Chorus Aviation wins heavy maintenance contract with Latvias airBaltic

first_imgHALIFAX – Chorus Aviation Inc. says it has signed a deal to perform heavy maintenance work for Latvia’s airBaltic.Financial terms of the agreement were not immediately available.Under the deal, Jazz Technical Services will provide airframe maintenance for airBaltic’s 12 Q400 NextGen aircraft.The work will be done at its facility at Halifax Stanfield International Airport.Jazz Technical Services is focused on heavy maintenance, repair and overhaul of Bombardier and Embraer aircraft.It is a division of Jazz Aviation LP, which is owned by Chorus.Companies in this story: (TSX:CHR)last_img

Hudsons Bay Co CEO Gerald Storch leaving executive chairman assuming CEO role

TORONTO — Hudson’s Bay Co. (TSX:HBC) says chief executive Jerry Storch is leaving the company and returning to his own consulting firm as of Nov. 1.Storch is a former CEO of Toys “R” Us who joined the Toronto-based retail company in January 2015, succeeding Richard Baker as HBC’s chief executive.Baker will re-assume the CEO’s duties on an interim basis while the company searches for a permanent replacement for Storch.Baker thanked Storch and said HBC’s team is focused on delivering a strong holiday season and getting the most value from its retail and real estate assets.Storch’s departure was announced after the Toronto Stock Exchange closed Friday. The stock was at $11.96 in Toronto prior to the announcement.

New UN stamps commemorate International Year of Mountains

Marking the 2002 commemoration of the International Year of Mountains, the United Nations Postal Administration today issued 12 stamps featuring famous peaks around the world.The stamps depict photographs of mountains in Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, the United States, Chile, Switzerland, Japan, Antarctica, India, New Zealand, Canada, Pakistan and Nepal.The images were shot by Yoshikazu Shirakawa, a national of Japan who has worked as a freelance photographer for three decades. Among his many activities – which have taken him to 139 countries – Mr. Shirakawa has photographed the Alps and the Himalayas on more than 20 expeditions. The UN General Assembly has proclaimed 2002 the International Year of Mountains to increase awareness of the global importance of mountain ecosystems, which are the source of valuable resources as well as centres of culture and recreation. read more

Bank of Canada weighing rate cut to help cushion commodity punch

The Bank of Canada is shown in Ottawa on April 12, 2009. FLICKR/d.neuman OTTAWA – The Bank of Canada is once again facing the question of whether nudging down its already-low key interest rate will help soothe the country’s aching economy.Governor Stephen Poloz will make the central bank’s latest scheduled rate announcement Wednesday at a time of tumbling oil prices, a weak global economy and downgraded outlooks for Canadian growth.Poloz lowered the trend-setting rate twice in 2015 to 0.5 per cent to help blunt the blow of sliding oil prices. The first of those moves – almost a year ago to the day – was a surprise adjustment that blindsided markets.This time around, observers are divided on whether he will pull the trigger again – and whether he should.Desjardins senior economist Jimmy Jean falls into the camp of analysts who expect Poloz to stand pat – and said he believes he’d be wise to do so.This year, Poloz must once again consider falling oil prices, a weakening dollar and inflation at the lower end of the bank’s one- to two-per-cent target range.But things have also changed over the last 12 months, Jean said as he explained why he thinks Poloz should avoid using the primary tool in the central bank’s kit.Jean said the country now has a federal government that has pledged to stimulate the economy by investing in infrastructure by running deficits. Last year, the previous government was heading into an election striving to produce a balanced budget.Related stories:Federal finance minister says low oil, dollar add to importance of stimulusFive ways low oil prices and the falling loonie can affect the federal booksCanada must let negative forces behind low dollar, oil prices play out: PolozHe thinks the new Liberal government’s spending plans are expected to provide enough help to the economy to keep Poloz on the sidelines Wednesday.But he doesn’t expect Ottawa’s commitments, which also include a revamped child-benefits program and tax-bracket changes, to shield the economy from a rough ride in 2016 and 2017.“Those policies will help, but we have to face the fact that we’re going to suffer for a while,” Jean said.“There’s no way to really, fully offset that pain.”Earlier this month, Poloz spoke of the bumpy road ahead as he warned that the forces uncorked by the oil-price shock “simply must work themselves out.”Poloz’s comments led some to believe he would leave the rate untouched. But economic conditions – such as still-falling oil prices – have deteriorated since the speech, which was only a couple of weeks ago.Over the last week, many analysts have changed their positions – they now believe Poloz will cut.Emanuella Enenajor, senior economist for Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research, was among the first prominent forecasters to switch her call.She predicts the Bank of Canada to lower the rate by 0.25 per cent and decrease its projection for 2016 real gross domestic product to 1.5 per cent, from two per cent. “In our view, this is a shock substantial enough to warrant another easing,” Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research wrote in a note to clients Tuesday that also speculated Poloz may be forced into action a second time this year.“If energy prices remain persistently low, one rate cut will not likely be enough to stimulate the economy back to a reasonable growth path.”Experts, including the International Monetary Fund, have downgraded their growth projections for Canada. The IMF dropped its 2017 forecast Tuesday to 2.1 per cent, from 2.4 per cent in October.Canada’s commodity-dependent economy has been walloped by falling prices – particularly in resource-rich Alberta, where bond rating agency Moody’s changed the outlook to negative from stable while retaining the province’s triple-A rating.A new report by the International Energy Agency warned that world oil prices could fall further because markets could drown in over-supply _ particularly as sanctions are lifted on Iran amid pessimism about the prospects of global demand.Lower oil prices, meanwhile, have also helped drag down the dollar.While the weaker loonie has some negative effects, such as driving up prices on some consumer products and the cost of travel to the United States, experts say it provides benefits for the economy overall.Poloz has described the flexible exchange rate, which tightly tracks the ups and downs of crude prices, as one of the “minor shock absorbers” that help limit the fallout for some segments of the economy. by Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press Posted Jan 19, 2016 4:23 pm MDT Last Updated Jan 20, 2016 at 3:18 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Bank of Canada weighing rate cut to help cushion commodity punch read more

Copper – supply tightness offsets demand weakness

first_imgNeil Buxton of GFMS Metals Consulting says the copper bull market has been written off prematurely a number of times. This has come about primarily due to myriad supply disruptions, which led to final output being well below initial expectations. The easiest way to quantify the impact is to look at the mine utilisation figure that declined from an average of 92% in 2004 to 87.5% in 2007. According to the International Copper Study Group (ICSG), the rate fell to around 82% in Q1 of this year. Supply disruptions have continued since then – usually a combination of labour disputes and power-related issues – implying little improvement in the rate in Q2. Global demand in the first quarter was essentially flat at 4.556 Mt. Somewhat surprisingly, the data on the US and Japan show gains of around 3% year-on-year in Q1. This is at odds with most indicators within the automotive and construction sectors (key consuming markets), as well as the anecdotal evidence on these countries, which suggests that offtake is weak.Further supporting this view, Japanese copper wire and cable shipments fell 4.8% year-on-year in April to 70,500 t. The production of rolled products was unchanged in April at 86,300 t. Copper shipments by North American distributors fell by 10% year-on-year in May, due to the fall-off of demand for wire and pipe.ICSG has reported European (EU-15) demand down 8% year-on-year, however some of this can be attributed to destocking. Prysmian – the Italian cable and wire manufacturer reported a 3.4% rise in sales over Q1, attributed to an 11.3% rise in sales from its energy cable division. However, rather than showing healthy demand in Europe, the company attributed the rise as due to strong offtake from China, the Middle East and Russia in the high voltage cable sector.Activity in key copper consuming industries within China remains upbeat. Fixed asset investment continues to run around 25% ahead of last year. Automotive production up to May rose by 18.1% year-on-year. There were also double-digit gains in the output of electricity generation equipment (+12.7%), alternating current motors (+15.5%) and household goods output, such as washing machines (+18.5%) and refrigerators (+17.5%).However, the demand for copper cathode is more subdued than suggested by figures above. This reflects a combination of destocking and substitution triggered by high prices and a greater use of scrap. China’s copper cathode imports in May fell by 26% month-on-month and 19% year-on-year to 94,196 t. Judging by the latest preliminary data, this trend has continued in to June, with imports of refined copper dropping 12.6% month-on-month.Will sub-prime worries begin to overshadow production losses, he asks?Most of the economic and financial data suggests that conditions in the construction sector – the single largest market for copper – will get worse before it gets better. The credit crisis took another downward spiral with the problems at the US mortgage groups, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Even if the Fed, and US government provide support, it highlights that the credit crunch has still to fully unwind. Another factor that may curb copper demand growth is the potential for the weakness to spread to the non-residential sector, which has longer lead times and is less affected by hikes in short-term rates than the housing market.The bottom line is that the copper market will be increasingly reliant on supply disruptions to continue to support prices at their elevated levels of close to $8,500/t in mid July 2008. If the flow of bullish supply-side news begins to dry-up, the performance of some of the other base metals suggest that there is significant downside potential.In order to receive GFMS Metals Consulting’s latest detailed analysis on the copper market (or any of the other LME-traded metals) contained in The Base Metals Market Briefing please contact info@gfms-metalsconsulting.comlast_img read more

Johan Sjostrand to stay at Melsungen until 2020

Johan SjostrandMT Melsungen Swedish goalie Johan Sjostrand extended his deal with MT Melsungen, the fourth team of German DKB Bundesliga in current season. The 30 years-old Scandi found himself in Kassel after many healthy problems which ruined his form last year.Sjostrand has great experience of playing at highest level with FC Barcelona and THW Kiel, but also national team.His new contract with Melsungen will expire in summer 2020. ← Previous Story Montpellier beat PSG for the French Cup Next Story → European Beach Handball Tour: Chardash & Greek-Brasilian triumph

Resident Evil 6 has zombies using weapons new control system

first_imgCapcom officially announced the existence of Resident Evil 6 last month, with the game heading to Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on November 20 this year. That’s a long time to wait, but also a great opportunity for Capcom to drip feed us new information about the game every month.We already knew that RE6 is set 10 years after the Raccoon City incident, and that it will see Leon and Chris team up for the first time. New characters were also promised, but not detailed at the launch announcement. However, today Capcom has revealed more about the game.We can now confirm that the main setting of the game will be a fictitious town called Lanshiang in China, with the action taking place in the year 2013. Alongside the main, known characters of Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield, the game includes, Helena Harper (secret service agent and president’s bodyguard), Ingrid Hunnigan (Field Operations Support for Leon), and the US president Adam Benford. But there’s also a mystery character who has yet to get a name. All we know is he’s a mercenary who likes to be paid for his work and that he’s been told, “he is the man to save the world.”While knowing who the characters are is welcomed, it’s the gameplay we’re most interested in, and Capcom looks to be taking things up a notch. As you’d expect, this is a game full of zombies, but in RE6 they will have three new abilities: running, jumping and weapon use. That’s right, no longer will the zombies slowly lumber towards you or do a quick shuffle, they’ll leap in a surprise attack or sprint after you. Weapon use hasn’t been fully explained, but based on the trailer above, it does include the ability to fire gune. However, RE6 is going to have zombies swinging baseball bats and other such close-quarters weaponry too.In terms of intelligent enemies, Capcom is serving up demons known as J’avo. They are creatures described as highly aggressive, capable of working in teams, and that can understand human speech. In other words, you’re going to die regularly when fighting them.Depending on your experience of previous games, you may be glad or concerned to hear Capcom is changing the control system. It is being classed as an evolution, and introduces the ability to shoot while moving as well as being able to slide and roll in any direction to cover points. Capcom is also promising “an enhanced melee attack.”Weapon-wielding zombies, a super aggressive demon enemy, and what sounds like a more fluid control system all look to be positive additions to the series. Now we just have to wait 9 months to get our hands on the game.last_img read more

Ouya breaks Kickstarter records in first 24 hours

first_imgUntil yesterday, the biggest project ever to raise money on Kickstarter was Double Fine and Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Adventure. The game managed to make $1 million in 17 hours and 30 minutes. In its first 24 hours, the project received $1,064,652.05 with the original goal being a mere $400,000.That record was surpassed yesterday, July 10, when the Ouya Android games console went live on Kickstarter.The project was asking for pledges to reach a grand total of $950,000 in return for a new console that would retail for $99, run an Android OS, and guaranteed free-to-play games. Just 8 hours and 22 minutes later it had raised $1 million.By the end of the first 24 hours Ouya had received pledges totaling an astounding $2,589,687.77. That’s well over double what Double Fine Adventure achieved in the same period of time, and shows just how much support there is for a piece of hardware like this.We’re well into day two of the Ouya Kickstarter now and the money keeps coming. At time of writing the total stands at $3,102,055, which translates into 62,157 pre-orders for the console across all pledge levels.When Ouya first got announced it seemed likely there would be a lot of developer interest as it formed a nice way to build and test Android games. But clearly there’s a desire for the machine beyond just developers, and the backing so far suggests there is going to be a huge market for Ouya with gamers.Ouya also suggests the main consoles on the market, the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and soon the Wii U, are going to get some serious competition in the near future from cheap, alternative hardware. It will be interesting to watch the effect it has and how much market share machines like this can steal, much like smartphones are doing with handheld gaming devices at the moment.Read more at the Kickstarter Bloglast_img read more

SAE Youth restructures for success

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The SAE Youth Network Council of Oceania and Far East newly elected their executive committee and formed six sub committees at the recent SAE conference in Melbourne. “The purpose of developing these committees was to align the structure of our youth network council with a framework that was decided upon at the World SAE Youth Network Meeting, so that all regions could coordinate effectively in the global sphere,” says Coordinator of the SAE Youth Council, Elias Demourtzidis. “I walked away from the meeting knowing that we now had a structure that we can work within and can effectively communicate information between the network and also between the committee and the youth.” The members elected to the committee included Anthony Zorbas and Alexandra Livas (W.A) as deputy co-ordinators, Alex Belerhas (NSW) as treasurer, and Callie Kalimniou (VIC) as secretary. The sub committees formed included IT and technology, Communications, Cultural, Sports, Social, and Careers. The following council members were elected as heads for the new committees: Anthony Zorbas-IT and technology, Rebecca Kougellis (ACT)-Communications, Frank Conias (QLD)-Sports, Stelios Roumeliotis (NSW)-Social and Callie Kalimniou-Careers. “Each of the subcommittees have been delegated tasks to implement over the next few months,” says Demourtzidis. “For example one big emphasis is on communications via newsletters and the SAE website, which we (the youth) will be updating very soon. SAE Youth in Greece are also launching a website: which should happen this year and each region around the world will be given access”. Demourtzidis goes on to say that the Social sub committee will be continuing work on a national database of contacts to receive information from the SAE Youth. “So far we have approximately 500 contacts. There are a lot of young Greeks out there that have a lot to offer and I want them to join so that they can make a difference and also be part of what’s going on with all the special projects coming up. For example the NSW SAE youth committee is looking at running youth camps, Perth is looking at hosting some events by the river, and Victoria is in discussion of the pan Hellenic Games that will run later this year”. Also underpinning SAE Youth’s desire to grow is to gain approval for funding of these events from the Greek government. “We are trying to work towards something tangible as the more youths we represent, the more funding we are likely to get”. Demourtzidis underscores the importance of the 2009 Pan Hellenic Games, which will be held later this year in Melbourne at a date to be confirmed within a month. “I want to encourage youth to get involved; it’s a fantastic event and we should back it and ensure that it happens every year”. The Pan Hellenic Games is a mini version of the Olympic games for young Greeks across Australia, consisting of both a sporting competition and a cultural performance component. Emmanuel Lambou, President of the SAE Youth Committee Victoria and Tasmania indicates that sponsorship is critical to the success of the games. “The larger the games, the greater the requirement becomes for funding to ensure we can cater for a spectacle of the magnitude and excellence we expect, hope and plan to stage. It is imperative that all Greeks in Melbourne get behind us and support the games”. Following on from the SAE conference, an open meeting has been called to discuss the re-vamping of the Pan Hellenic games on Thursday 26th February at Greek Community building (cnr Lonsdale and Russell Streets, Melbourne) at 6.30pm 2nd Floor. If you would like to contribute your ideas or get involved feel free to just turn up or contact Emmanuel Lambou on 0407 673 344 for further information. Alternatively if you would like more information about getting involved in or sponsoring the games, or would like to join SAE youth database, please email .last_img read more

Leigh Day to launch pensions discrimination case for teachers and doctors

first_imgLaw firm Leigh Day has today (27 August 2019) announced that it will bring legal challenges against the UK government for age discrimation in relation to public sector pensions for teachers and doctors.The case relates to changes made to pension arrangements across the public sector, which came into force on 1 April 2015. This saw employees born after a certain date being moved into an alternative, less beneficial pension schemes, while protecting older staff, within 10 years of retirement, by allowing them to remain in the original arrangement.Aside from the age discrimination implications, Leigh Day has also noted that increased diversity in certain public sector professions in recent years has resulted in a higher proportion of female and ethnic minority employees being affected by these changes.This case follows the success of the firm’s similar actions on behalf of judges and firefighters. On 27 June 2019, the Supreme Court rejected the government’s petition to appeal a December 2018 Court of Appeal ruling that the Ministry of Justice had discriminated against judges on the grounds of age, race and equal pay.In addition, on 2 August 2019, Leigh Day announced that the government had acknowledged that its treatment of police officers following changes to pensions schemes in April 2015 was discriminatory. This followed a legal challenge brought by the firm on behalf of 13,500 police officers born after 1 April 1967.Nigel Mackay, partner at Leigh Day, said: “We believe the government is short-changing hundreds of thousands of hardworking doctors and teachers.“Public sector pension schemes have been known to provide better than average benefits to reflect the valuable contribution that those in the public sector make to society. However, the changes made by the government have unfairly left younger public sector workers out of pocket.“As a result of the Supreme Court ruling in June, the government has [run] out of options in relation to those judges and firefighters who have brought claims. However, it has not made any commitments to remedy the issue for any judges or firefighters who have not brought claims, or any other public sector workers, including doctors or teachers, that have been affected by the same changes to their pension policy.”last_img read more

British FM in US to meet Trump team

first_imgBritish Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson attends a joint news conference with Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir in Riyadh. Reuters file photoBritain’s foreign minister Boris Johnson has arrived in the United States to meet close advisers to President-elect Donald Trump and senior Congressional leaders to discuss ties between the countries.Last June’s vote to leave the European Union has left Britain facing some of the most complicated negotiations since World War Two, with the country keen to deepen ties with the United States and other nations to show that Brexit will not diminish its standing in the world.Johnson’s visit, which was not flagged in advance, is part of Prime Minister Theresa May’s strategy to improve relations with Trump’s team after the president-elect irritated the government by saying that outspoken anti-EU campaigner Nigel Farage would be a good choice for Britain’s ambassador to Washington.May’s two most senior aides made a secret trip to the United States last month.“Following the successful meeting last month between the Prime Minister’s chiefs of staff and President-elect Donald Trump’s team, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is undertaking a short visit to the U.S. for meetings with close advisers to the president-elect and senior Congressional leaders,” a spokesman for Britain’s foreign ministry said in a statement on Sunday.“The discussions will be focused on UK-U.S. relations and other foreign policy matters.”May had told Sky News earlier in the day that she was sure that Britain and the United States would build on their close ties and that their “special relationship” would endure despite describing some of his comments about women as “unacceptable”.last_img read more

Senate Committee Releases 2500 Pages About 2016 Trump Tower Meeting

first_imgThe Edge Digital Photography/Getty ImagesThe Senate Judiciary Committee released thousands of documents Wednesday related to its investigation about a Trump Tower meeting in 2016 between top Donald Trump aides and a delegation of Russians who promised to help their campaign.The Senate Judiciary Committee released more than 2,500 pages of documents on Wednesday related to its investigation about a meeting in 2016 between top Donald Trump aides and a delegation of Russians who promised to help their campaign.The material, which includes interview transcripts and other “exhibits,” is available here.The transcripts and notes reaffirm accounts of the meeting that people involved have already given — that Donald Trump Jr. and his compatriots sought “dirt” offered them on Hillary Clinton and received some political intelligence tip but nothing as explosive as they’d hoped.The June 9, 2016 meeting at Trump Tower is one of several known contacts between Trump campaign workers and people connected with the Russian government at a time when Russia was waging a campaign of active measures against the 2016 presidential campaign.Trump Jr. convened the meeting with his brother-in-law Jared Kushner and the campaign’s then-chairman, Paul Manafort. He did so after receiving emails that described an outreach, via a series of intermediaries, from Russia’s top federal prosecutor, Yuri Chaika, offering help to the Trump campaign.President Trump and Trump Jr. initially said the meeting was about “adoptions,” then modified their stories after Trump Jr. released the email thread in which he received his offer of help from the Russians. Share Members of Congress and the Justice Department are investigating. Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, authorized the release of the new material following interviews or other interactions with several of the people involved with the Trump Tower meeting.The House intelligence committee cited Trump Jr.’s denials in completing its report about the Russia imbroglio with a finding that there had been no collusion between the Trump camp and the Russian active measures.President Trump has cited that finding and argued that the continuing investigations in Congress and by the Justice Department are just a “witch hunt.”Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit read more

UT Austin Tennis Coach Accepted 100000 In College Admission Scheme Authorities Say

first_img Share Martin do Nascimento/KUTUT Austin tennis coach Michael Center allegedly was paid to recruit a student who didn’t play tennis in order to get him admitted to the school.UT Austin men’s tennis coach Michael Center has been charged with mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud in a wide-ranging, multimillion-dollar college admissions scandal.Center was paid $100,000 in 2015 to recruit a California student who didn’t play tennis, securing his admission to UT, according to a criminal complaint.Federal authorities say William Singer, who runs a California-based admissions consulting firm, is at the center of the $25-million scheme in which wealthy clients paid him to either rig standardized test scores or recruit students with falsified athletic records. Andrew Lelling, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, said at a press conference today that Singer ensured admission for students to Yale, Georgetown, Stanford, the University of Southern California, UCLA, Wake Forest and UT Austin “not on their merits, but through fraud.”According to the complaint, Michael Fox, a Houston man who was also indicted for conspiracy to commit racketeering, emailed Center in November 2014 to shore up the possibility of falsely recruiting the student. Center responded, “I read his application and researched his high school … [l]ooks like he goes to very high end school.”The complaint alleges Center was paid in installments arranged by Fox. Singer, who pleaded guilty today to a handful of felonies and is cooperating with the FBI’s investigation, allegedly met with Center in 2015 and gave him $60,000 in cash in a parking lot.UT Austin said in a statement that authorities notified the school this morning “that we were victims of an organized criminal effort involving admissions.”“We have just become aware of charges against our Men’s Tennis Coach Michael Center and he will be placed on administrative leave until further notice while we gather information,” UT said. “We are cooperating fully with the investigation. Integrity in admissions is vital to the academic and ethical standards of our university.”Center has coached UT Tennis for 18 seasons and has led the Longhorns to as many NCAA Championship appearances, including three in the Final Four. In 2007, he was named College Coach of the Year by the U.S. Professional Tennis Association. Houston test administrator also involved in admissions scandalNiki Williams, an assistant teacher at a Houston high school and a test administrator for the College Board and ACT, has been charged with racketeering conspiracy in the wide-sweeping college admissions scandal.According to a release from the Department of Justice, Singer helped his clients cheat on the SAT and ACT exams at two test centers, including a public high school in Houston and a private college prep school in West Hollywood, California:“At those test centers, Singer had established relationships with test administrators Niki Williams and Igor Dvorskiy, respectively, who accepted bribes of as much as $10,000 per test in order to facilitate the cheating scheme. Specifically, Williams and Dvorskiy allowed a third individual, typically [Mark] Riddell, to take the exams in place of the students, to give the students the correct answers during the exams, or to correct the students’ answers after they completed the exams.”Read the complaint against Center, below:View Fullscreen This is a developing story. It was originally published on with additional reporting by Houston Public Media’s digital team. last_img read more

A look at TAILS – Privacy oriented GNULinux Distribution

first_imgA look at TAILS – Privacy oriented GNU/Linux Distribution by Mike Turcotte-McCusker on September 12, 2017 in Linux – 10 commentsIt’s no secret that using GNU/Linux is generally safer than using Microsoft Windows, however, there are specific distributions of GNU/Linux that are even more focused on privacy and safety than the usual distros like Ubuntu. In a previous article, I showed of Qubes OS; and now it’s time to look at TAILS.What is TAILS?The Amensic Incognito Live System, is a Debian based distribution that routes all internet traffic through the TOR network, and leaves no trace of its existence or anything done on the system when the machine is shut down. The obvious aim in this, is to aid in keeping the user anonymous and private. Tails is not installed to a users computer, but instead is run strictly as a LiveUSB / LiveDVD.TAILS does not utilize the host machines Hard Disk at all, and is loaded entirely into RAM. When a machine is shut down, the data that is stored in RAM disappears over the course of a few minutes, essentially leaving no trace of whatever had been done. Granted, there is a method of attack known as a Cold Boot Attack, where data is extracted from RAM before it has had a chance to disappear, but TAILS has you covered on that front too; the TAILS website says,“To prevent this attack, the data in RAM is overwritten by random data when shutting down Tails. This erases all traces from your session on that computer.”There are numerous other security minded applications found in a Tails install, which the website lists as:Pidgin preconfigured with OTR for Off-the-Record MessagingOnionShare for anonymous filesharingThunderbird email client with Enigmail for OpenPGP supportLiferea feed aggregatorGobby for collaborative text writingAircrack-ng for wireless network auditingElectrum, an easy-to-use bitcoin clientLUKS and GNOME Disks to install and use encrypted storage devices, for example USB sticksGnuPG, the GNU implementation of OpenPGP for email and data encyption and signingMonkeysign, a tool for OpenPGP key signing and exchangePWGen, a strong password generatorShamir’s Secret Sharing using gfshare and ssssFlorence virtual keyboard as a countermeasure against hardware keyloggersMAT to anonymize metadata in filesKeePassX password managerGtkHash to calculate checksumsKeyringer, a command line tool to encrypt secrets shared through GitPaperkey a command line tool to back up OpenPGP secret keys on paperMore applications can easily be installed as well, since Tails is based on Debian Stable, and has full access to the repositories. However, keep in mind that anything installed will disappear once the machine is shut down.Installing Tails is not quite as simple as installing other distributions, and the method is a little different depending on if you’re using Windows, Ubuntu/Debian/Mint or other forms of GNU/Linux. For full instructions on how to install Tails, check out the guide found here.So…Why would I want to use Tails anyway?Tails is ideal for keeping yourself and your activities hidden as previously stated, which is absolutely perfect for those who want to do their best to have ‘big brother’ unable to spy on their activities, as much as possible. Another major use of Tails is to avoid censorship in places where internet use is carefully monitored; because Tails routes ALL internet traffic through TOR, you can be assured that you are able to freely surf the internet.Tails is also used by some journalists, agencies, and whistleblowers. Edward Snowden for example, was using Tails to communicate with Glen Greenwald and others, when he released his famous leaks of classified information. The point being, that for those who are extremely privacy conscious, Tails is definitely worth looking at, even if you feel you have ‘nothing to hide’, having the peace of mind of knowing that if you DO ever need something like this; it’s easily accessible.SummaryArticle NameA look at TAILS – Privacy oriented GNU/Linux DistributionDescriptionThe Amensic Incognito Live System, is a Debian based distribution that routes all internet traffic through the TOR network, and leaves no trace of its existence or anything done on the system when the machine is shut down.Author Mike TurcottePublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Russians captured in Ukraine send messages back home

first_img 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Both the Kremlin and the Russian Defense Ministry reject the assertion that Yerofeyev and Alexandrov are Russian soldiers. A Defense Ministry spokesman said Monday that they were former soldiers; Russia has said that any Russians fighting in Ukraine are there only as volunteers.It remains unclear what measures Moscow will take for the two hospitalized men. Lubkivskiy said that as of Tuesday, “we did not get any request from the Kremlin or the Russian Federation about captured soldiers. … For the moment, there is no question about a transfer” of the men to Russia.Amnesty International’s Ukraine spokesman, Bogdan Ovcharuk, was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying the two men have asked to see the Russian consul. But no consular visit has been reported.In Washington, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the U.S. continues to be disappointed by “Russia’s destabilizing activity in Ukraine,” including the flow of Russian materiel and troops across the border. He said the U.S. and its European partners were resolute about the economic sanctions they have imposed on Russia. Earnest added that Russia’s actions would be discussed when U.S. and G-7 the leaders meet in Germany next month. KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Lonely and hurting, two men lie in narrow beds in a Kiev hospital as controversy swirls around them.The men say they are Russian soldiers who were captured and wounded while on active duty in the rebellious east, Ukrainian authorities say they are definitive proof that Russia is at war in Ukraine, and Moscow hotly denies the claims.Representatives of Amnesty International and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which has shepherded a shaky cease-fire in eastern Ukraine, visited the men Tuesday and found them apparently in reasonable condition. Parents, stop beating yourself up Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility “I got professional medical aid, surgery. To my relatives, I want to say everything is fine with me, I’m alive and well,” said one, who identified himself as Yevgeny Yerofeyev, a captain in the Russian army.“I’m missing my family and relatives so much,” the other, Sgt. Alexander Alexandrov, told reporters who accompanied the international representatives.In video statements posted by the Ukrainian Security Service, the men say they were taking part in a reconnaissance operation in the Luhansk region Saturday when they were fired on, wounded and captured. Both say they were members of an army brigade based in the Russian city of Togliatti and had been deployed in Ukraine for more than a month; Smirnov said he was part of a battalion of 220 soldiers.Throughout the yearlong fighting in eastern Ukraine in which at least 6,100 people have died, Russia has consistently denied assertions from Kiev and the West that Moscow is providing soldiers and equipment to back up the pro-Russia rebels. The statements by Yerofeyev and Alexandrov directly challenge that denial.“We’re dealing with real soldiers of the armed forces of the Russian Federation,” said Ukrainian Security Service spokesman Markiyan Lubkivskiy. Top Stories Comments   Share   Pavel Felgenhauer, a Russian military analyst, suggested that Russia may try to work out an exchange for the two. Ukraine has repeatedly called for the release of Nadezhda Savchenko, a military officer jailed in Russia for nearly a year on charges that she aided a mortar attack that killed two Russian journalists in Ukraine.Felgenhauer also told The Associated Press that “The only person who could really make a decision to declassify any Russian involvement in Donbass (eastern Ukraine) is President Vladimir Putin.”In Samara, the capital of the Russian region that includes Togliatti, residents appear willing to believe their government’s claim that the only Russians fighting in Ukraine are volunteers.“I support those who voluntarily go to the Donetsk People’s Republic and fulfill their mission,” said resident Vladimir Stolyarov, using the name of one of Ukraine’s two self-declared separatist governments.Ukraine’s military said their positions came under artillery and mortar fire Tuesday in several locations in the east despite the cease-fire that was brokered in February. It did not state if there were casualties.___Associated Press writers Jim Heintz in Moscow and Alexander Roslyakov in Samara contributed to this report. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Sponsored Stories Captain Yevgeny Yerofeyev of the Russian special forces lies in a military hospital bed, in Kiev, Ukraine, Tuesday, May, 19, 2015. Two wounded Russian soldiers captured while fighting in war-torn eastern Ukraine have been transferred to a hospital in Kiev, Ukrainian officials said Monday as Moscow once again firmly denied any involvement in the fighting. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky) Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. 5 treatments for adult scoliosislast_img read more

TravelManagers Noree Kahikas Journey of Discovery

first_imgSource = TravelManagers TravelManagers’ Noree Kahika’s Journey of Discovery TravelManagers’ Business Partnership Manager Queensland & Northern NSW Noree KahikaTravelManagers’ Noree Kahika’s Journey of DiscoveryNoree Kahika, TravelManagers’ Business Partnership Manager (BPM) Queensland & Northern NSW has recently celebrated her seven-month anniversary. Whilst seven months may not seem that long, considering its personal travel managers (PTMs) have an average of 21 years’ experience, for Kahika it’s been an inspirational journey of discovery that’s worth celebrating.Through a series of questions, Kahika will inspire and motivate you with her love of being a Business Partnership Manager and shares her secret to success.1. Prior to TravelManagers you had 13 years in the travel industry with almost eight years as a Sales Manager for Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection and six years as a travel consultant/group travel coordinator. What motivated you to make the move to TravelManagers? Moving to TravelManagers was the easiest decision I’ve ever made! As a Sales Manager with Uniworld, I dealt daily with travel agents (my territory held over 1,100 travel agencies) yet I found the passion and enthusiasm from the PTMs were unequalled. They were more motivated and driven and whilst achieving similar sales growth as their contemporaries they exuded a genuine joy and happiness with their work-life balance. They were more open to training, suggestions and sales advice. I could clearly see self-employed contractors operating as home-based personal travel managers were the way of future and I wanted to be a part of a company that was spearing heading this relatively new sector of the industry.2. What has surprised and delighted you most about the TravelManagers’ PTM concept? a. The average industry experience of a PTM is 21 years!b. Dedication and passion for travel are not just tag lines to a PTM – they are truly a way of life!c. Every single day I’m inspired by ordinary people doing the extraordinary – daily living their dream of running their very own successful travel businesses.d. I was told when I first started that each PTM was an Individual…and they weren’t wrong! From young mothers to professional power couples, from those looking to work on their own terms to those who seek the ideal work-life balance – they are uniquely individual with one thread in common – their unrivalled knowledge, expertise and passion for the travel industry.e. The infrastructure and ongoing support to the PTM out there from the national partnership office (NPO) is second to none! Whether it’s IT, marketing, fares & ticketing or Finance – TravelManagers offers comprehensive support, training and guidance every step of the way.3. It often takes time to become an integral member of a company. Was this your experience with TravelManagers?My expectations of TravelManagers have been exceeded. Firstly, I was immediately made to feel like one of the family – and I say family because TravelManagers makes you genuinely feel like family and not just a team member of a large company. My superiors and colleagues were genuinely interested in my thoughts and ideas and were extremely nurturing, supportive and encouraging throughout my first six months in the role, and continue to be. And as I observed over the months I found these attributes were not exclusive to me but were principles shown to all staff and personal travel managers alike. Communication and education are also high priorities within the company and although I work remotely from the NPO, I still feel closely connected to everyone down at NPO.4. The travel industry faces challenges every year. What in your view is the biggest challenge PTMs will face in 2017?Motivation. Motivation is certainly the key to running your own successful business. You can have all the knowledge, experience, training and passion you like but if you are not motivated or are too overwhelmed to implement those elements in your business then you won’t succeed. As a BPM, I see it as being a part of my job to work with the PTMs in tackling their obstacles, breaking them down into manageable plans of actions and supporting and encouraging them to see those plans through.5. As a BPM what are the key aspects of your role? I am a business coach, a mentor, and a trusted and objective source of motivation, inspiration and guidance. It’s my role to be impartial, fair, to be honest, to be a straight shooter when they need it and to show them I’m there in their corner cheering them on when they need that too. It’s my job to be insightful, thoughtful, caring and creative. To foster an environment where the PTM can feel safe to share their ideas and I can advise, guide and recommend suggestions and initiatives to them. It’s not my job to be their best friend – but it’s my job to believe in them wholeheartedly, to see and understand their vision for their business and to genuinely want to help them to achieve that vision and bring it into fruition.6. You have 50 PTMs in the Queensland/Northern NSW region, how do you effectively communicate with them all? I will be in contact with the PTMs every day via email, often via phone. I officially meet every PTM individually at least twice a year for business planning and coaching sessions. Additionally I organise weekly cluster meetings, which are diverse in their focus, ranging from supplier product updates and training, PTM workshops, industry events, travel destination and business days to social gatherings and networking.7. It’s evident you love what you do, what is it you most enjoy as a BPM? Mentoring, coaching and assisting the PTMs with their business and watching as they make their dreams become reality. Seeing firsthand the PTMs thrive and achieve their goals. I love witnessing the PTM’s overcoming obstacles and achieving goals their counterparts in the industry can only dream of.8. You talk a lot about TravelManagers’ comprehensive support, training and diversity. Is this the company’s secret weapon? TravelManagers is the only home-based model that has a significant ground support team with their BPMs. There are seven BPMs dedicated to each state, on the ground supporting their PTMs and as such they know their business, dreams and goals intimately. We are able to effectively foster, cultivate and initiate relationships with not only the PTMs themselves but between the PTMs and trade partners and suppliers.The Travel Sector is an ever changing and ever evolving industry and with TravelManagers, the ongoing training and education is a critical priority. TravelManagers not only offers comprehensive induction for the new PTMs, but there is a plethora of webinars, training and refreshment courses, business coaching, mentoring, one-on-one consultations, training programs and supplier educationals on offer.TravelManagers welcomes diversity and understands travel professionals are not all the same. Whether their specialty is corporate, high-end leisure, FIT, groups, families, cruising, package tours – TravelManagers offers the PTM guidance, marketing, expert knowledge and training for their selected field of expertise. TravelManagers cultivates, encourages and celebrates those PTMs with niche markets and clientele. The tag line “Individual as you are” is the living, breathing philosophy of TravelManagers.9. What does success look like for you in 2017? Assisting my existing PTMs to grow their individual businesses and encourage traditional travel agents to make the jump to becoming a personal travel manager – I know they will all say “Why didn’t I do this sooner!”For more information or to speak to someone confidentially about TravelManagers please contact Suzanne Laister on 1800 019 599. ENDSAbout TravelManagersTravelManagers operates in all Australian States and is a wholly owned subsidiary of House of Travel, Australasia’s largest independent travel company which has a forecast turnover of $1.5 billion for 2015. TravelManagers is a sister company to Hoot Holidays, also owned by House of Travel, and has more than 500 personal travel managers throughout Australia with a dedicated support team at the company’s national partnership office in Sydney. TravelManagers places all customer money in a dedicated and audited Client Trust Account which is separate from the general business accounts, ensuring client funds are only used for client purchases.last_img read more

Tourism Minister of Maharashtra visits Aurangabad and takes measures to boost tourism

first_imgJaykumar Jitendrasinh Rawal, Minister of Tourism, Government of Maharashtra recently visited Aurangabad, which is known for its many historical monuments and for being a tourist hub. During his visit the minister discussed about the cleanliness and preservation of the historic monuments with the officials of ASI and tourism.To boost the flow of tourism to the historic city, a meeting with all the stakeholders like Aurangabad Hotelier, Travel Agents and Cab driver association also took place with the tourism minister, where  he proposed that work skills and development sessions be conducted for the Rickshaw and Taxi driver in Aurangabad. He also discussed in length about the ideas on how to make Aurangabad the top most visited city in India.In the stakeholders meeting, Rawal stated, “Aurangabad is a historic city in Maharashtra state of India. The city is known as the tourist hub, surrounded by beautiful historic monuments, a visit to this city is truly a cultural as well as an architectural delight for the tourist; it’s a great privilege for us to have such marvellous creations around us. We are all responsible for the cleanliness and preservation of these monuments. If the city and the environment around the monuments are clean and maintained, it will boost the tourism in the city. Aurangabad will also host tourism conclave every year and will also host rediscovery of Ajanta caves centenary year 2019 very soon. The department of Tourism, Government of Maharashtra is keen on aggressive marketing in International market to amplify tourism in Maharashtra.”last_img read more

Derrick Hall satisfied with Dbacks buying and se

first_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling One preseason game into his career and the train is not only chugging ahead, but picking up steam.Gunter was credited with two tackles, one of which was a sack. And it was not your regular sack. No, Gunter burst through the offensive line virtually untouched and just demolished Kansas City quarterback Aaron Murray in the end zone for a safety.It led one media member to proclaim — in words that cannot be written here — how divine it was. Head coach Bruce Arians also enjoyed the play.“King blew the gap just like he was supposed to and made a real nice play,” Arians said, using Gunter’s nickname. “That’s what he’s capable of doing.”Exciting?As far as career milestones go, everyone knows this one will not be counted in any record books. Still, for Gunter, his first taste of NFL game action in Arizona’s 34-19 loss was a rather pleasant experience.“It felt great man,” he said. “My first NFL preseason game, it felt great, man. I got a few more to go, man. I’m ready to improve on.”As for the play where he got the sack, Gunter said he got off the ball fast, shot the gap, saw the quarterback and just speared him. He said it felt great because you don’t get too many open lanes at the quarterback. But while the scenario may have been unexpected, Gunter said he anticipated getting his first sack. – / 45 The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires GLENDALE, Ariz. — The legend of Rodney Gunter seemed to be growing at an impossible-to-sustain rate shortly after he was taken in the fourth round of the 2015 NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals.An incredible physical specimen at 6-foot-5 and 305 pounds with quickness and strength, the talk was how if he had gone anywhere but Delaware State, Gunter would have been taken much higher in the draft.Of course, none of that talk would have mattered much if the 23-year-old didn’t produce in real games against NFL players. Struggles there and, well, the hype train would have slowed down — if not come to a stop altogether. Top Stories Comments   Share   Arizona Cardinals’ Rodney Gunter (95) works out during an NFL football training camp, Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2015, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Matt York) “I wanted it, I wanted it bad,” he said, before adding it was everything he thought it would be.Calais Campbell, who has amassed 43.5 sacks in his seven-year career, knows what it’s like to bring down an opposing quarterback. Watching Gunter do it for the first time is something he very much enjoyed.“I was very hyped for him,” Campbell said. “He’s been working very hard. He exploded off the ball very fast and he tackled him with tenacity.“I was very excited for him, especially being a safety, he’s getting points on the board. Definitely very excited for him.”The hope is it’s just a start for Gunter. The rookie said the speed of the game was something he had to adjust to, and after a while he was able to get into a bit of a groove. As a rookie he said he knew it would take some time, but once he figured it out, he was able to just play his game.Where he goes from here, we’ll just have to see. But for a player who has had some big time expectations placed upon him, Saturday’s effort was a sign that there could be something to them. That’s of little concern to Gunter, however.“I’m here just trying to contribute to the team, that’s all,” he said. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

The RitzCarlton Lake Las Vegas announces new 200

first_imgThe Ritz-Carlton, Lake Las Vegas announces new 2008 packages for spring and summer, and there’s something for everyone. From an opulent suite-oriented stay to an all-new family bed-and-breakfast experience, these packages may be booked at, by telephone at (800) 241-3333, or through a travel professional.In addition to the following overnight packages, the resort will launch its Nights Without Neon offering summer evening activities for guests of all ages beginning May 1, 2008.Spring/Summer Packages at the Ritz-Carlton, Lake Las VegasFamily B&BThe resort’s best-selling bed-and-breakfast package for two has been expanded to serve families.Rate: From $249 per room per nightPackage includes: Resort-view room American breakfast for two adults American breakfast for two children (age 11 and under) Breakfast gratuity Overnight valet parking Resort feeSuite Things Come in ThreesEnjoy two nights of opulence in an executive suite and receive a complimentary third night.Rate: From $279.00 per room per nightPackage includes: Complimentary third night in a suite following two consecutive paid nights Resort feeDinner in MediciEnhance a luxurious stay with a three-course dinner for two in the resort’s award-winning Medici Café & Terrace.Rate: From $329 per room per nightPackage includes: Resort-view accommodations Dinner for two in Medici Café & Terrace (excludes alcoholic beverages) Dining gratuity Overnight valet parking Resort feeVegas Family VacationThe resort’s overwhelmingly popular family package is back, just in time for summer travel. Rate: From $199 per room per nightPackage includes: Resort-view accommodations Breakfast and lunch for children under the age of 12 in either Medici Cafe and Terrace or the Poolside Grill (maximum of two children per package) 25% off first two spa treatmentsFourth night complimentary on a purchased stay of three nights Resort feeReconnectCocoon in beautiful accommodations and enjoy an in-room movie, resort spending credit and breakfast for twoRate: From $239 per room per nightPackage includes: Resort-view room One in-room movie selection $25 resort spending credit Breakfast for two in Medici Café & Terrace Valet parking Resort feeABOUT THE RITZ-CARLTON, LAKE LAS VEGAS The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Las Vegas golf and spa resort is nestled on the shores of the largest privately-owned man-made lake in the United States, 17 miles southeast of the Las Vegas Strip.The Mobil Four-Star resort consistently receives extraordinary rankings and accolades for its service, dining, spa and accommodations.Recent awards include Travel + Leisure magazine naming the property one of best hotels in the world; Condé Nast Traveler ranking The Ritz-Carlton Spa #7 amongst the best U.S. spas; and the 2007 Zagat Survey bestowing high ratings to Medici Café and Terrace for cuisine and décor, as well as ranking the restaurant #2 for “Best American Cuisine” in Southern Nevada.For more information, go to .last_img read more

Father sentenced to ten years for fatally shooting son Updated

first_imgThe Limassol criminal court sentenced 71-year-old Timoleon Themistocleous to ten years in prison on Wednesday after he was found guilty in March of killing his 20-year-old son in October 2015 in Paramytha, Limassol.The sentence runs from the time of his arrest in January 2016.His older son, Alexandros, and his ex-wife said they were disappointed with the sentence, saying he got off too lightly. The accused will also be able to file an appeal.The court, announcing the sentence, described Themistocleous as a “hard and ruthless person” because he had tried to implicate his older son and his ex-wife in the crime. He would have shot the victim twice if his older son had not interfered and taken the gun from him, the court said, indicating that he was determined to kill his victim.“His removal from society for a long time is imperative,” said the ruling.At the same time, the court rejected the defence’s view that Themistocleous was denied the right to trial and ruled there had been no delay in dealing with the case.It was also pointed out that the 71-year-old never admitted his guilt, which would have been in his favour.As mitigating factors the court took into account the clear criminal record of the convicted man, his advanced age and the fact that he had suffered from health problems after he was hit on the head by his older son in his attempt to wrestle the weapon from his father.The 71-year-old had shot and killed his son, Odysseas, with a hunting shotgun during a heated argument over the use of the family car on October 14, 2015.The argument started when Odysseas, who was a conscript, asked to take the car because he was going to be late reporting back to his unit. His father refused.Themistocleous went into the house and returned with the gun shouting: “You will not do whatever you want. I will shoot you.”When reaching its decision on March 14, the court referred to the different versions given by the 71-year-old during his trial in his defence’s attempt to challenge the credibility of the main witness, the eldest son of the family, Alexandros, 24.Among others, the 71-year-old had claimed that he had been assaulted for no apparent reason by his eldest son and did not remember anything, and that he had received a blow to the head as he walked into the courtyard of the house where he saw two unfamiliar faces in the yard.One of the versions by the defence was that the father had rushed to stop the two brothers’ quarrel, resulting in the gun going off and Odysseas dying. This version however, the court said, was not even given by the accused himself.You May LikeNCH SoftwareInvoice Software for PC or Mac. Download Award Winning Software Free. See why Express Invoice was rated #1 for easy of use.NCH SoftwareUndoImmigration DO10 Easiest Countries for Immigration From United StatesImmigration DOUndoWifi BoosterEveryone In United States Is Going Crazy Over This High Speed WiFi BoosterWifi BoosterUndo Widowers threaten legal action over pensionsUndoMorphou bishop now claims gay men have a ‘nasty smell’UndoCyprus’ Dothraki warriorUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more