwag or Sachin or Laxman, with their bundle of experience in batting, walking up to the bowlers to advise them the correct line to bowl,” he said.”I do not know whether I am making sense or not. But in my opinion, the new theory in Indian cricket is that bowlers have to work themselves and batsmen need to do everything by themselves.”The required guidance is not there. Maybe, I cannot see that what they talk about. I was not on the ground or in the dressing room. My observations are totally based on what I see (during matches) on television.”Kapil said tiredness couldn’t be cited as an excuse. “No. Not tiredness. When you play well there is nothing like you are tired. When you don’t play well then all those negative thinking sets in your mind,” he said.”England played very good cricket, perhaps it is after 15 or 20 years that England looks like an English team in every sense.The difference between England and India is that England has great allrounders who can bat and bowl well. They are the trump cards in their team and they are the strength. Unfortunately our team looked totally lost because we do not have a single all- rounder.”- With inputs from PTIlast_img read more

Novak Djokovic too good for unseeded Joao Sousa in Miami

first_imgFive-times champion Novak Djokovic overcame a first-set spill to beat unseeded Joao Sousa of Portugal 6-4 6-1 in the third round at the Miami Open in Florida on Sunday.The world number one fell on his left side while hitting a forehand on the baseline and his shot went into the net to allow Sousa to pull even at 4-4.But Djokovic was not injured and he dusted himself off and won eight out of the next nine games in a 77-minute match. The Serb is vying to match Andre Agassi’s tournament record of six wins in Key Biscayne. “That first set came down to a few points,” said Djokovic after improving to 24-1 in 2016.”After that, it was quite a good performance. In the second set I felt much more comfortable. I was serving very well the entire day.”I’m glad that I managed to finish the match the way I did. Obviously, it gives me confidence for the next one.”Djokovic landed 86 percent of first serves in the second set and dropped only three points on serve. He will meet Dominic Thiem in the next round after the Austrian defeated Japanese qualifier Yoshihito Nishioka 6-2 6-2.Argentine lucky loser Horacio Zeballos, who received a second chance when Roger Federer withdrew because of a stomach virus, continued to make the most of his good fortune. He rebounded to beat Spain’s Fernando Verdasco 1-6 6-4 7-6(4).last_img read more

Don’t miss these pictures of mommy-to-be Kareena looking adorable in a polka-dotted dress

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Pravara girls win state-level U-17 football tournament

first_imgMumbai, Aug 23 (PTI) Pravara Rural Education Societys Pravara Kanya Vidya Mandir girls team has won the state level Subroto Cup for football in the under-17 category after beating Arya Vidya Mandir, Juhu, Mumbai. Pravara girls won the match 1-0 at Bhiwandi in neighbouring Thane, yesterday. The team has been now selected for the national level tournament, to be held in Delhi next month. The national-level Subroto Cup is open to a few South Asian countries, a Society spokesperson said. Players from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Sri Lanka are among countries that will participate in the tournament, to be held at the Ambedkar Sports Stadium, New Delhi.Executive Chairman of Pravara Rural Education Society Dr Ashok Vikhe Patil lauded the team for their performance.This victory shows that there is no dearth of talent at the rural level, Vikhe Patil said.Subroto Cup Football Tournament is a popular inter-school football tournament, named after Air Marshal Subroto Mukerjee.It started in 1960 and has been conducted every year since then. PTI VT ARS AH KHS SDMlast_img read more

Dr. Jaja Calls for Shift Towards Service Excellence

first_img Chairman of the Jamaica Customer Service Association (JaCSA), Dr. Nsombi Jaja, is calling for a shift towards service excellence locally.She said that quality customer service is a critical component, which impacts every element of business.“Let us… create a tectonic shift in our mindset, attitudes and in our focus on customer service and service excellence. We have the power; let’s use the power to transform the landscape of service excellence in this country. Let us work together and support the initiatives that will move the needle in the right direction,” she added.Dr. Jaja was speaking at the media launch of National Customer Service Week (NCSW) and the Service Excellence Conference at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston on Tuesday (September 4).The week will be observed from September 30 to October 6 under the theme ‘Be the Magic: The Making of Memorable Customer Experiences’ and will bring focus to the transformation that quality customer service can bring to the nation.The JaCSA Chairman urged that the week be used to shine the spotlight on the thousands of people who are delivering service excellence every day.“There is a principle of life that says ‘pay attention to what you want more of’, so if you want bad customer service, continue to showcase those, and if you want great customer service, showcase those because every day there is excellent customer service,” she said.Deputy Chairman, JaCSA, Richard Rowe, in his address, encouraged organisations, during NCSW, to raise awareness about the importance of customer service, boost morale and teamwork, and acknowledge and reward the work of staff.The week of activities will begin with a church service at the Webster Memorial Church on Half-Way Tree Road and includes workshops, school tours and competitions.The highlight of the week will be the Service Excellence Conference at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel on September 24 and 25, which will include presentations from Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Dr. the Hon. Nigel Clarke; and international customer experience coach John Formica.During the media launch, Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS), Massy Gas Products Limited, and Sarifa Insurance Brokers Limited were branded 2018 NCSW Ambassadors, having recently copped the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) and JaCSA Service Excellence Awards.The Jamaica Customer Service Song Competition organised by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) was also launched.The competition is open to primary and secondary school students. The winner will receive an $80,000 cash prize, trophies, among other things, and will be announced during the conference opening.For more information, contact JaCSA at 876-978-8668 or “Let us… create a tectonic shift in our mindset, attitudes and in our focus on customer service and service excellence. We have the power; let’s use the power to transform the landscape of service excellence in this country. Let us work together and support the initiatives that will move the needle in the right direction,” she added. Chairman of the Jamaica Customer Service Association (JaCSA), Dr. Nsombi Jaja, is calling for a shift towards service excellence locally. She said that quality customer service is a critical component, which impacts every element of business. Story Highlightslast_img read more

ASPCA Young Friends Benefit To Hit New York

first_imgA plethora of stars will come out for the ASPCA Young Friends Benefit next month.The Young Friends Benefit is a cornerstone of ASPCA fundraising efforts to directly impact the lives of homeless, abused and neglected animals across the country. This highly publicized event attracts more than 500 passionate and upwardly mobile young professionals including philanthropists, industry leaders, newsmakers and animal lovers.Among those expected to attend are Lo Bosworth, Artist Donald Robertson, Perez Hilton, Georgina Bloomberg, Jay Manuel, Jackie Miranne (Host, VH1 “Big Morning Buzz Live”), Adrienne Moore (Actress, “Orange is the New Black”), Vicky Jeudy (Actress, “Orange is the New Black”), Rachel Antonoff (Designer), Ginger Zee (Meteorologist, “Good Morning America”), Alicia Quarles (E! News), Ben Aaron (Host, LXTV NBC’s “New York Live”), Danielle Bernstein (Founder/Blogger, “WeWoreWhat”), Drena De Niro (actress), Brandon Stanton (Photographer, “Humans of New York”), Nastia Liukin (Athlete), Irina Shayk (Model), Melissa Bolona (Model), Allie Rizzo (Model), Brad Walsh, Annie Greenberg (Refinery29), Domingo Zapata, DJ Nick Cohen and more.This year’s event will feature cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, a silent auction featuring artwork by Donald Robertson and music by DJ Nick Cohen. The event is made possible through the partnership of Alex and Ani, Charity By Design, The Slater Foundation, Found My Animal, Baked by Melissa and UBER.In conjunction with the Young Friends event, One Kings Lane will feature specially designed prints and items by artist Donald Robertson, beginning October 6, 2014. 100 percent of the proceeds will directly benefit the ASPCA.WHEN: Thursday, October 16WHERE: IAC Building555 W 18th St (between 10th Avenue and the West Side Highway) New York, NY 10011last_img read more

Biosphere reserves play major role in combating climate change – UNESCO

Biosphere reserves can spur efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change as well as encourage increased use of renewable energy, according to a recent declaration adopted by a meeting backed by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).Following a week of deliberations, the more than 800 participants adopted the Madrid Declaration, which underscores the “potential for action” of reserves to tackle challenges such as the loss of traditional knowledge, cultural diversity and arable land, as well as global warming.It also calls for the establishment of a sustainable funding mechanism to reinforce the reserves, urging collaboration between UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere programme (MAB) and the agency’s other intergovernmental scientific initiatives.Last week, Russia’s Rotowsky reserve and Mexico’s Marietas Islands joined UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves, bringing the global total to 531 reserves in 105 countries. 11 February 2008Biosphere reserves can spur efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change as well as encourage increased use of renewable energy, according to a recent declaration adopted by a meeting backed by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). read more

WatchDonald Trump blackmailing Canada and Mexico to reach NAFTA deal says former

MONTREAL — President Donald Trump is blackmailing Canada, Mexico and asylum seekers in order to exert maximum pressure to reach a new NAFTA deal that is favourable to the United States and to get funding for his border wall, former Mexican president Vicente Fox said Wednesday.“In the case of Mexico, the blackmail is the wall. He wants the wall and maybe he will grant NAFTA,” Fox said in an interview from Mexico City.The outspoken ex-politician has nothing good to say about the U.S. president, whom he describes as ignorant, bigoted and dangerous.Fox said Trump’s racist comments about Mexicans being rapists and criminals and complaints about illegal immigration belie the fact that NAFTA has done its job in stemming the flow of people crossing the border.Trump may have started the trade war, but it’s up to Canada to end it‘Absolutely irreparable damage’: Steel firms crushed by Trump tariffs call on Ottawa for supportCanada preparing steel quotas, tariffs on China, others to ward off dumpingCanada and Mexico have to remain firmly united rather than give in to Trump’s demands for bilateral agreements with its two North American neighbours, he said.“I don’t see the advantage of going bilateral,” he said, adding that trade for Trump is a zero-sum game, in which he wins and others lose.“So whatever formula, whether bilateral or trilateral or whatever other formula, it will never work if he insists that the United States has to have a surplus and we have to have a deficit.”Countries like Canada that believe in globalization and entrepreneurship need to stand up against Trump’s bullying behaviour, he said, criticizing the president for verbally attacking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his post-G7 meeting statement that Canada won’t be pushed around.“He’s a great prime minister doing a great job and this crazy horse, this crazy guy Trump doesn’t have the right to attack him the way he did.”Former Mexican president Vicente Fox says Canada needs to stand up to U.S. President Donald Trump’s bullying behaviour. Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo files Fox said he hopes the U.S. Democratic Party will make progress in November’s mid-term elections so Trump “can be bridled.”“Otherwise, we are all going to be paying a high price.”Canada and Mexico have both announced retaliatory tariffs after the United States imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum on them and a host of other countries.Fox said Mexico can also buy soybeans, yellow corn and dairy products from Brazil, Argentina and other countries to exert pressure on millions of U.S. farmers.Trump’s threatened tariffs on auto sector imports into the U.S. will raise prices for American consumers but, Fox said, won’t destroy Mexico because the country has developed a solid consumer market and can also shift exports to South America.American trade actions will only further drive countries into the trading orbit of China, which is increasing its business relationships in Latin America, Fox added.“China is ready to get in love with Latin America,” he said, adding that 1,000 Chinese business leaders are scheduled to meet next spring to drive up business in Mexico.The U.S. accounts for 20 per cent of the global economy but China is poised to overtake it as the world’s largest economy.He said Americans need to stand up to oppose Trump’s leadership.“Either they resist and repeal and change things or the United States will lose any remaining moral authority that they could have today by this stupid guy they have as president.”Fox spoke to The Canadian Press after it was announced he will join the board of Knowledgehook, a Waterloo, Ont.-based company whose platform analyzes the academic performance of math students in real-time to identify the best-practice teaching solutions to educators.The former president said that he hopes to use Knowledgehook to help Mexico’s education system, which had a high school graduation rate of 45 per cent. The platform will be implemented into Centro Fox Library in Mexico. read more

Ashley Wagner Finally Skated Her Very Best

Ashley Wagner’s trip to the 2014 U.S. Figure Skating Championships was, in her words, “embarrassing” and “horrifying.” Her 2015 victory “tastes the sweetest.”Wagner didn’t just win her third U.S. title in Greensboro, North Carolina, on Saturday night — she demolished the American women’s record for free-skate and total scores. She notched a 148.98 and 221.02, respectively; the previous record had been set only a year ago by Gracie Gold (if there were ever a name made for an Olympian, that’s it). Gold shined in 2014, racking up a 139.57 and 211.69. (Athletes skate twice in competition; a technical program composes a third of the total score, the free skate two-thirds. For the casual fan, the judging system can indeed seem complicated.)Wagner also became the oldest skater to take home the women’s title since Michelle Kwan in 2005 and the first woman since Kwan to win three U.S. championships. It’s unrealistic that Wagner, at age 23, will match Kwan’s nine titles, but Saturday’s record-busting effort was especially satisfying for the outspoken skater, who thinks she has a lot to prove.“I’ve had so many critics over the past couple of months,” Wagner told NBC’s Andrea Joyce after the competition. “I’ve had so many people who said I’m too old for this, I am burnt out.”Wagner is perhaps best known for inconsistency. She fell twice during her messy free skate at last year’s nationals but still made the U.S. Olympic team over a higher-scoring competitor, Mirai Nagasu. Many were quick to deride that controversial decision, although U.S. Figure Skating stood by its choice, citing Wagner’s international experience. She finished seventh in Sochi.So, how did Wagner get to tip-top of the heap in 2015? Sure, keeping her backside off the ice helped, but she also upped her difficulty level and refined her performance. In the chart below, I’ve plotted several elements of Wagner’s 2014 and 2015 free skates. Because a program’s components differ from year to year, this isn’t a perfect measure; I did not include some elements, and others I matched the best I could. For example, in 2014 Wagner’s triple-triple combination (traditionally the most difficult part of a women’s program) was an under-rotated triple flip-triple toe loop, and in 2015 it was the trickier triple Lutz-triple toe loop. In 2014, she performed a triple Salchow; in 2015, a triple flip.Almost across the board, Wagner scored much, much higher. Last year, Mao Asada of Japan won her world title with a total score of 216.69. If Wagner can repeat Saturday’s performance in March — and some might argue that’s a big if — she could easily win her first world championship medal. In gold. read more

Will the FCC allow LTE to destroy GPS

first_imgWondering could we possibly get more acronyms into that title? This is looking like it could be the real deal though, so keep reading.LTE is coming and devices packed with LTE radios will need to be approved in droves. There has been (and will be) a significant push to get LTE into as many hands and homes as possible for many reasons. The increase in speed, the decrease in lag, and the boost in bandwidth across the US would bring many of the goals of the FCC’s push for a faster internet closer to reality. In order to get these devices into hands faster, would the FCC ignore the possibility that LTE is not “fully baked”?On January 19th, members of the GPS industry were granted an audience with the FCC to discuss findings that a portion of the LTE broadcast spectrum may be too close to the spectrum used for GPS, and causing significant problems with the technologies cooperating together.On January 26, the FCC waived its own rules and granted permission for the potential interferer to broadcast in the L Band 1 (1525 MHz—1559 MHz) from powerful land-based transmitters. This band lies adjacent to the GPS band (1559—1610 MHz) where GPS and other satellite-based radio navigation systems operate. Now a more paranoid man might believe that the FCC did this with malicious intent, and has plans to replace the existing GPS infrastructure with something else. I am not entirely convinced that such Machiavellian plans are in the works, but it is clear that in place of a mustache-twirling villain we have evidence that these LTE points being deployed by LightSquared are, in fact, causing interference on a significant scale.LightSquared has officially commented that it plans to cooperate with the GPS companies and make sure that their technologies do not interfere with each other, but at the moment tension seems high, and the continued inaction on behalf of the FCC is worrisome. Be it negligence, ignorance, or malicious intent, the blatant disregard for the evidence that LightSquared’s broadcasting equipment would interfere with existing GPS infrastructure is a bad sign.The desire to fast track these technologies “at any cost” is bound to have repercussions. At this point, however, it seems only time will tell if LightSquared holds true to their word, or if we are beginning to see the end of GPS as we know it.Further information available at Free Geo Toolslast_img read more

Holiday Closures Thanksgiving

first_imgWhat’s open and what’s closed for Thanksgiving:• MAIL: No home delivery Thursday except Express Mail. Post offices closed. The postal unit at Shell, 1605 N.W. Sixth Ave., Camas, is open 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. every day of the year. Post offices open Friday; mail delivered.• GARBAGE: Thursday’s trash and recyclables in Vancouver and most of Clark County will be picked up Friday; Friday’s trash and recyclables will be collected Saturday. In Camas, Thursday’s trash and recyclables will be picked up Monday with Monday’s regular collections, and Friday’s trash and recyclables will be picked up with Tuesday’s collections.• PUBLIC SCHOOLS: No classes Thursday and Friday.• COLLEGES: No classes at Washington State University Vancouver and Clark College Thursday and Friday.• GOVERNMENT: City, county and state offices closed Thursday and Friday. Federal offices closed Thursday, open Friday.• PARKING METERS: On-street parking in Vancouver is free Thursday and Friday.• ANIMAL SHELTER: Humane Society for Southwest Washington shelter closes at 4 p.m. today and reopens Friday.• LIBRARIES: Fort Vancouver Regional Library closed Thursday, open Friday. Camas Public Library closed Thursday and Friday.• BUSES: C-Tran and TriMet follow Sunday schedules Thursday, and provide regular service Friday.• DRIVER’S LICENSING: Offices closed Thursday and Friday.• VEHICLE LICENSING: Offices closed Thursday and Friday.• CLARK PUBLIC UTILITIES: Office closed Thursday, open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday. For outages or emergencies, call 360-992-3000.• ZOO: Oregon Zoo in Portland is open.• BANKS: Closed Thursday, open Friday.• FINANCIAL MARKETS: New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and other markets closed Thursday. Markets close early Friday, at 10 a.m. Pacific Time.• MARSHALL COMMUNITY CENTER: Closed Thursday, open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday.• FIRSTENBURG COMMUNITY CENTER: Closed Thursday, open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday.• CLARK COUNTY HISTORICAL MUSEUM: Closed Thursday and Friday.• VANCOUVER MALL: Open 6 p.m. to midnight Thursday, and 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, the mall will be open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Department stores, restaurants, the theater, library and gym, and other store hours may vary. Details are at• THE COLUMBIAN: Offices closed Thursday, open Friday. Circulation customer service, 360-694-2312, is available 4:30 a.m. to noon Thursday, and 4:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday.last_img read more

Steele praises Brighton teammates

first_imgAccording to the goalkeeper, the 3-1 victory over AFC Bournemouth was thanks to the defensive determination of his teammates.Brighton and Hove Albion defeated AFC Bournemouth 3-1 on Saturday’s FA Cup Third Round match.The Seagulls advance to the next round, while goalkeeper Jason Steele was able to praise his teammates for their good work.“It’s no disrespect to anyone I’ve played with before, but the way those players in front of me work and their dedication to not let the ball go in the back of the net is unbelievable,” he told the club’s official website.“We were under the cosh a lot in terms of ball possession, and the boys stuck at it with the two center-halves and the full-backs stopping the crosses and picking up men.”Brad Smith is loving his time at MLS Manuel R. Medina – August 27, 2019 Smith has been loaned from AFC Bournemouth to Seattle Sounders for a whole season, and the Australian footballer is enjoying his time there.“Even the little things like the way they marked their men so tightly meant I could come out and claim things,” he added.“Personally, I was very excited to play again. This club has given me an awful lot in the last few months and I just wanted to show why I’ve been working hard. Thankfully it worked out for myself and the team today.”“I made a couple of saves, I’m disappointed I conceded a goal, but I haven’t watched it back and I don’t think there’s a lot I could have done about it,” he explained.“It was a good strike and I felt that it was going to take something good to beat me. That’s a nice positive frame of mind to have and it’s not something I’ve had for a long time.”last_img read more

Govt to air classes by good teachers on TV channel Dipu Moni

first_imgDipu MoniA plan is underway to launch an education TV channel to air all the good classes of good teachers, taking the benefits to rural students, said education minister Dipu Moni, reports UNB.”We can show the good classes of good teachers of various schools through the TV channel simultaneously,” she said while replying to queries of reporters after the third session of the second-day DCs’ conference at the secretariat here on Monday.The minister said there are many very good schools in Dhaka and elsewhere, and there is a proposal to take their good teachers to various places of the country as guest teachers.”To make that happen, we’re thinking whether an education TV channel can be launched through which the teachers in remote areas will also be benefitted from the learning techniques of good schools,” Dipu Moni said.About coaching business, the education minister said the deputy commissioners (DCs) can help the government stop this business and end the culture of guidebooks.She said the DCs were asked to ensure the formation of education committees at district level like the ones formed at the upazila level.Referring to the sexual harassment of students, the minister also said there must be vigilance everywhere so that the students are not abused sexually.last_img read more

Body of 23yearold found hanging at Bishnupur residence

first_imgKolkata: Mystery shrouds the death of a 23-year-old youth whose body was found hanging from the ceiling inside his house in Bishnupur, South 24-Parganas. Police have started a case of unnatural death in this regard. According to the preliminary investigation, police suspect that the victim might have committed suicide after being jilted in love. The victim, Asish Mondal (23), a resident of Joyrampur area might have in depression for the past few days, Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifepolice suspect. On the fateful day, the family members knocked on the door of the victim repeatedly but he did not respond. They reported the matter to the local residents who in turn informed police. Police personnel broke open the door only to find the victim hanging from the ceiling fan. The body was recovered and sent for an autopsy. The investigating officers seized a laptop and a mobile phone from the victim’s room. Police said the victim used to stay at his maternal uncles’ house in South 24-Parganas for the past few months. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThe family members of the victim told police the victim used to play various games on his mobile phone. He also used to talk to his friends. Cops are yet to ascertain the exact cause behind him committing suicide. According to the preliminary investigation, police suspect that he had a relationship with a girl. The victim’s family members told police that the youth often spoke on phone for nearly an hour during the night. They also heard him talking on phone on Saturday night. Police are investigating if he had taken the drastic step after the girl with whom he had a relationship refused to continue it. Police are waiting for the autopsy report which might throw some light on the death of the victim. The investigating officers are also examining his mobile phone and laptop which might provide clues in this connection.last_img read more

VIDEO Nick Saban calls exTennessee HC Butch Jones an intern on the

first_img We have these rules and I don’t even know what they’re called, like we can’t hire high school coaches. We can’t hire people that have recruited other players that we’re recruiting and all that. You have to go through a process with the NCAA, and that finally got completed today.”Even though being called an intern sounds bad, most Tennessee fans would probably argue Jones isn’t qualified after his head coaching tenure. Now go get Saban some coffee. Advertisement Nick Saban and Alabama are coming off yet another national championship and, like every year, there’s turnover with the players and coaching staff.One addition to Saban’s massive staff is fired former Tennessee Head Coach Butch Jones, who was just run out of Knoxville after a pathetic showing by the Vols last season. Jones was widely mocked on social media as incompetent during his time as a head coach, which is why Saban referring to him as an ‘intern’ on the Tide staff during yesterday’s press conference is sure to draw some laughs.Contrary to those hoping Saban was shaming Jones with the label, he explained it was mostly due to NCAA rules restrictions:“He’s an intern, an analyst. I guess we could have several names for it. He can’t coach on the field. He can work with us off the field. And today was actually the first time he was cleared by the NCAA. last_img read more