New Years Eve in Hamilton

So, the countdown is officially on and the party has begun all over the world. But for all those looking to celebrate outdoors Tuesday night, it’s going to be a cold one. A cold alert is in effect because temperatures could reach minus 16 and feel in the minus twenties when factoring in the wind chill. And in New York, where one of the biggest parties in North America is taking place, a snowstorm is in the forecast. Before taking you to New York City, we gauge the mood at Pier 8 in Hamilton where an outdoor celebration will get underway in just a couple of hours from now.Preparations are concluding for the New Year’s bash at the bayfront. This year certainly brought plenty to celebrate with Hamilton seeing an influx of development and revitalization. We spent the last day of 2013 getting a sense of what Hamiltonians are hoping to accomplish in the coming year.There were the usual responses: “Keep healthy, keep my family healthy.” “Lose weight.”Hamiltonians have resolutions for themselves and also for their city: “2013 was a huge growth year for Hamilton, and next year residents are hoping for more of the same.” “The buzz is that things are on the up and up, so lets hope that it stays that way.” “Prosperity. Keep people working.” “Hopefully we get our stadium up and running.”2014 will see the completion of Tim Horton’s Field, more condo development downtown, and a municipal election.Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina says: “I have no reason not to run again.”Psychic, Bettee Giles predicts a political shakeup in the city: “I think a few people are going to be stepping aside. And a new person is going to be showing up. I think its going to work out positive.”Mayor Bratina won’t place bets, but he’s willing to wager on a banner year for Hamilton: “The buzz thats been happening should start to become a full blown symphony.”Globally, the economy is expected to remain fairly steady says Marvin Ryder of the DeGroote School of Business: “A flat year, a little bit of growth, things will feel a little bit better, but if you’re looking for that big recovery year, that big bang, it’s not going to happen.”Here at home, with billions in development underway, both medium and Mayor expect an ongoing upswing.Bettee Giles predicts: “It’s the easiest year of change for Hamilton. Good news politically, every single way you can imagine.”And Mayor Bratina says: “A year of celebration I think is ahead of us because were going to be cutting some very big ribbons.”Festivities officially begin down here at eight o’clock. There will be a DJ playing some great music to skate with. And with this weather, you may be toasting with hot chocolate instead of champagne. Here’s to a wonderful 2014 for all of our viewers. read more